I'll be watching over you.

Mercy is one of the heroes in Overwatch. She is a nanobiologist and a field medic who always stays at the frontline of wars and crises around the world to heal the wounded and imperiled.

Mercy’s Valkyrie Suit helps keep her close to teammates like a guardian angel so Mercy can heal, resurrecting or strengthening them with the beams emanating from her Caduceus Staff.


A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace.

Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.

Because her parents had been taken by war, Ziegler was opposed to the organization's militaristic approach to keeping global peace. Ultimately, she recognized that Overwatch offered her the opportunity to save lives on a much larger scale. As Overwatch's head of medical research, Angela sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The result was the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which Ziegler herself piloted on many Overwatch missions.

Despite her contributions to Overwatch, she was often at odds with her superiors and the organization's overarching aims. When Overwatch dissolved, Ziegler dedicated herself to helping those affected by war.

Though she spends most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Dr. Ziegler can be counted on to don her Valkyrie suit whenever innocents are imperiled.


Icon caduceusstaff
Caduceus Staff
Primary fire: Healing Beam
Ally-targeting healing beam type
55 (60) healing per second
15 (30) m range
10 m radius
Lasts until manually disconnected, or 2 seconds after blocked
Secondary fire: Damage-boosting Beam
Ally-targeting buff beam type
+30% damage dealt
15 (30) m range
10 m radius
Lasts until manually disconnected, or 2 seconds after blocked

Mercy engages one of two beams that connect to an ally. By maintaining the beams, she can either restore that ally's health or increase the amount of damage they deal.
Primary Fire Key: (PC LMB, PS R2, XB RT)
Secondary Fire Key: (PC RMB, PS R1, XB RB)
Switch Key: (PC 1 or PC Scroll, PS RDpad, XB RDpad)
Icon caduceusblaster
Caduceus Blaster
Linear projectile type
20 (∞) rounds per clip
1.5-second reload
20 damage
5 shots per second
50 (100) m/s projectile speed
✔ Can headshot
Mercy shoots a round from her sidearm. It's best reserved for emergency personal defense.
Default Key: (PC LMB, PS R2, XB RT)
Switch Key: (PC 2 or PC Scroll, PS RDpad, XB RDpad)
Guardian Angel
Ally-targeting non-damaging movement type
30 (60) m range
17 m/s movement speed
1.5-second cooldown
Mercy flies towards a targeted ally, allowing her to reach them quickly and provide assistance in crucial moments.
Default Key: (PC LShift, PS L1, XB LB)
Single-target resurrection type
5 m range
1.375 m/s movement speed
1.75 sec cast time
Lasts 2.25 seconds
30-second cooldown
Mercy radiates restorative power, bringing nearby dead allies back into the fight with full health.
Default Key: (PC E, PS L2, XB LT)
Angelic Descent
Non-damaging movement type
Propelled by her Valkyrie suit, Mercy slows the speed of her descent from great heights.
Default Key: (PC Space, PS X, XB A)
Alternate Key: (PS L2, XB LT)
Genji cyberagility
Passive healing type
20 healing per second
1 (0) sec buffer
Mercy automatically heals over time.
Default Key: (Passive)
Ultimate Ability: Valkyrie
Transformation ultimate type
Self-buff ability type
9 m/s movement speed
Lasts 15 seconds

Valkyrie unleashes the full power of Mercy's Valkyrie Suit, enhancing her weapons and abilities for 15 seconds.

Default Key: (PC Q, PS Tri, XB Y)
"Heroes never die!"

In addition to these abilities, Mercy is able to jump, crouch, reload her Caduceus Blaster (only when her ammo is not full), and perform Quick Melee while using her Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item IconHalloween Terror Item IconWinter Wonderland Item IconYear of the Rooster Item IconUprising Item IconAnniversary Item Icon), are only available to be unlocked either through their respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration. During the event, newly-introduced event items cost three times as much as non-event items of the same rarity, while returning seasonal items are unlocked at the regular price.


For all of Mercy's skins and weapons, see Mercy/Skins and Weapons.


