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Naade is one of Efi Oladele's best friends.


Naade is good natured, but a bit clueless when it comes to science and mathematics. He loves to eat puff-puffs, and is a fan of videogames and movies. In the case of the latter, Kam Kalu is one of Naade's favorite Nollywood action heroes, and by extension, he is a fan of the Flash Brighton series. He also enjoys the Darkspire prequels, and is a fan of Lúcio.

Naade has a forgiving nature, at least compared with Hassana.[1]

Meeting Efi[]

Naade and Hassana became friends with Efi at a science fair incident with a graviton beam. Efi asked them to serve as volunteers. However, she accidentally over-amplified the gravity field, and the result was that they were stuck on the floor of their school library for three hours before they were able to be freed.

The three became friends, but given Efi's genius, there was an emotional and intellectual gap between Efi and Naade/Hassana. Furthermore, she noted that Naade and Hassana only seemed to tolerate each other's company.[1]

The Hero of Numbani[]

Doomfist's Attack[]

A few years after the science fair incident, Naade and Hassana helped Efi with her junior assistant design, the pair getting Junies of their own. Both warmed up to the technology, and continued to help Efi as orders increased. Over the following weeks however, Naade's grades decreased, as he attempted to rely on the Junie too much for his learning. After getting a D on a maths quiz, his father grounded him. As such, he was unable to help Efi further.

When Efi won the Adawe Foundation's "genius grant," it was agreed that she and her family would take a trip to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate. Naade and Hassana were also allowed to come. A week before they left, Naade and Hassana stayed at Efi's house. Despite Efi's warning, Naade ate an entire plate of puff-puffs that were in the fridge. When Efi's father returned home and found his favorite treat missing, he was enraged. Even a week later, as the Oladeles and Naade and Hassana travelled to the airport, he was still irked at Naade, and didn't hide it.

The group arrived at the airport, but never made it to their flight, as it was attacked by Doomfist. They survived, but had to stay in the city. A Numbani Civil Defense officer gave him a "Junior Officer" sticker.[1]

Building Orisa[]

Now this I would miss a Kam Kalu movie for. Ten Kam Kalu movies. Ooooo. Ten's too many. Make that seven. Okay, seven and a half.
~ Naade, after seeing the OR15 chassis

Efi used the money she'd been granted from the Adawe Foundation to purchase an OR15 chassis, intent on rebuilding it so it could take on Doomfist. She agreed to let Naade and Hassana help, though, granted, there was only so much they could actually do. Naade told Efi that he knew how to get her a fusion driver; that Isaac knew a guy who could get them military-grade equipment, albeit they only dealt with MBCs. Efi agreed, and Naade made plans with Isaac to arrange the trade. The trio arrived, but their contact was less than enthused that he was dealing with children. He took the MBCs, but didn't give them the driver, instead driving off and yelling that he didn't sell to kids.

Naade apologized, but Efi didn't hold it against him, saying that she put him in the position. However, there was still the question of currency. Efi suggested selling her tools, but Naade objected, saying they were part of her. However, she went ahead, selling everything she could spare.

Over the weeks, funds trickled in, and the trio continued to work on the robot. Naade and Hassana worked alongside Efi, Naade working on the chassis while Hassanna painted, but over time, became less enthused. While they wanted to keep Numbani safe, they had trouble keeping up with her grueling pace. Over an impromptu dinner, they discussed what they should do with the robot once it was activated. Hassana favored community integration, while Naade suggested target practice. Efi suggested that the pair could each work on their respective tasks.

After seeing a video of Doomfist's second attack, Efi declared that they had to finish the robot tonight. The trio got to work, working past midnight, but the haste caused Hassana and Naade to behave sloppily. Efi lost her patience, which caused Hassana to snap. She stormed out of the workshop, dragging Naade with her.[1]

Making Ammends[]

And Naade...you all should have seen the shape the OR15 chassis was in when it came to us. Busted and dented, nearly beyond recognition. Naade sculpted every piece of that metal until it was strong and sure. Without him, Orisa would have crumbled in battle.
~ Efi acknowledges Naade's work

Naade and Efi didn't talk for awhile. When Efi posted on HollaGram that she'd deactivated Orisa's personality core, Naade expressed his sympathies on the post, even if they weren't talking in real life. Later, she and Orisa helped foil a Talon attack on the Numbani Heritage Museum.

Later, Efi talked to Naade and Hassana (who were eating lunch), bearing gifts (in Naade's case, stewed beans), and apologies for how she'd treated them while they'd worked on Orisa. Naade was willing to forgive her, but Hassana wasn't so eager, despite Naade's urging. She was angry that Efi had taken full credit for Orisa after the work they'd done with her. To make ammends, Efi stood on a table and told all the students about how the pair had helped her on Orisa, in Naade's case, his work on the chassis.

The three made up, and Efi asked them if they'd be willing to come back and work on Orisa's repairs. Naade was given the role of giving Orisa tactical training, due to his experience in movies and videogames.

Naade tried to teach her how to use her hard-light lasso to grab small objects, such as pulling med packs from injured people. Orisa refused to do it, however, stating that it interfered with her programming. Naade told her that Doomfist wouldn't fight fair, and showed her footage of his initial airport attack. The result was that Orisa injured a student who was dressed like Doomfist. Naade apologized profusely, but Efi took responsibility, and shut Orisa down.[1]

A Day at the Movies[]

Okay, I've only seen Flash Brighton and the Omnic Crusaders: Forty-Four Hours Till Midnight eleven times so far, so I'm sure I'll pick up some new things. Like I still don't understand why Flash abandons the werewolf pups to go looking for his brother's assassin when he could have thrown them into the time machine and taken them with him.
~ Naade

Sometime later, Flash Brighton and the Omnic Crusaders: Forty-Four Hours Till Midnight came out. In the space of a week, Naade saw it eleven times. He saw it a twelfth time with Efi and Hassana, unable to avoid spoiling elements of the movie. He headed for the restroom during the intermission period. He came back and found that Efi had been contacted by Lúcio. The ensuing commotion resulted in ushers escorting them out of the theater, but it didn't matter, as they talked to Lúcio outside. Efi introduced her friends to him. He told them that he would perform at the Unity Plaza concert, and asked Efi to bring Orisa along.

Naade and Hassana were in awe that they'd talked to their music icon, but Naade was aghast that Efi said that she couldn't bring Orisa. She protested that Orisa wasn't safe (in light of the school incident), but Naade told her that she'd sort out the bugs, like she always did. Efi refused, but later, did activate Orisa.[1]

Unity Day[]

Hey, did you see we made the news last night? I didn't realize I talked so much.
~ Naade after the attack

A week later, the Unity Day celebration occurred. Naade and Hassana attended, but when Doomfist and his forces attacked, they helped the attendees flee. They later worked with the other drama students to create an impormptu sonic amplifier. Naade handed out earplugs before it was used, a wave of sound (and force) being unleashed upon the attackers. This helped turn the tide of the battle. Later, Naade and the other students were interviewed.[1]