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It's like magic.
Science. Much better than magic. Have you heard of nanobiotics?
Is it like...little machines?
Not quite.
~ Hanan and Ziegler discussing nanobiotics

Nanobiotics are a field of medical technology pioneered by Angela Ziegler. Despite the technology's namesake, it does not involve nanorobotics or similar technology.[1]


Ziegler first presented the idea of nanobiotics in a paper ten years after the Omnic Crisis. She believed that the technology had the potential to completely revolutionize the way that medical care was given, not just in the examination room, but also throughout the entire structure of the medical profession. With some advances in artificial intelligence, plus manufacturing, she was confident that the technology could spread throughout the world, lowering the barrier to medical care, and the time required to conduct such care.

To this end, she approached Overwatch and discussed the matter with Commander Jack Morrison. She stressed that she wanted to focus on the civilian applications of the technology. He agreed.[1]

Despite this, the technology was indeed militarized; examples included the biotic rifle, which Ziegler feared could lead to militarization of the technology.[2] Although Ziegler retained use of the Caduceus staff, which also utilized the tech, nanobiotics ended up remaining unknown to the world, much to her regret.[1]


  • Nanobiotics (or simply "biotics") appears to be a catch-all term for healing abilities utilized by various Overwatch heroes. Examples include Mercy, Ana, and Baptiste. In the case of the first two, their abilities explicitly stem from the technology.