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"Don't worry, I'll be right behind you."

Real Name
Angela Ziegler
39; Birthday: May 13th
Switzerland Swiss
Field medic
First responder
Zürich, Switzerland (formerly)
Cairo, Egypt (formerly)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Lucie Pohl (English)

Sybille Tureau (French)
Farina Brock (German)
Chiara Francese (Italian)
Sayaka Ōhara (Japanese)
Lee Hyeon-jin (Korean)
Tao Dian (Chinese Mandarin)
Ye Zhiqiu (Chinese Mandarin, Storm Rising)
Liou Xiao-yun & Chen Mei-zhen (Taiwanese Mandarin)
Karolina Kalina-Bulcewicz (Polish)
Christiane Louise † (Brazilian Portuguese, 1st voice)
Tonia Mesquita (Brazilian Portuguese, 2nd voice)
Olga Pletnyova (Russian)
Adelaida López (European Spanish)
Circe Luna (Latin American Spanish)

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Mercy is a Support hero in Overwatch. She is one of the 21 heroes included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.


Mercy’s Valkyrie Suit helps keep her close to teammates like a guardian angel; healing, resurrecting or strengthening them with the beams emanating from her Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff.


Role: Support
Passive Ability
Begin regenerating health more quickly.

Ability details:
  • Reduces the time before passive health regeneration starts from 5 to 2.5 seconds after taking damage.

Sympathetic Recovery
Passive Ability
Healing allies with Caduceus Staff heals you.
40% of healing dealt

Ability details:
  • Does not generate ultimate charge.
  • Effect stacks per ally healed during Valkyrie
  • Results in 13.75 hp/s normally and 15 hp/s per target during Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie.
  • Self-healing is affected by healing modifiers both on the target and Mercy herself.
    • This means the healing will not only be increased by amplified healing received effects on Caduceus Staff's target but also gain double benefit if both Mercy and the target she is healing are affected by it. For example, +50% healing received buff on both will result in +125% self-healing received from Sympathetic Recovery.

Angelic Descent
Passive Ability
Effect Type
Movement Movement
Fall very slowly.
Until cancelled
Move. speed:
2 m/s (down)
5.85 m/s (horizontal)
Propelled by her Valkyrie suit, Mercy slows the speed of her descent from great heights.

Ability details:
  • Can be activated also by holding Crouch key.

Example Video

Caduceus Staff
Key mouse 1
Weapon 1
Effect Type
Targeted Targeted (lock-on)
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Key mouse 1 Hold to heal an ally. Key mouse 2 Hold to increase an ally's damage inflicted.
55 per second
Dmg. modification:
+25% dealt
Max. range:
15 meters
Mercy engages one of two beams that connect to an ally. By maintaining the beams, she can either restore that ally’s health or increase the amount of damage they deal.

Ability details:
  • Heals an ally by 10.56 every 0.192 seconds.
  • Primary fire creates a healing beam and secondary fire creates a damage amplifying beam that lock on to a nearby ally. They ignore barriers and will linger for 1.3 seconds if the target breaks line of sight or moves out of range. Mercy does not need to look at her target to maintain connection.
  • In order to amplify a type's damage, Mercy must be boosting the hero when the projectile was fired. After that, it will be boosted even if Mercy stops boosting when it lands.
  • Mercy gains ultimate charge equal to the damage that she amplifies, except from self-damage.
  • Mercy's damage boost does not stack with itself.

Example Video

Caduceus Blaster
Key mouse 1
Weapon 2
Effect Type
Projectile Projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Automatic weapon.
Rate of fire:
5 rounds per second
Reload time:
1.4 seconds
Spread angle:
Projectile speed:
50 meters per second
Projectile radius:
0.275 meters
Mercy shoots a round from her sidearm. It's best reserved for emergency personal defense.

Ability details:
  • Damage per second = 100 while firing (78 overall w/reload)
  • The blaster is automatically reloaded if not equipped for 1.4 seconds.
  • Upon switching weapon, there is 0.51 second recovery period where Mercy cannot use her weapon.

Guardian Angel
1.5 seconds
Effect Type
Targeted Targeted (ally)
Movement Movement
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Fly towards an ally. While in flight, Jump launches you forward, and and Crouch launches you upward.
Max. range:
30 meters
Move. speed:
17 m/s (regular & Jump extension)
20.4 m/s (Crouch extension)
Mercy flies towards a targeted ally, allowing her to reach them quickly and provide assistance in crucial moments.

Ability details:
  • Can be used on both living and dead allies.
  • While flying, Guardian Angel be cancelled mid-flight by pressing the hotkey once more or extended through a Jump or Crouch input:
    • Pressing Jump will allow Mercy to propel herself in the direction she is facing.
    • Pressing Jump and back simultaneously will launch Mercy backwards from her target, however this is slower than propelling where you are facing.
    • Pressing Crouch will instantly launch Mercy vertically.
  • Extending Guardian Angel with a Jump or Crouch input sets its duration to 1 seconds. The extension cannot be canceled.
  • The cooldown of Guardian Angel starts when its duration ends.
  • A meter shows how much momentum Mercy has during Guardian Angel. The higher the meter the stronger the jumps.

Example Video

30 seconds
Effect Type
Targeted Targeted (fallen ally)
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Revive a dead teammate.
Restores full health to a fallen ally
Cast time:
1.75 seconds
Max. range:
5 meters
Move. speed:
-75% penalty
Mercy brings a dead ally back into the fight with full health.

Ability details:
  • Line of sight does not need to be maintained. However, the cast is interrupted immediately starting the cooldown without resurrecting if Mercy is stunned, knocked down or hacked or if Mercy moves more than 7 meters away from her target while channeling.
  • Cooldown does not reset when respawning.
  • The fallen ally is highlighted on the player's screen.
  • The resurrected players gain 2.25 seconds of invulnerability. Until the end of invulnerability, the resurrected player cannot shoot or use abilities.
    • The target can start moving 1.5 seconds after being resurrected.
  • Life Grip Icon Life Grip cannot be used on Mercy while she is channeling resurrect.
  • Fallen allies souls can be lifted by Lifeweaver's Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform.

2000 points
Ultimate Ability
Effect Type
Movement Movement
Gain the ability to fly. Abilities are enhanced.
Chain-damage boost (25% per target)
60 HP/s per target
∞ (Blaster)
Cast time:
0.5 seconds animation
15 seconds
Max. range:
10 meters (chain healing)
+100% range (Guardian Angel, Caduceus Staff)
Move. speed:
9 m/s (omni-directional flight)
25 m/s (Guardian Angel)
Projectile speed:
100 m/s (Blaster)
Gain the ability to fly. Mercy’s abilities are enhanced.

Ability details:
  • Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff's beam branches out from the beam target to nearby allies within line of sight (of the beam target).
  • Support role passive will be always active for the duration of Valkyrie.
  • Mercy gains vision of enemy health bars if they have taken damage (even if Mercy did not deal the damage herself).
  • Rooted and hindered make Mercy temporarily unable to fly, but do not prevent the activation or immediately end the ability.
  • Holding Jump causes Mercy to rise while holding Crouch causes her to descend.
  • Vertical and horizontal speed are related. You can't have 9.0 meters per second of horizontal and vertical speed in same time.
    • If the vertical speed is <0.25, then the horizontal maximum can be no more than 9.0 and vice versa.
    • If your crosshair is exactly centered and you pinch forward/back and jump/ctrl then your vertical and horizontal speed will be 6.36 meters per second.
    • If your crosshair is exactly centered and you pinch forward/back and jump/ctrl and right/left then your vertical speed = 4.50 and horizontal = 7.8.

