The MV-261 Orca is an Overwatch aircraft that serves as the spawn room for both teams on three of the Control maps (Nepal, Ilios, and Lijiang Tower).

It is piloted by an unseen character known as "Ray"[1] and has Athena onboard. In the redesigned Game Browser, Capture the Flag and Capture the Rooster versions of the Control maps, the Orca is replaced by traditional spawn rooms.


The main floor of the ship has a conference table in front of the bridge with a hologram globe above it, showing the current location of the ship and a satellite. On the walls on either side of the table, there are seats, parachutes, first aid kits, and emergency oxygen tanks as well as boxes of ammunition and other supplies.

On the opposite side of the main floor, there is a recreational table on one side and a basketball hoop on the other. There are four basketballs in the ship; hitting one into the hoop will cause it to drop confetti and play a buzzer sound.

The back of the ship has a loading bay with an array of servers on the wall. The front of the ship has the bridge, with a variety of monitors and a single Pachimari by the pilots' seats. Stepping onto the uppermost level will prompt a line from Athena.

The Recreational Table

On and around the table, there is:

  • A Pachimari
  • A desk light
  • Various alcoholic beverages
  • Two tablets with Hearthstone open
  • Hearthstone playing cards
  • A coffee machine and three coffee cups
  • A poster for Nano Cola with D.Va on it
  • A diagram of Torbjörn's Turret
  • Winston's photos from Recall
  • A Horizon Lunar Colony poster
  • A poster of a large beachside city with a volcano behind it


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  1. Who pilots the dropships?
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