The Pink skin was available for purchase during the 'Pink Mercy charity event' from May 8th-21st, 2018


 This emote, after activating, will remain in its animation until the player inputs other actions to interrupt it.

Victory Poses


Voice Lines

Mercy voiceline consultationfee
Consultation Fee
(Credits 25)
"I'll send you my consultation fee."
Mercy voiceline doctorsorders
Doctor's Orders
(Credits 25)
"Doctor's orders."
Mercy voiceline howbarbaric
How Barbaric
(Credits 25)
"How barbaric!"
Mercy voiceline ihavemyeyeonyou
I Have My Eye On You
"I have my eye on you!"
Mercy voiceline miracleworker
Miracle Worker
(Credits 25)
"I'm not a miracle worker. Well, not always."
Mercy voiceline needasecondopinion
Need A Second Opinion?
(Credits 25)
"Need a second opinion?"
Mercy voiceline onascaleof110
On A Scale Of 1-10
(Credits 25)
"On a scale of one to ten, how is your pain?"
Mercy voiceline super
(Credits 25)
Mercy voiceline taketwo
Take Two
(Credits 25)
"Take two and call me in the morning."
Mercy voiceline thedoctorisin
The Doctor Is In
(Credits 25)
"The doctor is in."
Mercy voiceline thedoctorwillseeyou
The Doctor Will See You
(Credits 25)
"Sprechstunde bei der Frau Doktor."
Mercy voiceline pieceofcake
Piece Of Cake
(Summer Games Item Icon)
"Piece of cake!"
Mercy voiceline spongeorspray
Sponge or Spray?
(Summer Games Item Icon)
"Would you like the sponge or the spray?"
▪ Sometimes You Scare Me (Halloween Terror Item Icon)
"Sometimes you scare me."
Mercy voiceline superstition
(Halloween Terror Item Icon)
"Pheh… superstition."
Mercy voiceline yourguardianangel
Your Guardian Angel
(Winter Wonderland Item Icon)
"Your guardian angel!"
Mercy voiceline amostimpressivedisplay
A Most Impressive Display
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon)
"A most impressive display!"
Mercy voiceline notsurewhyibother
Not Sure Why I Bother
(Uprising Item Icon)
"Sometimes I'm not sure why I even bother."
Mercy voiceline takecareofyourself
Take Care Of Yourself
(Uprising Item Icon)
"You really should take better care of yourself."
Mercy voiceline questionablejudgement
Questionable Judgement
(Anniversary Item Icon)
"Questionable judgement…"
Mercy voiceline yourewelcome
You're Welcome
(Anniversary Item Icon)
"You're welcome!"


For Mercy-specific sprays, see Mercy/Sprays.

Highlight Intros



One purchase of an alternate weapon skin will apply to the Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster of all unlocked skins when equipping it.



Mercy pixel
Group Health Plan

Restore 200 health for 5 players without dying as Mercy in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Pixel Spray

Mercy cute
Huge Rez

Resurrect 6 players as Mercy without dying in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Cute Spray



Mercy using her Resurrect ability

Angela Ziegler had been a prodigy in medical science since she was young. At the age of 17, when she was attending her university, she came to visit Overwatch and took a photo with their prominent agents as she was longtime a longtime friend of the Lindholm's.[1][2][3] After that, she finished her education, including her MD and PhD in Switzerland in a shorter amount of time.[4] Ziegler continued her research and discovered new uses for applied nanobiology that made treating life-threatening illnesses or injuries significantly easier and more successful. She later rose to be the head of surgery at a prominent hospital in Zürich, Switzerland.[5] This along with her recent paper at the time on nanobiotic healing attracted the attention of Overwatch; With Jack personally offering her the position of head of medical research, she joined, although she was against some of the organization's approaches and did have her own reservations on how her work would be used.

