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And an omnic who runs a casino in Monaco...Maximilien or something.
~ Gabriel Reyes


Real Name
Casino Monaco, Monaco
Talon (council member)
Stephane Cornicard[1] (English)

Maximilien is a wealthy omnic and a member of Talon's inner council. He runs the Casino Monaco.[2]


Maximilien started as an accountant, but found his true talent in money laundering. Over the years, he found wealth in the businesses he purchased and ran, such as Don Rumbotico, Casino Monaco, and other businesses around the world.[3]


Maximilien was known to Blackwatch at least eight years prior to the Overwatch Recall.[4] After the death of Antonio (of whom he was an associate), Maximilien was among those who stepped up to fill the void he'd left.[2] Within the next two years, he exerted more "muscle" within Talon. Sojourn speculated that this was due to Doomfist's arrival within Talon.[3]

Storm Rising[]

Sojourn, you said Maximilien was an accountant, nothing about him having a small army of Talon soldiers!
All we knew was that he had ties to Talon and that he owns the rum distillery here in Havana. And now we know there's more to this omnic than meets the eye.
~ Sojourn and Tracer during the Havana operation

Maximilien in Havana

Six years before the Recall, Overwatch struggled to arrest Doomfist. Overwatch agent Sojourn recommended that they instead capture Doomfist by targeting Maximilien, and she sends a strike team of Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji to arrest him.[5] Maximilien was believed by Overwatch to be "soft" and more likely to give information to Overwatch than other members of Talon.[6] He escaped initial capture and fled through the Don Rumbotico distillery to the Havana Sea Fort, but he was captured before he could board a helicopter out of the city. Immediately, he offered to make a deal with the strike team and ultimately agreed to arrange "an introduction" with Doomfist.[7] He told Overwatch that Doomfist would be in Singapore in three weeks, leading to Doomfist's arrest, and in exchange requested that Overwatch not tell Doomfist of his betrayal.[8]


You're looking well.
You sound surprised.
Prison is a hard place. Accidents happen all the time.
I'm very careful.
~ Maximilien and Doomfist 'greet' each other

Maximilien meets with Doomfist and Widowmaker

Maximilien met with Doomfist and Widowmaker at his casino in Monaco shortly after Doomfist's prison break. There he apprised Doomfist of goings-on within Talon, reaffirming his loyalty to Doomfist's cause and warning him that some within the organization would have preferred to see him remain behind bars. After defeating a group of hitmen sent by Vialli, a rival Talon council member, Doomfist asked Maximilien to clean up the mess and departed.

Maximilien later met with Doomfist, Reaper, and other members of the inner council in a hidden boardroom at a masquerade ball in Venice, Italy, where Doomfist discussed his plans to start a new war.[9]

List of Properties Owned[]


Maximilien with ₶ symbol pin.

  • Maximilien is the same first name as Maximilien Robespierre, icon of the French Revolution known for his Reign of Terror, a political time of persecution, mass execution and fear which led to King Louis XVI's execution, as well as Robespierre's betrayal and execution of his own friends, until Robespierre himself was eventually executed.
  • Maximilien is a French variant of the Latin name Maximilianus, derived from the names of two Roman generals: Maximus and Aemilianus.
  • During the casino scene of Masquerade and during the Storm Rising Archives event, Maximilien is shown wearing a golden pin in the shape of the symbol for the livre tournois (₶),[10] an out-of-circulation currency formerly used in France. The livre tournois was the primary monetary unit in France from the 17th century until the franc was established in 1799 to reflect political changes that occurred in the country during the French Revolution.[11]
  • As illustrated in the Storm Rising trailer, Maximilien has an idle habit of performing the coin walk using a yellow Casino Monaco poker chip (yellow being the most commonly used color for $1000 chips).


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