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Talon loots Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi is the capital of Monte Cristi Province in the Dominican Republic. It is a small fishing town.

Four years before the Overwatch recall, Talon conducted an operation in the town. Under the command of Captain Cuerva, they moved to move in on Daniel Fernández of the Playa Cartel. While they were able to successfully locate Fernández's hideout, Fernández himself wasn't there. Cuerva ordered the team to tear the town apart until they located the target. To that end, the Talon soldiers went from house to house, screaming for people to come out, and only finding terrified civilians. Events escalated even further with the arrival of a Talon aircraft that opened fire on the town, reducing it to burning rubble and inflicting numerous civilian casualties. While medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin protested, Cuerva said that they "had to set an example" to the people if they refused to hand over Fernández. As the carnage continued, the Talon soldiers started to loot the town.[1]