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Necropolis is an Arena map in Overwatch and Overwatch 2. Released on 23 May 2017, making it the 19th map added to the game.

Official Description[ | ]

Ana Amari has made Necropolis her personal hideout—and an impromptu field base where she can keep an eye on things.

Head to Ana’s preferred vantage point at the top of the ruins, and use the high ground (and the element of surprise) against the enemy team. Or walk the stone corridors below, and take the fight to them directly—just watch out for pits!

Trivia[ | ]

  • Players can view the Sandcrawler which players spawn at on Temple of Anubis[1], as well as the map itself in the distance.
  • A necropolis is a large, designed cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. The name stems from the Ancient Greek νεκρόπολις nekropolis, literally meaning "city of the dead".
  • Upon the launch of Overwatch 2, Necropolis could not be selected in Custom Game, but was still playable in Team Deathmatch and other Arena based modes. It also launched with a heavy sandstorm across the map, with players only visible by their outlines. This version was removed when the map was reintroduced into Custom Game, and the sandstorm version is currently inaccessible.

References[ | ]

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