Hero-specific options

Setting name Options Description
Toggle beam connection Off (default) Caduceus Staff healing/damage beam deactivates when player stops holding the button.
On Caduceus Staff healing/damage beam deactivates when player presses the button again when there are no valid targets (including current beam target).
Beam sensitivity 10% ... 100% (default: 100%) Adjusts the targeting sensitivity of Caduceus Staff beam. Setting this to a lower value reduces the maximum view angle for acquiring a target.
Relative Caduceus Blaster aim sensitivity 0% ... 500% (default: 100%) Multiplier to base aim sensitivity while using Caduceus Blaster.
Caduceus Blaster input Match healing beam (default) Caduceus Blaster uses the key bound to Caduceus Staff's healing beam.
Match damage beam Caduceus Blaster uses the key bound to Caduceus Staff's damage beam.
Match both Caduceus Blaster can be fired using either key.
Guardian Angel target priority Prefer beam target (default) Guardian Angel will always launch Mercy toward the beam target. If there is none, it can launch her toward an ally she is facing.
Prefer facing target Guardian Angel will always launch Mercy toward the target she is facing. If there is none, it can launch her toward her beam target.
Facing target only Guardian angel will only launch Mercy toward the target she is facing. If there is none, it will not activate.
Guardian Angel sensitivity 10% ... 100% (default: 100%) Adjusts the targeting sensitivity of Guardian Angel. Setting this to a lower value reduces the maximum view angle for acquiring a target.
Toggle Guardian Angel On (default) Guardian Angel deactivates when player presses the button again.
Off Guardian Angel deactivates when player stops holding the button.


Mercy is the most healing-oriented for the Support heroes. While not as powerful a team healer as other Support heroes (such as Ana and Baptiste), Mercy excels at single-target or "pocket" support. Her ability to boost the damage of her team makes her crucial for barrier-breaking and focused damage. Ability-mercy5 Resurrect allows Mercy to compensate for an occasional mistake by her team, bringing an important member back into the fight. Mercy is easily the most team-dependent of the Support, as her personal damage is quite weak, her only mobility relies on her teammates, and the powerful effect of Ability-mercy5 Resurrect makes her a priority for the enemy team.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Sympathetic Recovery (Passive): Mercy will heal herself for 40% of the healing she is currently doing.
    • Sympathetic Recovery can help you survive while under pressure. You can try not topping off allies and healing off them when you are being pressured, but this carries a lot of risks, and your second support might heal them for you, leaving you with no healing options.
  • Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent (Passive): While airborne, Mercy can press and hold the jump button to begin slowly falling to the ground. Letting go of the jump button will end Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent. You can re-activate it at any time while airborne.
    • Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent is useful for evading enemy fire. Leap off of a ledge and vary your falling speed by "feathering", or tapping the Jump key, using Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent to throw your opponents' aim off.
    • Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent can be used in the middle of a Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel jump to gain a bit of extra height and momentum, often referred to as a "slingshot."
  • Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff: Mercy's main weapon. The Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff's primary fire creates a healing tether on the ally closest to the crosshair, while its secondary fire creates a damage-boosting tether in the same respect.
    • Neither of the tethers require you to continue looking at your target to maintain. Use this to your advantage to check frequently for flankers like Reaper or Tracer.
    • The tether will break if an ally moves out of your direct line of sight after a 1.3 seconds, such as moving behind a wall, or if they move outside the tether's maximum range.
    • Alternate between the healing tether and damage tether as the situation requires.
    • Remember that your healing output is not sufficient to keep topping off your entire team; heal them beyond reasonable danger and let your other healer finish as needed. If they can't do that, switch to a healer who can.
    • The damage tether's effect is applied as shots are fired, not when they land. Coordinate with your team to boost important abilities as needed.
    • Pharah is one of the best pairs to Mercy, as Pharah can help Mercy remain airborne and away from grounded enemies, while Mercy can substantially increase Pharah's overall damage output and survivability.
      • An example of other heroes that pair well with Mercy are Ashe and Cassidy, provided they can land their shots.
    • Boosting heroes like Soldier 76 and Roadhog during their ultimate abilities is usually a smart choice, as their already significant damage will be that much better.
    • Because Mercy’s beam doesn’t break immediately, and the fact that returning into line of sight with a teammate will reset the timer in which the beam will break, you can peek in and out of cover so you can receive protection from the environment while still maintaining beam connection.
  • Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster: Mercy's secondary weapon. It shoots a stream of fast-moving projectiles, similar to D.Va's Ability-dva5 Light Gun. The Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster will automatically reload while Mercy has the Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff equipped.
    • Do not underestimate the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster. While fairly weak at long range (despite the lack of damage falloff) due to the ease with which the projectiles can be dodged, the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster can be deadly at close ranges, especially if you land headshots.
    • The pinpoint accuracy of the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster can be used to safely destroy Torbjörn's Ability-torbjorn3 Turret from out of its attack range.
    • Be careful about pulling out the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster on a whim, as you cannot attack or create a tether during the weapon switch animation.
    • It is often better to boost an ally's damage rather than pull out the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster; remember that Mercy is a highly vulnerable healer, and even in situations where it is safe to go on the offensive, it is usually smarter to continue to manage your team.
  • Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel: When activated, Mercy will fly towards the targeted ally, whether they are alive or dead. This ability auto-targets tethered allies, but will otherwise go to the ally closest to the crosshair. This can be changed in the Mercy-specific control settings.
    • Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel has a brief cooldown during which Mercy has no other quick movement options. Think about where you'll end up before rushing to an ally's side.
    • Use this ability to jump between allies to quickly heal them, or to escape from dangerous situations.
    • Continually using this ability on an allied Pharah in combination with Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent allows Mercy to follow Pharah around through the air (even staying airborne longer than Pharah can). Use the Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff's damage tether to enhance her already high damage output.
  • Ability-mercy5 Resurrect: Mercy's core ability. When activated, Mercy will revive a dead ally in very close-range. They will be returned to full health at the position where they died. The revived teammate also gains a brief moment of invulnerability, during which they can move but cannot attack or use abilities. The cooldown on this ability does not reset upon death, unlike all others.
    • This is an incredibly powerful tool that can turn the tide of a fight by bringing back an ally with a prepared ultimate, your main tank (such as Reinhardt), or even a fellow Support.
    • Think before you act. Ability-mercy5 Resurrect is powerful, but rather slow, so try and mind the situation you put yourself and your team in by using it. Oftentimes, it is just better to keep healing your living allies instead of reviving a dead one.
    • Use Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel on a dead ally to position yourself for Ability-mercy5 Resurrect. Mercy will continue to fly towards the target of Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel while casting Ability-mercy5 Resurrect. Use this to dart past a group of dead allies, casting Ability-mercy5 Resurrect on the way, in order to reduce your vulnerability while using it.
    • Prioritize who to revive. Ability-mercy5 Resurrect has a long cooldown (which does not reset after death, like Baptiste's Baptiste-ability3 Immortality Field), and some members of the team are more important than others. Your main tank is usually the highest priority, as they can help shield the team while Mercy heals them.
    • Be careful when using this ability in plain view of enemies, as it will nearly always attract enemy fire either on you or your ally.
    • Zarya does not regain the Passive-Zarya energy she had collected before death; instead, her energy is reset to 0.
    • Line of sight does not need to be maintained, so try to use her minimal amount of movement to hide behind cover. You can also use the momentum from a slingshot to shoot your self, but be careful, as you may launch yourself out of the range.
  • Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie (Ultimate): Mercy's ultimate ability. When activated, all of her abilities are greatly enhanced; in addition to the ability to freely fly, Mercy also gets infinite ammunition on her Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster, and her tethers will split to affect all allies within a certain radius of the target ally.
    • This is easily one of the strongest ultimates in the game, as Mercy can use it to greatly enhance her team's survivability and damage output without worrying about who needs help the most.
    • Try to get the greatest effect out of Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie possible. If the team doesn't desperately need healing, switch to a damage boost instead.
    • Stay in motion and move unpredictably while using Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie. Staying still while airborne makes Mercy easy prey for snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo, or from ultimates like Soldier: 76's Icon-ability.tacticalvisor Tactical Visor and D.Va's Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct.
    • While Ability-mercy5 Resurrect is relatively untouched by Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie, the mobility it provides can make it much easier to revive allies.

