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We are Korea's defense. Our nation, our people depend on us. That's our mission. Until we hear otherwise, it remains our sole focus.
~ Captain Myung
Captain Myung


South KoreaSouth Korean
Commanding officer
MEKA Base, Busan, South Korea
Mobile Exo-Force
Cathy Shim

Captain Myung is the commanding officer of the MEKA Squad.


Myung mentored Hana Song (better known as "D.Va") when she joined MEKA. She taught the mech pilot to consider all threats, not just the one in front of her.[1]

New Blood[]

I'm making the call to dispatch you to Overwatch. We can't afford to be caught unawares like this again. MEKA Squad will remain here, but D.Va, you have a new assignment. Assess the Null Sector threat to Korea and update our tactical response. You may travel as you see fit to accomplish this task. If Overwatch is gathering the intel we need, I want you right there with them.
Thank you, ma'am. Dan gyeuol!
~ Myung assigns D.Va to Overwatch

After Null Sector's attack on Paris, Myung and the MEKA Squad watched a news report on the incident, and how the attack had been thwarted by Overwatch. D.Va asked if Myung was going to contact Overwatch, pointing out that given MEKA Squad's experience in fighting omnics, they could help them. Myung conceded that what Overwatch had done in Paris was heroic, but that the group was still outlawed by the Petras Act, and that MEKA HQ had forbidden contact with them. Reminding the squad of the Gwishin omnics' recent attack, she declared that MEKA Squad would remain on alert and conduct tactical exercises.

The squad was dismissed, but D.Va remained behind. She reminded Myung of what she'd taught her when she'd joined MEKA, and that during the Omnic Crisis, millions of lives had been lost due to the world not coming together immediately to fight the omnics. If Myung contacted HQ, arguing that MEKA should work with Overwatch, they'd listen to her. Off the record, Myung told D.Va that she admired what Overwatch stood for, but that South Korea couldn't be seen acting in defiance of the Petras Act, and nor could MEKA defy direct orders. D.Va wasn't convinced, but the conversation was interrupted as Busan came under attack by omnics.

Deploying in the city, the squad reported that the invaders were Null Sector. Drop pods were being deployed by a command ship, and D.Va requested permission to attack the ship directly. Myung refused, stating that they needed more information before going on the attack. Instead, she ordered the squad to clear civilian evacuation routes while intel was gathered.

As the battle progressed, Myung ordered D.Va and King to team up and attack the ship together, while the rest of the squad focused on Null Sector's ground units. The plan went awry immediately, as King was shot down, and Casino, Overlord, and D.Mon found themselves overwhelmed by the omnics. Myung ordered the squad to pull out of Busan, but D.Va refused. It was at this point that an Overwatch team arrived via an MV-261 Orca. The tide turned, and Myung ordered the squad to "press the advantage." Liaising with Cole Cassidy, Myung ordered Overwatch to clear evacuation routes and work with emergency personnel, while she ordered MEKA Squad to perform a synchronized strike on the command ship. They did so, and the ship was forced to retreat. All that was left was to clear up the remaining ground units.

Back at MEKA Base, Cassidy requested that D.Va join Overwatch. To her surprise, Myung approved it. She'd handle HQ, while D.Va would join Overwatch and pass whatever intel she gathered to MEKA while travelling with Overwatch. On that note, Cassidy passed the intel they'd gathered to Myung, telling her that she didn't owe them anything for the information.[1]


Myung concept art

  • Myung's voice can be heard on the MEKA Base point of Busan.[2][3]
  • Myung's appearance was designed by Irene Koh. Her uniform was designed as a homage to ZAFT from Gundam SEED.[4]