When Ziegler became Overwatch's head of medical research, she developed the Valkyrie swift-response suit so her technology could be taken to the battlefield. She donned the suit, and took the call sign of "Mercy" and became Overwatch's frontline medic. Later, she helped to save the life of Genji when he was nearly killed by Hanzo. She also collaborated with Torbjörn to design a prototype Biotic Rifle; she did it reluctantly because she did not want her technology to be applied to a weapon.[6]

After the Overwatch Swiss Headquarters were destroyed, Mercy attended a UN committee to explain how the relationship between Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes decayed and became violent. Unfortunately, even the young head of medical research wasn't spared from the fallout of the Overwatch collapse. Angela's professional reputation became so damaged that she changed to working in aid camps and bounced around the world to where people only knew her as Dr. Angela Ziegler, not Mercy. Projects that she had devoted almost a decade of her life to had either been scrapped, sold, or reassigned out of her control. The few friends that she had made in Overwatch were scattered throughout the world, though she still kept tabs on them. However, even after Overwatch was disbanded, Angela still felt guilt over the problems that the orgainization left behind, and decided to help.

The guilt Angela felt led her to an aid camp on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, where she tried to help its people, as Overwatch had been responsible for much of the country’s suffering. She did not receive a warm welcome when she arrived with people telling her to "Go home, you’ve done enough damage". Yet she stayed and remained for the better part of two years. While living there, both Ana and Jack visited her apartment to get Jack's back treated after being shot by Reaper during the events of Old Soldiers. They refused to tell her how Jack got injured.

During the recall, Mercy was in Iraq.

Later, around Christmas time, Mercy is seen reading a letter while inside a hospital tent, presumably from Genji.[7]


Mercy is a slender woman with wearing a head piece that looks like a halo, wings, white body armor, orange cloth on her pelvis and heels. she has goldish white hair, cyan eyes and what looks like pink lipstick


Per her code name, Mercy is an adamant pacifist that always wishes to avoid violent approaches whenever possible. She is very kind and gentle, consistently caring for the well being of the sick and injured. She also loves peace and quiet, taking the time to treasure those moments before a match starts.

While she is devoted to Overwatch, Mercy opposes its militaristic methods when it comes to global crises. She also believes that it's best for it to be kept shutdown, according to her dialogue in Watchpoint: Gibraltar.