General Strategies

  • Mercy is a potent Support that can easily fit onto most teams. She is especially good when paired with allies who have no means of self-healing, or allies capable of dealing a lot of long-ranged damage like Pharah or Junkrat. When up against opponents with consistent, long-range damage (such as Soldier: 76 or Hanzo), Mercy is an excellent pick for keeping her team alive.
  • Mercy is almost always a priority target for the enemy team due to the power of Ability-mercy5 Resurrect. Keep your eyes on your surroundings constantly and watch to see if the enemy team starts bringing out heroes like Widowmaker or Genji to try and kill you. Whenever possible, try to heal allies from behind cover.
  • Don't forget to protect yourself; a dead healer heals no one. Mercy heals herself based on how much you are healing others, but it is usually not enough to sustain you for long periods of time, not to mention it’s complete lack of a counter against burst damage. Try to play within cover and fly between allies to keep yourself safe.
  • While it can be tempting to simply leap to an injured ally with Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel as soon as you see them, try to pay attention to where that will take you. You can easily end up flying into the line of fire of your opponents, making you an easy target for Widowmaker or Roadhog. Try to cancel Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel slightly before you arrive at the target to stay out of enemy fire. (Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel can be canceled by activating the ability again while in the air.)
  • Mercy can either stick with her team, or she can "pocket" a single hero, following them around and providing them with both healing and a damage boost. While this can be a potent pairing, it's best to stay with the rest of your team if they have no other source of healing (such as from Soldier's Icon-ability.bioticfield Biotic Field or another Support).
  • One of the best skills to learn as Mercy is predicting when your teammates are likely to use a heavy damage-dealing ultimate such as Reaper's Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom, Roadhog's Ability-Roadhog4 Whole Hog, Pharah's Ability-parah4 Barrage, or even Soldier: 76's Icon-ability.tacticalvisor Tactical Visor. Holding a damage-boosting tether on a hero during their ultimate can significantly increase the potency and result in devastating damage to the enemy team. Get to know the audio call-outs for each of these ultimate abilities so that you can instantly switch to them with your damage-boosting beam.
  • Mercy isn't much of a fighter, with her only damaging weapon (the Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster) sporting a slow rate of fire and projectiles that require you to lead your shots. Let your allies do most of the fighting for you. Try to keep your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster holstered unless you're face-to-face with an opponent you cannot escape from. At the same time, don't be afraid of pulling it out if you're confident it will help your team take down a major threat. Using the blaster is more of a trade-off — damage from your own weapon, or increased damage to an ally's abilities. Learning when to use the blaster is key.

