I need to get the lay of the land... and some new clothes.

Masquerade is a digital comic short about Doomfist.


Having just broken out of the Helix maximum security prison, Doomfist is picked up by Reaper in a Talon hovercraft. Reaper fills Akande in on recent missions; Vialli sent them on a mission to kill Katya Volskaya only for Sombra to keep her alive[1], Widowmaker assassinated Mondatta in King's Row, creating tensions between humans and omnics there[2], and Reaper managed to acquire part of the Overwatch database and assassinate some former members.[3] Akande is displeased with how Vialli has been running Talon.

The four arrive in a casino in Monaco to meet with Maximilien, another member of the Talon council of leaders. Maximilien informs Akande that many of Talon's members are concerned that his return will reduce their pay. Just then, some Vialli loyalists approach, but they are quickly dispatched by Akande and Widowmaker.

The four then arrive at a masquerade party in Venice, where they dispatch more of Vialli's men. Akande meets directly with Vialli, who tries to convince him that Talon won't be following him. Akande then throws Vialli off a balcony, killing him. He meets up with Reaper again and the two enter a hidden meeting room with the rest of Talon's council of leaders.


  1. Infiltration
  2. Alive
  3. Recall