For more detailed tips as well as hero matchups, see Mercy/Strategy.
  • Other than the blaster, most of Mercy's abilities don't involve engagement in a battle, thus she should always try to position herself away from the enemies' fire while giving herself a good distance and line of sight to properly aid her allies.
  • Your main objective is to heal and stay alive; a dead healer heals no one. Don't go to a critically injured player who is surrounded by enemies, you will only give the enemy a double kill.
  • Tracking enemy ultimates can prevent you from dying whenever resurrecting an ally or activating Valkyrie.
Caduceus Staff
  • The connection of the beam requires the line of sight from the beam, not Mercy herself. Thus, as long as the beam doesn't get interrupted by an obstacle, there's no need to look directly at the beamed ally.
    • Thus, players should utilize that chance to look around for any other injured allies, favorable covers, or even potential flankers.
  • When paired with a hero such as Bastion or a sniper who stays in one place, she can be particularly helpful by using her Caduceus Staff, giving them a damage boost.
  • Extra damage from Mercy's damage boost is calculated when the enemy receives damage from the damage-boosted ally, not when it is fired, or when said damage source is traveling midway.
    • This opens up to a lot of interesting options of damage boost, as it can boost the damage caused by Hanzo's ultimate (both the arrow and the dragons), Widowmaker's Venom Mine, Mei's ultimate, and even D.Va's ultimate if Mercy damage boosts the respective character. It is, however, not applicable to Junkrat's RIP-Tire or Torbjorn and Symmetra's turrets.
  • Boosted damage charges Mercy's ultimate, thus damage boosting ultimates can also yield a lot of charge to her, especially when boosting ultimates such as McCree's Deadeye or D.Va's Self-Destruct, where her ultimate charge will spike (however, damage to barriers will not charge her ultimate).
  • As Mercy is the only healer and the only other character in general who can fly (besides Pharah), damage boosting a Pharah can be incredibly helpful to both players.
Caduceus Blaster
  • With its low damage potential, it should not be overused, though will aid Mercy greatly in close-quarter and mid-range flights. However, the lack of both damage falloff and bullet trails means she can still use it effectively to take out Symmetra's turret or harass an unaware sniper without giving away too much of her position.
  • As a last-resort type arsenal, the blaster is reliable for accuracy in close-quarter to mid-range combats, thus players should aim for headshots as much as they can to get a better chance at winning 1v1s.
  • Never be afraid to pull out the blaster when in danger and unable to fly into safety with Guardian Angel, or if the latter solution poses more danger.
  • Mercy's blaster is very powerful. Whenever nano-boosted or in Valkyrie, it can easily destroy a tank if you land the headshots. Never underestimate a Mercy, the gun may look small, but can do a whole lot of damage.
Guardian Angel
  • With an extremely low cooldown and high movement speed, this ability should be used often as it is essential for Mercy to be agile, be it to effectively support an ally in need, retreat to a safer place, or to make herself a harder target to hit in general. Even though it may have a 2-second cooldown, if you accidentally hit it or hold it for too long, it can easily get you killed.
  • Mercy also benefits greatly from the ability of the team is moderately scattered (whilst coordinated). Hanzo/Widowmaker, Pharah, and Reinhardt often perform best in different positions and Mercy can utilize all those positions when she needs to.
  • Mid-flight you can press the assigned button to cancel the flight (if Toggle Guardian Angel is set to "on"). Using this technique can prevent you from accidentally going out of position. Moving forward while in flight will affect where you land.
  • If Mercy is falling off the map, using Guardian Angel on an ally standing near the edge (just in the line of sight) can save her from falling to her death.
  • Mercy's Guardian Angel game options can give herself meta benefits:
    • Guardian Angel prefers beam target: when a beamed ally is out of sight, Mercy can still fly to them (given the beam still connects), hitting an obstacle in the process. This can be extremely useful if she needs to fly to another cover or prevent herself from accidentally flying straight into the fray of enemies.
    • Toggle Guardian Angel: when turned on, she can fly to an ally with just one click, thus allowing her to focus more on the battle. However, when turned off, she needs to hold the button, and the game will make constant checks on whether she flies to an ally or not. This means that when Mercy's falling off the map and an ally was in her line of sight for one frame, one frame can save her from death where sheer human reactions couldn't.
  • Mercy can use Guardian Angel to "slingshot" in front of a teammate. First, hit or hold shift (depending on settings), then hit space as soon as Mercy is in front of her teammate, and hold space to use Angelic Descent when she passes them.
  • Valkyrie resets the cooldown of Guardian Angel on the cast. You can use this to your advantage for extra mobility, especially if you're being chased down.
Angelic Descent
  • While it slows Mercy's rate of falling, giving a greater chance for her to be aware of surroundings, take note that it can make her an easier target to enemies while she's airborne.
  • If she falls off the map, Angelic Descent gives her more time for another ally to appear in her line of sight as she flies to safety using Guardian Angel.
  • While resurrect often has a high value when the other team gets a pick, it can backfire if you end up dying while attempting to resurrect. It's important to realize there are certain times where it's not worth it to resurrect a teammate, even if they have a valuable ultimate. Because of the cast time of 1.75 seconds, it's best to ask for a barrier or for a shield tank to step up.
  • When planning to resurrect a teammate, consider the following:
    • Is the fight already won? If your team already has three picks and the enemy team only has one, it's best to not resurrect that teammate. The enemy team cannot go in with half of their team dead. Your teammate can surely make it back in time for the next team fight.
    • Can I get out safely after I've resurrected my teammate? If you're going to end up dying after you resurrect a teammate, it's best to let them walk back from spawn, unless they have a valuable ultimate that'll help win the fight. It's best to immediately guardian angel away after you've completed the resurrect. If the person you've resurrected is getting attacked, you can attach your healing beam and guardian angel away fairly easily.