Match-Ups and Team Synergy


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
D.Va can hunt you down with her Ability-dva2 Boosters, diving into the back line to chase after you. Take care not to be isolated by her, as you don't stand a chance in a one-on-one battle with her; always stick to allies that you can fly between, and let them serve as a meat shield to protect you. Damage boosting D.Va while she's out of her mech can help her get it back faster. Beyond that, there's almost always a better use of your time. If she's in her mech, while she's flying is a good opportunity to fly up to her, so you can scout the enemies' location.
Against Orisa, her weapon will easily snipe you from the back lines. To prevent this, get to higher ground and damage boost your tank (or fast damage dealer) Heroes like Tracer do a great deal on Orisa when power boosted. The same could be said with Reaper as well. Using Guardian Angel to fly to safety is a risk, because if they see you, they'll target you. When Orisa is on your side, she is a powerful ally, since the damage tether boosts her attack, already with her high attack speed, she can break down the wall with the enemy team. You usually want to resurrect her, because she can mow down the enemies along with you pocketing her.
As long as you have allies to fly towards, Reinhardt will struggle to kill you. If you're caught alone, however, his wide swings will quickly demolish you. If he's attempting to attack an ally of yours, you should be able to outheal his damage. Stay out of Reinhardt's reach, and if your patient is healthy enough, use your damage boost so your teammate can quickly kill him. Reinhardt's greatest threat is his Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter; if you cluster together with your allies, you'll all fall victim to it, so try not to stay grouped up if you anticipate an Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter coming. Reinhardt isn't the best for damage boosting, but heal pocketing is truly recommended, since he never really attacks much from a distance, and gives him more of a chance to regen his barrier. Other than a coordinated Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter, Your ultimate won't do much with him, unless the whole time is behind him.
If you're not careful and float out in the open, Roadhog can snatch you away from your teammates with his Ability-Roadhog3 Chain Hook and instantly kill you. Always make sure you have an ally or barrier between you and Roadhog. While he's exceedingly dangerous up close, at a distance he's no threat; if you damage boost an ally and have them assault him from a distance, you should be able to either kill him or force him to retreat. If you're alone but at a safe distance, you can even pelt him with your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster to build up some easy Ultimate charge. With his ultimate, You can power boost him, but the only time it's necessary to heal him is after he uses take a breather, even if he hasn't used it yet. If he does while you're healing, he negates your ultimate charge, so only heal him after he uses take a breather. When he hooks a target, a power tether shotgun body shot win finish off any enemy, so use Roadhog wisely!
When going up against a Sigma, make sure to stick to the back lines. When Sigma is about to use Gravital Flux, make sure to move to a long ranged, preferably a Widowmaker or a long ranged Ashe. To take down a Sigma, damage boost your tank, or a damage that can pierce barriers. When sigma is on your team he is a powerful ally, making him a definite pocketing choice. When he uses his Ultimate, boost him. Not only will it do more than half their health, if he chooses to, when he attacks the enemies before he throws them fdwn, it's a guaranteed eliminate.
Icon-wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball will no doubt land in the middle of your team, and target you. use Guardian angel to escape, hopefully behind a barrier or a tank.if he catches you alone, his weapons will no doubt eliminate you, separating you from your team. If you see him, ping his location and power boost an allied Reaper if possible, he will make quick work of Wrecking Ball. (To be added)
Winston can (and often will) leap right up into your face to fry you with his Ability-winston1 Tesla Cannon. Your best and only defense is to fly away to a character who can protect you from him, preferably either a high-damage hero like Reaper or an ally with a barrier like Reinhardt. If Winston activates Ability-winston4 Primal Rage, simply use Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel to reposition yourself so he can't knock you away from your teammates. (To be added)
In theory, Zarya's poor mobility should make her relatively easy to outrun. However, her beam can penetrate barriers, making it very dangerous for you to stand anywhere near the front line while your teammates are confronting Zarya. Leave the fight to your teammates, and try to heal them from a distance so Zarya can't reach you with her Ability-zarya1 Particle Cannon. A Zarya at high energy is among the most potent damage-dealers in the game. Coupled with her ability to protect you and your team from damage as you move, Zarya can be a strong pick for you as a Mercy player. If you need to cross somewhere dangerous, ask your Zarya for a barrier and you'll be that much safer.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
(To be added) Ashe's already powerful damage output is enhanced by Mercy's damage tethers, allowing her to land one-shot kills on 200 HP heroes with a scoped headshot. Additionally, damage boosting her Ability-ashe2 Dynamite can net Ashe a lot of free ultimate charge.
Don't let yourself be caught in the open around Bastion, as he can shoot you down within a second. Even in Ability-bastion1 Recon Configuration, you won't stand a chance as his submachine gun will outdamage your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster, and if neither of you has teammates nearby, he won't hesitate to shift into Ability-bastion2 Sentry Configuration and mow you down. A classic for "bunker" strategies, there's few things that can withstand a damage-boosted Bastion. That said, staying with your Bastion makes you a huge target by association.
Cassidy can easily dispatch you with a few shots from long range, and your ability to fly around to your allies is less useful against ranged characters like Cassidy, as the relative movement isn't as large and can be predictable. In close quarters, Cassidy can stun you with his Magnetic Grenade Flashbang and then shoot you to death. If Cassidy uses Ability-mccree4 Deadeye, duck to cover; if you have to abandon an ally you're healing to do so then do it, because otherwise you're both going to die. (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
Genji will usually try to get behind enemy lines and quickly kill you, slipping anyway before anyone can catch him. Genji's Ability-genji3 Swift Strike is his only means of rapid movement; your Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel has a far shorter cooldown, meaning if you have allies nearby, you should usually be able to bail from a fight with Genji. If Genji approaches you while you have an ally nearby, use them as cover and heal them while they fight Genji; you should easily win most two-on-one fights against him. (To be added)
If you're lazily gliding in the air between teammates, you'll serve as an easy target for an enemy Hanzo to snipe at a distance. His quiet nature can make it hard to pinpoint his position, so always be careful before leaving cover. Also be wary of when he's used Ability-hanzo2 Sonic Arrow, as once he knows where you are, he'll make you a priority target should you peek your head out from cover. (To be added)
Junkrat's Ability-Junkrat3 Steel Trap will render your Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel ability useless while trapped, making you an easy target. Try to let teammates lead the charge when pushing through tight corridors, and float through the air when possible; not only will you avoid traps this way, you'll also be much harder for Junkrat to hit in the air than if you were on the ground. You can't outheal the damage Junkrat can dish out, so don't try to have your patient fight him head-on unless you're being protected by a barrier. (To be added)
Never wander out alone when Mei is about; should you fail to flee with Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel, you'll prove to be an easy target for Mei to pick off, especially if she blocks your escape with Ability-mei3 Ice Wall. Try to keep Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel on standby when you know that Mei is chasing you, as her freezing effect won't slow Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel's movement speed. Your healing can easily outheal Mei's Ability-mei1 Endothermic Blaster's freezing, and if you keep your patient at full health, even once frozen it will be difficult for Mei to finish them off with an icicle headshot. (To be added)
Pharah's long range allows her to dispatch you from a distance, and makes it easy for her to harass you even when you have a tank protecting you. Be careful when hiding in buildings, as Pharah can launch missiles in after you and you won't be able to escape or retaliate. While your blaster won't deal much damage against Pharah, if she is at low health it might be worth trying to shoot her down. Among the most famous pairs to Mercy, Pharah's ability to fly coupled with her strong damage output make her a stellar hero to "pocket." However, remember that Pharah has her own vulnerabilities (to heroes such as Widowmaker and Cassidy), which you expose yourself to by staying with her.
Your healing won't do much to save weaker characters from Reaper's damage, and will only modestly slow him down even when he's attacking a tank. He can dispatch you with two shots from close range, and he can use Ability-reaper3 Shadow Step and Ability-reaper2 Wraith Form to ambush you from unusual angles. Your only saving grace is that Reaper's range is quite poor; if a teammate is close by, you can flee from the encounter with Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel, forcing Reaper to either retreat or riskily engage more targets. If Reaper is using Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom and you're at a safe distance, it may be worth it to whip out your blaster and try to shoot him dead while he's exposed. Reaper's self-healing is based on the amount of damage he deals to a target, so damage boosting him can help him survive a fight much longer while also allowing him to quickly dispatch targets with a single shot. Essentially, healing a Reaper is rarely necessary.
Icon-Soldier 76
Soldier: 76
Soldier: 76's long range makes your mobility much less useful. His high damage means he can kill you in under a second with his Icon-ability.helixrockets Helix Rockets and his Icon-ability.hpr primary fire if you're caught out in the open, and his high damage can outdamage your healing on frailer allies. Icon-ability.tacticalvisor Tactical Visor will make it much easier for him to hit you. When Soldier: 76 is around, always hide behind a barrier or around a corner to avoid being picked off by him. Keep an eye on the ultimate charge of the Soldier: 76 on your team. When it's ready, communicate with your teammate on the use of Tactical Visor, as a boost from Mercy's Caduceus Staff can make the perfect aim of Tactical Visor even more potent.
Sombra's Ability Sombra Hack Hack will disrupt Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel and Ability-mercy5 Resurrect, depriving you of all of your utility. When a Sombra is around, be cautious as she can appear from unexpected areas. Should Sombra try to engage you directly while you aren't Ability Sombra Hack Hacked, use Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel to flee to your team and let them fend her off. Avoid moving out on your own when facing a Sombra, and when damaged, you should stick close to your allies rather than running off into a corner to heal. (To be added)
Symmetra's Ability-symmetra2 Sentry Turrets will lock onto you and slow you to a crawl before killing you, so be careful not to get caught in them. Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel can save you from the Ability-symmetra2 Turrets, but often at the cost of abandoning whoever you're healing at the moment. Symmetra herself is extremely dangerous in close quarters, and the ramp-up on Symmetra's Ability-symmetra1 Photon Projector will makes it impossible for you to heal a teammate through it very long. Unless your teammate is on the verge of death, switch to damage boosting so they can quickly kill her before she can become a worse threat. An eclectic pick, Symmetra's weapon is quite powerful on its own, moreso when damage boosted. Symmetra can be a powerful flanker and barrier-breaker if used correctly, but it requires a lot of team coordination to be effective.
Since Torbjörn's Ability-torbjorn3 Turret will target the first enemy it sees, let your patient lead the charge to destroy it while you hide behind and heal them. While it may be tempting to use your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster to destroy the Ability-torbjorn3 Turret, you'll sustain considerable damage in the process, making you an easy target for Torbjörn if he shows up to avenge his Ability-torbjorn3 Turret. Torbjörn himself is very dangerous if you run into him in close quarters, especially when he has Ability-torbjorn4 Overload active. Keep your distance from him as much as possible. (To be added)
If the enemy team has a Tracer, always watch your back; Tracer can make quick work of you if you're caught off guard, then use Ability-tracer3 Recall to escape from any of your teammates who may have noticed her. Try not to stay too far from your teammates and don't isolate yourself in the back line; always try to have a buddy on standby who can keep Tracer off of you. Tracer moves too quickly and too often to be a sensible pick for your abilities. She will no doubt run out of your line of sight every time, and is independent due to recall.
Widowmaker can kill you with a single headshot, so don't fly around in the open when you're in Widowmaker's sights. Stay behind cover or a barrier to keep your team safe without getting picked off. Widowmaker's shots require her to charge them, and she can afford to shoot much faster with a Mercy damage boost. If your team has a good Widowmaker, it might be best to stick with her to put pressure on the enemy team.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy

