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NRG eSports
Team Information
Location: North America
Managers: Derrick
Website: http://www.nrg.gg/
Facebook: NRG Facebook
Twitter: @NRGgg
Youtube: NRG Youtube
Number of Players: 6
Created: 2016-08-03

NRG eSports is a North American eSports organization.




  • August 3rd - NRG eSports announces their Overwatch division by signing former Luminosity Gaming roster, consisting of Seagull, Enigma, Gods, Milo, Pookz, and Dummy.[1]
  • October 31st - Numlocked, and Clockwork, join NRG eSports.Gods, and Pookz, leave.[2]


  • February 11th - IDDQD joins the Team.[3]
  • March 16th - NRG eSports signs Harbleu and Ajax.[4]
  • April 3rd - milo leaves the Team.[5]
  • April 5th - Clockwork leaves the Team for Gale Force eSports.[6]
  • April 13th - Seagull steps down from his position at the main-roster to dedicate his time to streaming.[7]
  • May 18th - Ajax leaves the Team.[8]
  • June 23rd - dummy leaves the Team.[9]
  • July 23rd - numlocked leaves the Team.[10]
  • September 23rd - Seagull leaves for Team EnVyUs.[11]
  • September 28th - NRG announce their Overwatch League roster,to which IDDQD is moved.[12]


  • January 28th - harbleu leaves NRG eSports for Team Kungarna.
  • February 26th - NRG eSports announces their Overwatch Contenders Team,signing Daemin,Stratus,Butcher,Smex,rob420 and Fahzix[13]
  • April 4th - Daemin leaves NRG eSports and joins the Shanghai Dragons[14]
  • April 10th - Poise joins the Team.[15]
  • June 15th - Rascal joins the Team.[16]

Player Roster[]


ID Name Role
South Korea Rascal Dong-jun Kim DPS
South Korea Poise Park Jong-hyeok DPS
USA Stratus Ethan Yankel DPS
South Korea Butcher Sangwon Yoon Tank
United Kingdom Smex Eoghan O'Neill Flex
USA rob420 Robert Garcia Support
USA Fahzix Riley Taylor Support


ID Name Role
South Korea Daemin Kim Daemin DPS
Sweden iddqd André Dahlström DPS
USA Seagull Brandon Larned DPS
United Kingdom Clockwork Matthew Dias DPS
USA Gods Daniel Graeser DPS
USA Harbleu Anthony Ballo Flex
United Kingdom numlocked Seb Barton Tank
USA dummy Tim Olson Support
USA Ajax Alex Jackson Support
USA Pookz Mark Rendon Support
USA milo Yomar Toledo Support


Team Achievements[]