  • Mercy's English voice actress was changed during the beta.
  • Mercy was the first hero to have an ultimate ability changed.
  • Besides Ana, Mercy is the only hero whose in-game voice line differs from her catchphrase on the official website. Her original catchphrase is "Heroes Never Die", which is her ultimate activation voice line. Her in-game catchphrase (activates when a player switches to Mercy) is "I'll be watching over you."
  • In the Summer Games, Mercy's signature sport is Badminton.
  • Mercy's voice line "Piece of cake" was redubbed in the September 22, 2016, PTR update.[8]
  • Mercy's Fortune skin was previously named "Golden". The reason for the name change is unknown.
  • In the Overwatch animated short Recall, Mercy is seen in her witch costume in a photograph with Torbjörn. This same picture can be seen in the attackers' first spawn point on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, as well as on the MV-261 Orca.
  • Mercy is the only hero that has 4 different specific skin's ultimate lines. Those skins are: Sigrun/Valkyrie, Devil/Imp, Witch and Winged Victory.

Other Blizzard games

  • Mercy Wings is a vanity item in Diablo III; the pair of wings are modeled after those of Mercy's Valkyrie suit.

Cultural references

  • On some of her skins, a logo is featured on the left shoulder of her suit that says "Primum non-nocere", which is Latin for "First, do no harm". In modern culture, it is believed that this phrase is the first part of the Hippocratic Oath. But this is a misconception, for the phrase does not appear in the oath, although the oath does contain some part that has a similar meaning. The exact phrase is believed to have originated with the 19th-century surgeon Thomas Inman.
  • Mercy's primary and secondary weapons are actually named incorrectly. They reference the Caduceus, a mythological staff held by the Roman god Mercury, which has two coiled snakes. The Caduceus is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine. The similar-looking Rod of Asclepius, which has one snake, is the correct symbol.
  • Mercy's skins "Sigrún" and "Valkyrie" are a reference to the Norse mythological beings called Valkyries. Valkyries are female demigods who determine the fate of warriors in battle and escort their souls to the hall of the slain, Valhalla, in the afterlife.
    • The "Sigrún" skin is also an homage to the Valkyrie Sigrún.
  • A lot of her voice lines, such as "On a scale of one to ten, how is your pain?" and "Need a second opinion?" are common tools or phrases used by medical practitioners.

Patch changes

For changes made to Mercy's abilities, see Caduceus Staff, Caduceus Blaster, Guardian Angel, Resurrect, Angelic Descent, Regeneration, and Valkyrie.
  • Overwatchemblem black September 21, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug that prevented Mercy's ultimate voice line from functioning properly when the Winged Victory skin was equipped.
  • Overwatchemblem black September 19, 2017 Patch: Mercy's ultimate ability is replaced with Valkyrie.
  • Overwatchemblem black February 28, 2017 Patch: [UNDOCUMENTED] "Golden" skin renamed to "Fortune".
  • Overwatchemblem black January 24, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug with the placement of Mercy’s wings on her Valkyrie and Sigrún skins.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 15, 2016 Patch: Passive health regeneration now activates when Mercy avoids taking damage for 1 second (formerly 3 seconds). Fixed a bug preventing Mercy’s staff from showing up in the “Guardian Angel” highlight intro with her Cobalt skin equipped.
  • Overwatchemblem black October 11, 2016 Patch: Fixed an issue preventing Mercy’s staff from appearing in some highlight intros while wearing the Valkyrie, Sigrún, and Cobalt skins.
  • Overwatchemblem black July 19, 2016 Patch: Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%. Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities.
  • Overwatchemblem black June 14, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to gain Ultimate charge whenever damage boosting an ally who was attacking a barrier or Ice Wall.
  • Overwatchemblem black April 6, 2016 (beta) Patch: Mercy’s damage beam will now correctly amplify its target’s damage. Several new sprays have been added for Mercy.
  • Overwatchemblem black March 8, 2016 (beta) Patch: Changed Mercy's voice actress in English.


  1. The photograph in Ana Origin Story was taken 20 years ago.
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