Ana's Ability-ana3 biotic grenade will completely shut down your healing, and her Ability-ana2 Sleep Dart can knock you out in a crucial moment, or knock out one of your allies, leaving you vulnerable to attack. Ana can also quickly dispatch you with a few shots from her extremely long range, highly-accurate rifle. Avoid leaving cover or the safety of barriers while facing Ana to avoid being sniped to death. Though Ana's Ability-ana3 Biotic Grenade shuts you down as an enemy, it powerfully boosts you as a teammate. Pay attention to who Ana hits with it, helping your team focus them down or keeping them topped off as appropriate. Remember that damage boosts stack up to a 50% damage increase, so Mercy's damage tethers will not make a Ability-ana4 Nano Boost target any more powerful.
(To be added) (To be added)
(To be added) (To be added)
Illari's Solar rifle icon Solar Rifle is a hitscan weapon, making her a threat to you even with your high mobility. Be careful of staying in open sight lines against her. When Illari has Captive sun icon Captive Sun, avoid clumping with your allies. If you get hit with it, use Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel to get away from your team and take cover. If you can see the Healing pylon icon Healing Pylon, then its worthwhile to use your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster to destroy it. Illari will be your team's primary healer, but listen for her out of healing callouts and be prepared to prioritize healing while she recharges. Her Pylon being destroyed is another thing to look out for. Illari can be a good Damage Boost in situations where your team is stable and you don't have a higher priority damage boost target available or you aren't in their effective range. Damage Boosting Illari after she uses Captive Sun will help her hit the damage threshold for Sunstruck.
Your high mobility makes you a harder target for Kiriko to hit, just be wary of floating around in her LoS with Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent, jump spamming, walking in straight lines or peaking corners unnecessarily. Your ally Kiriko will be your team's primary healer, allowing you to Damage Boost more freely. Kiriko herself is a decent Damage Boost target during the prefight/poke phase, especially when your team is holding a choke, as her Kunai Icon Kunai do increased critical hit damage.
Lifeweaver is a Support focused more on healing than damage or disruptive utility, so you won't often find yourself directly interacting with an enemy Lifeweaver. During Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie, it can be worthwhile to force Lifeweaver off his Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform with your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster, forcing him out of position and making him easier for your team to kill. His Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley is no joke - avoid being too close, in enclosed spaces where you can't easily escape or using Ability-mercy5 Resurrect in his LoS. Lifeweaver's high healing output enables him to be your team's primary healer, leaving you open to focus on Damage Boost. Keep an eye on his positioning, as he can be a handy teammate to Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel to when he is atop his Petal Platform. While Lifeweaver will spend most of his time healing, opportunistically Damage Boosting him when he's using his Thorns can be worthwhile, if you don't have a higher priority Boost target.
Lúcio's poor damage and your regeneration will make it hard for him to kill you should he come after you. Even if he tries to use Ability-Lucio5 Soundwave to knock you off a cliff, you can use Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel to get back to safety should a teammate be nearby. Neither of you are likely to kill each other in a fight, so leave it to your teammates to handle him. (To be added)
It's extremely rare to end up facing another Mercy on the battlefield. While it may be tempting to chase after an enemy Mercy yourself, let your teammates focus on her while you provide a damage boost so they can quickly kill her. If you are caught in a situation where neither of you has teammates nearby, fight back with your Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster; unless she's near-death, though, focus less on finishing her off and more on backpedaling to your team and regrouping. If you have Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie active and she doesn't, she's an incredibly easy target to gun down before returning to your team.
Moira will out heal you in short skirmishes, but if the battle lasts too long, she may not have time to recharge her healing. If Moira jumps on you, her Ability Moira Biotic Orb Biotic Orb and Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Biotic Grasp will easily allow her to out duel you. It is strongly advised to escape to your team, as a nearby teammate will split the orb damage with you. If she uses Ability Moira Coalescence Coalescence on your team, using your Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie for the increased Chain Healing will not out heal her damage. However, it may give your allies enough time to deal with her. A Moira on your team will free you up to Damage boost allies with your Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff. However, keep an ear out for her "Out of healing" calls in case you need to help heal. If Moira uses Ability Moira Coalescence Coalescence and is attacking enemies with it, do not be afraid to Damage boost her. 70 DPS -> 91 DPS (Healing unchanged by damage boost).
Zenyatta is a long-ranged character for whom Mercy's mobility matters little. His Ability-zenyatta3 Orb of Discord will make you even more frail than usual, and if applied to your teammate will render it more difficult to outheal incoming damage. When you are discorded, break Line of Sight with Zenyatta until the orb leaves and it will be on cooldown. Avoid exposing yourself to Zenyatta's attacks, and if he's out in the open, damage boost a teammate so they can quickly kill him. When paired with a Zenyatta, you will be the primary healer and will have less opportunity to Damage Boost. Zenyatta himself is a good pocket target - look for opportunities when he is charging his Ability-zenyatta1 Orb of Destruction Alt Fire to pop damage boost on him briefly. Zenyatta is quite vulnerable, so keep your eye on him especially against teams with flankers or dive.


"Heroes Never Die."

A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace.[1] She is one of the most gifted doctors in the world when it comes to medical technology, and has applied such technology to her own body.[2] She likes Swiss chocolate[3] and enjoys tea, which she sometimes takes with a nip of brandy after a life-threatening ordeal.[4] She isn't good at making coffee however—Genji was the only Overwatch member who could stand to drink it.[5] She has a low opinion of Vishkar.[6]

Omnic Crisis

I wish I could remember the last thing my mother said to me before she walked out the door with my father on that morning all those years ago. It was cold and gray, and a stifling haze hung over everything, including my memories. That was the last time I saw my parents alive. They had been volunteering at a local hospital as we tried to cope with the aftermath of the devastating attacks on Switzerland when omnic forces swept through Europe during the Crisis. My parents were killed in an air strike there. We never allow ourselves to believe that the people we love will disappear, and we are rarely prepared to say goodbye when the time comes. In the days after, people assured me that the hurt would lessen with time, but even today, that pain comes back at the slightest reminder.
~ Angela Ziegler

Ziegler was a longtime family friend of the Lindholms.[7]

As a child, Ziegler grew up during the Omnic Crisis. The last day she saw her parents alive were when they left the house to volunteer at the local hospital as they usually did, as Switzerland dealt with the consequences of the war. Both of them were killed in an airstrike. Waiting for them to come home, she learnt the truth when a police officer came to her house, delivering the news. People assured her that the pain would lessen over time. In truth, the emotional pain would return at the slightest reminder.[8] Despite this tragedy, Ziegler was consumed not by a thirst for revenge, but by a desire to aid the imperiled and advocate for peace.[9]


As a teenager, Ziegler established herself as a medical prodigy. While still studying,[7] 14-year-old Ziegler visited Torbjörn in the hospital after the loss of his arm in Operation White Dome.[10]

Ana Overwatch photo

Angela at the Overwatch base.

Later as she was still a student in university she would visit the Overwatch base and once posed for a photo with Torbjörn, other Overwatch members and a young Fareeha Amari.[11]


Joining Overwatch

I have more than enough soldiers. What I need are thinkers. Dreamers. People who want to make the world a better place. You could be on the cusp of a breakthrough that could change the lives of every living person on the planet. I want to make that a reality and take away all the roadblocks so you can focus on revolutionizing your field.
~ Morrison to Ziegler

Ziegler meets with Commander Morrison

After obtaining her MD and PHD in Switzerland,[12] Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.[1] She personally met with Commander Jack Morrison at Overwatch HQ. He was impressed with a paper she'd written on nanobiotic healing. She believed that it had the potential to completely revolutionize the way that medical care was given, not just in the examination room, but also throughout the entire structure of the medical profession. She believed that Overwatch would give her the opportunity to quickly get her ideas out into the field.

Morrison told her that he wanted her to become head of Overwatch's medical research. Ziegler was greatly tempted by the offer, but stated her reservations—she wanted to focus on the civilian and peacetime applications of her work. She didn't want to create new ways for Overwatch commanders to send soldiers into danger. Morrison was cordial in his response, and pointed out that if she joined Overwatch, she wouldn't have to worry about grants or haggle for new equipment. Whatever she needed, she'd get. Smiling, Ziegler agreed to join Overwatch.[8]

Early Service

Recall Happy Halloween

Mercy in a witch costume with Torbjörn on Halloween

During her Overwatch years, she once dressed as a witch for Halloween.[13]

Because her parents had been taken by war, Ziegler was opposed to the organization's militaristic approach to keeping global peace. Ultimately, she recognized that Overwatch offered her the opportunity to save lives on a much larger scale. As Overwatch's head of medical research, Angela sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The result was the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which Ziegler herself piloted on many Overwatch missions.[1] She became Overwatch's most prominent combat medic.[14] However, this was a point of contention for her. The Valkyrie suit had been created to prove her technology worked. But her teammates wanted her to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and she acquiesced. This marked the beginning of her "Mercy" persona, while Doctor Angela Ziegler faded into the background.[8]

