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María Jiménez

Security chief

María Jiménez is the security chief of LumériCo.


As the company made preparations for Guillermo Portero's speech in Dorado, she sent out an email to company staff, informing them that a security guard team had been assigned to each executive with a travel passport. Attached was a report of yearly cost and recommended tasks for next year's schedules. Portero got back in touch, thanking her for her work, but asked what was the smallest viable team for company executives, in order to not intimidate the general population. He offered her time off in the Riviera as a reward for her efforts. She gave him figures on ideal security team size and presentation.[1]

As the company continued to suffer a series of hacks, she called a security protection briefing, detailing a security drill to protect company executives. She moved into a new office, but found that her chair wasn't there. Arturo Castaño explained that it had got lost in the series of office moves within the company, and offered her a temporary chair, which she refused. She assigned security members to some of the company's power plants. She conversed with Alicia Calvo, ordering her to keep quiet in regards to the power outages the company was suffering, in regards to the press. She also tried to keep security in line in regards to dealing with protesters.

After Station 4 experienced a perimeter breach, she assigned another shift of security staff for all locations.[2]


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