The New York Excelsior (abbreviated NYXL) is an Overwatch League team representing New York City. The team is owned by Sterling.VC, which also owns the New York Mets.


Sterling.VC announced that they had bought the New York slot on July 12, 2017, as one of the 12 teams participating in the inaugural season. On October 30, the New York Excelsior branding was revealed, along with their roster, which contained players from LW Blue, as well as ArK and Libero.

For mid-season pickups, New York Excelsior signed on ANAMO on March 30, 2018.


OWLicon excelsior ID Name # Role
Fl southkorea ANAMO Tae-sung Jung 97 Support
Fl southkorea ArK Yeon-joon Hong 2 Support
Fl southkorea JJoNak Sung-hyeon Bang 44 Support
Fl southkorea Libero Hye-sung Kim 10 DPS
Fl southkorea Mano Dong-gyu Kim 7 Tank
Fl southkorea Mek0 Tae-hong Kim 11 Tank
Fl southkorea Pine Do-hyeon Kim 21 Flex
Fl southkorea Saebyeolbe Jong-ryeol Park 9 DPS

Former playersEdit

OWLicon excelsior ID Name # Role Reason
Fl southkorea Janus Jun-hwa Song 1 Tank Released


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