At some point she and an Overwatch team helped people in Venezuela in the aftermath of a massive storm.[8]


Mercy in the field

Despite her contributions to Overwatch, she was often at odds with her superiors and the organization's overarching aims.[15] Despite Morrison’s word that her research would not be misused, Angela sometimes found herself at odds with the commander, and felt the technology she developed was being exploited and weaponized for war.[9] One example was the development of the biotic rifle by Torbjörn. Torbjörn provided assurances that the device was only intended for healing, but Ziegler maintained that this was setting Overwatch down a road that could lead to the weaponization of biotic technology, and that she had only conducted research in the field on the condition that it would not be used for offensive purposes.[16]

Ziegler also had dire concerns in regards to Blackwatch, specifically pertaining to Gabriel Reyes and his medical support, Moira O'Deorain.[17]


Eight years before the present day, Ziegler treated Gerard Lacroix for injuries he received after surviving a Talon attack on the Blackwatch Rome facility. She reported that she expected him to make a full recovery.[18]


Overwatch Uprising Team

Ziegler en-route to London during the King's Row Uprising

Seven years before the present day, Ziegler was involved in an unsanctioned mission authorized by Strike Commander Jack Morrison to end the King's Row Uprising in London, England. Earlier the same day, Ziegler argued with Morrison over Overwatch's inability to intervene in the conflict due to the English prime minister expressly forbidding any Overwatch action within the United Kingdom. Dr. Ziegler expressed her concern for the thousands in the city who needed medical aid, and lamented how Overwatch was made to help people, not sit on the sidelines. After Jack authorized the mission, while preparing to board an aircraft, Ziegler welcomed Cadet Lena Oxton to the team. She commented on how her inspirational words convinced Jack to authorize the mission, and how he was very invested in her career, and had asked Ziegler to keep an eye on her. Ziegler then told Oxton how she could call on her if she ever needed any help.[19]

Storm Rising

We know all about you and your associates.
Oh, I have many associates. Perhaps it's not clear what I have to offer. My resources are...quite substantial. Let me ask, what might you be in the market for?
An introduction.
~ Mercy and Maximilien

Mercy and Winston confront Maximilien

Six years before the present day, Ziegler took part in an operation in Havana alongside Winston, Tracer, and Genji. Under the command of Captain Sojourn, their mission was to extract Maximilien, an omnic in league with Talon. The Talon forces were moving through the city in a convoy; one which the Overwatch agents engaged. Mercy swept over the convoy, causing one of the vehicles to crash. Fighting their way through the city on foot, the team was able to apprehend Maximilien, who suggested they could make a deal. Mercy said that he was in no position to negotiate and that they already knew about his associates. However, when asked what Overwatch was in the market for, Mercy stated "an introduction."[5] In the end a deal was indeed struck, as Maximilien told Overwatch that Doomfist would be in Singapore in three weeks and in exchange requested that Overwatch not tell Doomfist of his betrayal.[20]

The End of Overwatch

In Overwatch's final days, the group was faced with a series of allegations, and Ziegler was interrogated in the hearings conducted by the United Nations. In light of the fight between Overwatch members Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, Ziegler admitted that the outcome had been inevitable. They had drifted further and further apart ever since Morrison had been chosen over Reyes for the position of strike commander, and that rift had widened despite her efforts.[15]


Ziegler ultimately left Overwatch due to being conflicted with the organization's militaristic methods.[21] When Overwatch dissolved, Ziegler sought distance from the agency and re-dedicated herself to helping those affected by war, caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world.[17] Though she spent most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Dr. Ziegler could be counted on to don her Valkyrie suit whenever innocents were imperiled,[1] hoping to make a more peaceful world.[22] The fallout of Overwatch's disbandment and disgrace damaged her professional reputation, and she went by her real name rather than "Mercy" during this period.[8]

Ziegler continued to work in medical facilities, but with less advanced technology than what she had access to within Overwatch.[3] These locations included Poland, South Korea, and Venezuela. Wherever she went however, she felt the echoes of Overwatch, and the guilt over the problems it had left behind when it had fallen apart.[8] She reguarly visited the Lindholms during Christmas.[3]



Ziegler in Egypt

Ziegler worked in an aid camp on the outskirts of Cairo for two years. She held Overwatch responsible for much of the country's suffering, and wanted to help fix it. However, the people there told her to "go home. You've done enough damage." Nevertheless, she remained in the country and worked as a doctor, reminding herself that she hadn't become a doctor to be thanked. She may have applied to work at a proper hospital, but as she commented, "being a prominent ex-Overwatch official isn’t the sort of experience on your CV that people are looking for."[8]


When Winston issued a recall of Overwatch agents, Ziegler was in the Middle East[13] performing triage in a makeshift tent clinic.[23] She was unsure if Overwatch should be restored.[3] She reasoned that doing the same thing they'd done in the past would only lead to disaster. She didn't doubt Winston's heart was in the right place, but that didn't mean he was right.[8]


Ziegler was reunified with Jack Morrison and Ana Amari as they crashed in her appartment. Morrison had been wounded by Reaper, and said that all he needed was a few medkits. Ziegler couldn't help but feel some irritation with Ana, as she was using a biotic rifle; an adaptation of Ziegler's technology that had been made without her approval. While she was happy that both of them were alive, both of them were still a manifestation of a past she had sought to escape. They asked why she was in Egypt, and why she wasn't working at a proper hospital, but she avoided answering both questions. Nevertheless, Morrison stated that he was hunting "the truth" about what happened to Overwatch, and, seeing Ziegler's skepticism, asked if he should answer Winston's recall order. She told him that vengeance wouldn't achieve anything, but he scoffed at the assertion.


Ziegler helps the children

Ziegler fell asleep, but was awoken by an explosion. Morrison and Ana told her that someone had attacked the Temple of Anubis, and that they had to go. Ziegler protested that Helix Security would handle it, but Morrison pointed out that the attackers were Talon. Ziegler acquiesced to the pair, and decided to join them, and donned her Valkyrie suit. She flew over Cairo and at the Temple, saw the firefight between Helix and Talon. Morrison and Ana went after Reaper, despite her protests that the people caught in the crossfire came first. Flying down into the smoke, she found a young girl named Hanan pinned under rubble. She healed the girl's injuries using her Caduceus staff and told her that she'd fly her to safety. However, Hanan said that they needed to save her brother as well, who was still trapped in the collapsed building. The pair descended into the structure and managed to find Hanan's brother. The three ran as the building collapsed around them. As the building collapsed, Ziegler used her body to shield Hanan's brother, losing consciousness.

Ziegler regained consciousness after a period of time, finding Morrison above her. Ana told her that she had Hanan, and they got out of the building. The following day was a flurry of activity, as Ziegler and Cairo's medical services treated the injured. By the day's end, she was exhausted, and was only still awake thanks to coffee. At the aid camp, Ana and Morrison came to see her. Morrison told her that Reaper was still alive, and that they intended to follow him to Europe. Ana asked Ziegler to come with them, but the doctor refused. Ana and Ziegler parted on good terms, accepting that they were following different paths in life. She reflected how she'd stood at their graves when they'd been presumed dead. This time, she doubted she'd see them again.

Awhile later, Ziegler discussed things with Mahmoud; a co-worker in the camp. He told her that Hanan's parents were dead, and that they were looking for the children's next of kin. Watching Hanan and her brother, Ziegler reflected how recent events had awoken a sense of heroism within her. Feelings that she'd doubted would ever return. Watching Hanan in one of the aid tents, she reflected that her battle wasn't over.[8]

At some point after the Cairo firefight, Ziegler left the city.[24]



Mercy reads the letter

At Christmas, Ziegler was working at an aid station. She received a letter, possibly sent by Genji.[25] At/around this time, she was in/near Egypt.[26]

A New War

Zero Hour

Let's get you back in the fight.
~ Mercy healing Mei

Ziegler heals Mei

Although she, Ana, and Morrison had long parted ways, the events in Cairo had reawakened a sense of heroism within her that Ziegler had long thought buried.[17] When Null Sector attacked Paris, Ziegler was among a number of former Overwatch agents who converged on the city to battle the attacking omnics. Descending from the sky in her trademark fashion, she healed Mei, who'd previously been injured. Together, they were able to defeat the enemy. In the aftermath, Winston declared that Overwatch was indeed back.[27] Knowing the fight against Null Sector wasn't over, Ziegler rejoined Overwatch.[17]

A New War

Trouble is cropping up all over the world. It's not just Null Sector.
A lot of lives are riding on what we do next.
We'll have to fight one city at a time.
~ Winston and Mercy

Ziegler and co. at Gibraltar

Following the battle in Paris, the team traveled to Watchpoint: Gibraltar,[28] which they used as their base of operations. As it turned out, Paris was just the beginning of Null Sector's war against the world, and they weren't the only enemy Overwatch had to deal with. In conversation with Ziegler, Winston declared that they'd fight through one city at a time.[29]

At some point, Zieger provided support for Winston at Route 66, where they fought their way through Null Sector's forces.[29]


Ziegler was among the Overwatch forces present at Toronto when it came under attack by Null Sector.[30]


Name Icon Description Reward
Group Health Plan
Ability-mercy1 Restore 150 health for 4 players without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive play.
Spray Mercy Pixel
Huge Rez
Ability-mercy5 Resurrect 5 teammates without dying in Quick or Competitive play.
Spray Mercy Cute


Mercy Witch-pop

Witch Mercy figurine

  • In August 2021, Christiane Louise, Mercy's Brazilian voice actress, was reported murdered.[31]
  • Mercy's name is localized as "Angel" in the French, Russian, and Chinese Mandarin versions of the game.
  • A magazine image of Mercy could be found in an outhouse on Route 66. The magazine was removed in a later patch.[32]
  • In reply to a support ticket, Blizzard jokingly stated that Mercy's heart "belongs to Roadhog".[33]
  • Mercy's wings are available as a cosmetic item in Diablo III for players who purchased the Origins Edition.[34]

Misc. Character Information

  • The official website used to give Mercy's age as 34. Recall retconned it to 37, and her info page on the official website was since been changed to match that.
    • On a Facebook post, Mercy's age was also listed as 34.[35] However, her hero page listed her age as 37.
  • She enjoys the apple pie Ingrid Lindholm makes for the holidays.[3]
  • While part of Overwatch, Mercy's agent ID was "3945_46."[23]
  • Moira has some backstory with Mercy, as one utilized tech developed by the other.[36]
  • At some point prior to his accident on the International Space Station, Mercy and Siebren de Kuiper had lunch together after a seminar.[37]


  • A Mercy Funko Pop figure went go on sale in 2018.[38] A Mercy Witch model went on sale in October of the same year.[39]
  • A 36cm Mercy statue is on sale from the Blizzard Store.[40]
  • A Hasbro 6" Mercy figurine will go on sale in spring 2019.[41]
  • A Figma Mercy statue will go on sale by Q1 2020.[42]



The cancelled Guardian class


Mercy early concept art

Mercy's design stems from a playable class in the cancelled Project Titan; in the original pitch for the game that would become Overwatch, the class was named Guardian and was envisioned as wielding a heal beam and a weapon called a stinger, with abilities named Salvation and Resurrection. In a later pitch she was named Angelica and was envisioned as also having a teleport. She was later renamed Mercy, which had previously been Pharah's name.[43]

Mercy had a different voice actress early in the beta; the role was later recast with Lucie Pohl, who is fluent in German.[44]

The Witch's resurrecting voice line, "My servants never die!", was added for Mercy's Witch skin due to fan request.[45]

Removed Abilities

Passive Ability
Mercy automatically heals over time.
22.5 health per second after not taking damage for 1.5 second

Ability details:

1625 points
Ultimate Ability
Mercy radiates restorative power, bringing nearby dead allies back into the fight with full health.
Restores full health to fallen allies
1 second cast time
Max. range:
15 meters

Ability details:
  • Also refreshes the cooldown on Guardian Angel.
  • Fallen allies are highlighted on the player's screen and the number of available targets are shown on their tooltip.
  • Resurrected players are able to move in 2.25 seconds after the ability is activated.

Example Video


Concept Art


Balance Change Logs

For more information, see Patch Notes.

Overwatch 2 PvP
General updates
  • Global projectile size modifier for travel time projectiles with a speed greater than 50 meters per second reduced from 0.1 to 0.075 meters.

Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster

  • Base projectile size reduced from 0.25 to 0.2 meters. Total projectile size is now 0.3 meters.
General updates

Most damage-dealing projectile sizes have been increased by a new global modifier added to their base size.

  • +0.05 meters for hitscan projectiles with a high rate of fire or spread (e.g., Tracer's Pulse Pistols or Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns).
  • +0.08 meters for hitscan projectiles that are more precise (e.g., Cassidy's Peacekeeper or Soldier:76's Heavy Pulse Rifle).
  • +0.05 meters for travel time projectiles that are shotguns or have a very high rate of fire (e.g., Roadhog's Scrap Gun or Ramattra's Void Accelerator).
  • +0.10 meters for travel time projectile with a speed greater than 50 meters per second (e.g., Zenyatta's Destruction Orb).
  • +0.15 meters for travel time projectile with a speed less than or equal to 50 meters per second (e.g., Pharah's Rocket Launcher).
  • Very large projectiles with a base size greater than 0.5 meters have been excluded from these increases (e.g., Orisa's Energy Javelin or Reinhardt's Fire Strike).

Hero combined HP (base health/armor/shields) increased by 15-25%.

  • 150-175 HP heroes increased by 25 HP.
  • 200-300 HP heroes increased by 50 HP.
  • 300+ HP (Tanks) increased by 75-100 HP.
  • Each hero's precise health increases are listed in their patch notes below.

Ultimate Charge

  • All Ultimate ability costs increased by 10%.

Regenerative Passive for All Heroes

  • All heroes now regenerate 20 health per second after 5 seconds of not taking damage.

Support Role Passive

  • Now reduces the delay before regeneration begins by half (2.5 seconds).

Quick Melee

  • Damage increased from 30 to 40.
Hero updates
  • Health increased from 200 to 250.

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Active duration on jump/crouch cancel reduced from 1.5 to 1 second.

Ability-passive Sympathetic Recovery

  • Health recovered increased from 25% to 40% of healing dealt.
Developer Comments: This is just a small quality-of-life improvement to help keep Mercy healing or powering up her allies without penalty for activating her ultimate.

Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie

  • Activating Valkyrie no longer disconnects Caduceus Staff from its target.
Developer Comment: Damage amplification effects have been an often discussed topic lately, and Mercy has been performing strongly at all skill ranks. We’re reducing the potency of Mercy’s damage boost beam but want to make sure it stays powerful enough to feel like an effective and interesting gameplay choice, as making the decision between healing or damage boosting is core to Mercy’s gameplay.

Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff

  • Secondary fire damage boost reduced from 30 to 25%.
Developer Comments: The recent increase to Guardian Angel's jump-cancel mobility still needs to be kept in check in some way, but while the last iteration was simple, it also had some unintended effects, such as not being ready to use GA again after flying in and using Resurrect. This revision provides more flexibility, and allows Mercy to opt into an additional 1.5 second cooldown when using the increased mobility from the jump/crouch cancel options or otherwise waiting for the base cooldown time.

The increased healing multiplier condition on Caduceus Staff was intended to help Mercy players feel more agency in trying to save critical-health allies and to add depth to the healing mechanic without changing the total time to heal to full health. However, the overall rebalance of the healing values received significant negative feedback, both from those playing as Mercy and those playing against it. There wasn't a satisfying middle ground where we could reduce the potency of this effect while still having it feel impactful, so we're reverting it.

Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff

  • Healing-per-second increased from 45 to 55
  • Healing is no longer increased for allies under half health

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Cooldown reduced from 2.5 to 1.5 seconds
  • Jump and Crouch cancel active ability state duration increased from 1.0 to 1.5 seconds
  • The Jump and Crouch cancel active ability state can no longer be manually interrupted to begin the cooldown early

Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie

  • Support role passive healing is now active for the duration of Valkyrie
Developer Comment: Replacing Mercy's Regeneration passive with a more interesting interaction was something we wanted to do after all support heroes gained a similar version of it through their Role Passive.

For the Caduceus Staff change, this will empower Mercy even more as a triage healer and enable her to more often save low health allies. The overall time it takes to fully heal a 200-health hero from 1 hp is about the same as before.

For Guardian Angel, the cooldown increase is necessary to reduce the greatly increased mobility resulting from the recent rework to the jump cancel. It enabled Mercy to quickly launch herself long distances in any direction and be overly evasive for such a short downtime.

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Cooldown increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds
  • Holding the backwards directional input and canceling the ability with Jump now moves 20% slower

Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff

  • Healing-per-second reduced from 55 to 45
  • Healing is increased by 50% for allies under half health

Ability-passive Regeneration

  • "Regeneration" Passive removed
NEW! Sympathetic Recovery (Passive)
  • Mercy heals herself for 25% of healing done with the Caduceus Staff
This is a change that will enable Mercy to better defend herself or even go on the offensive at times. In 5v5 these situations occur much more often.
  • Weapon swap time reduced from 0.5 to 0.35 seconds

Ability-mercy2 Caduceus Blaster

  • Ammo increased from 20 to 25
Mercy’s beta change allowing her to Guardian Angel cancel and boost where she is looking added a substantial amount of flexibility to her movement. However, boosting upward was difficult for many players, given that they needed to quickly look up before activating and then look down again to survey the battlefield. To address this, the Crouch input will now launch her upwards regardless of her facing direction. In addition, Crouch will also activate Angelic Descent while in the air, similar to jump. This adds a much-needed quality of life improvement when performing the vertical boost with Crouch.

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Pressing Crouch during Guardian Angel now launches you straight up

Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent

  • Can now be activated by holding Crouch while airborne
The previous iteration of Guardian Angel led to less control for the player overall, often launching Mercy into danger or out of Resurrect range. This version keeps player intent at the forefront while still allowing for vertical mobility without sacrificing control input simplicity.

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Mercy is no longer automatically launched upward when she reaches her destination
  • The ability now has a meter that charges up while Guardian Angel is active
  • Canceling the ability with Jump now launches Mercy in the direction she is facing
    • The more charge she has, the more launch speed she’ll have when canceling Guardian Angel with Jump
  • Holding the backward directional input and canceling Guardian Angel launches Mercy in the opposite direction

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • No longer can be canceled using crouch for a big vertical boost
  • Now automatically launches you upwards if you reach the end of Guardian Angel

Ability-mercy4 Angelic Descent

  • Angelic Descent will now additionally slow ascent speed if held, not just descent speed
    • This means you can dampen vertical knockbacks (such as Junkrat’s Concussive Mine) but also reduce the amount of height that the GA vert boost gives you
This is an initial implementation of new functionality designed to give Mercy players more options in how they use Guardian Angel. Some Mercy players were already able to do similar boosts by using a somewhat complicated technique often referred to as ‘Super jump’. This new functionality will allow all players to more consistently perform similar boosts, while the original technique is still there and remains untouched. In some ways this new cancel boost is even stronger than the original technique, since players are able to do this at any time rather than requiring them to be near their target. This is just an initial implementation and we’re eager to get feedback on how to improve it.

Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel

  • Can now also be canceled by using the crouch key. If this key is used to cancel the ability, Mercy will be launched high into the air.

Ability-passive Regeneration

  • Now increased the Support passive healing by 50%

Overwatch 1
Ability-mercy5 Resurrect
  • Mercy can now attempt to resurrect teammates who die over environmental death pits
  • When resurrecting, the resurrect marker will now freeze in place for the duration of the resurrection
  • Holding the ability button for resurrect while it's on cooldown will now attempt the resurrect once the cooldown finishes

Developer Comment: Previously, if a teammate died over a death pit their resurrect marker was hidden and fell into the pit. Now, Mercy will see their resurrect marker and can resurrect before it falls to the bottom.

Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • Primary Fire: Healing per second increased from 50 to 55
Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie
  • The extra beams created by Valkyrie now ignore enemy barriers
Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie
  • Ultimate cost reduced 15%
  • Healing per second increased from 50 to 60
Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • Healing beam reduced from 60 healing per second to 50 healing per second
Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie
  • No longer shows enemies’ health bars unless they have taken damage
Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie
  • No longer makes Resurrect instant
  • No longer grants a bonus Resurrect charge
  • The speed bonus Guardian Angel receives when activating Valkyrie has been decreased by 50%
  • Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • Increased visual readability of Mercy's healing and damage boosting beams

Ability-mercy5 Resurrect

  • Cast time increased from 0 seconds to 1.75 seconds
  • Mercy's movement speed is now reduced by 75% while casting
  • Can now be interrupted when Mercy is knocked back, stunned, or hacked

Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie

  • While active, Resurrect no longer has a cast time
  • While active, casting Resurrect does not reduce Mercy's movement speed
Ability-mercy3 Guardian Angel
  • Players can now glide past a targeted ally using the jump key
  • Cooldown no longer resets when Resurrect is activated

Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie

  • No longer resets or reduces Resurrection’s cooldown
  • Now gives players a bonus resurrection charge
Ability-mercy5 Resurrect (formerly Mercy’s Ultimate ability)
  • Ability now targets a single player, instead of every player within a radius
  • Radius reduced to 5 meters
  • Ability cooldown is 30 seconds
  • Mercy is no longer granted invulnerability while Resurrect is active

Ability-mercy6 Valkyrie (New Ultimate Ability)

  • Valkyrie unleashes the full power of Mercy’s Valkyrie suit, enhancing her weapons and abilities for 20 seconds
    • Caduceus Staff: Mercy’s healing and damage boost beams now affect all allies near the targeted teammate, and the staff’s effective range has been extended
    • Caduceus Blaster: Now has infinite ammo and increased projectile speed
    • Guardian Angel: Increased range and movement speed
    • Resurrect: Cooldown is instantly reset when Valkyrie is activated and reduced to 10s after the initial cast
    • Hover: Mercy gains the ability to fly freely, at increased movement speed
    • Regeneration (Passive): No longer interrupted when Mercy takes damage
Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • The amount of increased damage that’s done when boosting another player is now tracked under the match statistics and on the Career Profile page
*New Hero Option: Guardian Angel Sensitivity
    • Allows players to adjust Guardian Angel’s targeting sensitivity
  • New Hero Option: Beam Sensitivity
    • Allows players to adjust targeting sensitivity on Mercy’s Caduceus Staff beams

Ability-mercy5 Resurrect

  • While performing a resurrection, Mercy now becomes temporarily invulnerable along with the allies being revived

Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff

  • Zenyatta can no longer be targeted while Transcendence is active
Ability-passive Regeneration
  • Passive health regeneration now activates when Mercy avoids taking damage for 1 second (formerly 3 seconds)
Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • Healing Beam: Healing-per-second has been increased by 20%

Ability-mercy5 Resurrect

  • Resurrected allies will be able to maneuver after 2.25 seconds (reduced from 3 seconds)
Ability-mercy1 Caduceus Staff
  • Damage Boost: Effect will no longer stack with bonus damage provided by another Mercy

Ability-mercy5 Resurrect

  • Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%
  • Movement is no longer prevented during activation
  • Guardian Angel instantly resets upon use


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