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No humans.
~ A Null Sector slogan
Null Sector

London (formerly)
Cairo (possibly)
Militant omnic liberation group[1]

Null Sector is a militant omnic liberation group that utilizes violent methods to achieve omnic rights. Its forces are almost entirely comprised of robotic drones manufactured in an omnium under the direction of Ramattra, one of its original founders and currently its sole leader. They were decried as terrorists by the Shambali Order following the King's Row Uprising, going underground until their re-emergence. Now, Null Sector is regarded as one of the world's most notorious terrorist organizations.[2]

Their implied goal is to create an omnic nation.[3]

History[ | ]

I was created to lead omnics into war. But all I have ever wanted is a better life for my people. The fact that we exist...is a miracle unto itself. We have studied the ways of peace and harmony. We have meditated on the universe and our place within it. We have tried to coexist with humanity, but humanity is not interested in sharing their world. How many more omnics should perish to fuel mankind's dreams? No more. Our race is only a single generation - finite, and dying all too quickly. We can find our own place, and we must. Join me, and together, we will make a better future for all omnics.
~ Ramattra
Null sector army

Ramattra leads Null Sector

Origins[ | ]

After the Omnic Crisis, human abuses of omnics were endemic. Many omnics fought back in secret, but it was under Ramattra that they found unity. The truths he shared with those he met inspired others and over time he gained an underground following of these hurt and angry omnics.[4] Null Sector was formed by Ramattra and his allies Nameless, Lanet and Zera.[5]

Ramattra initially focused on building loyalty in his followers, but true radicalization and militarization would not be far behind.[4] At first, Ramattra had advocated co-existence, but after countless failed attempts, he believed that co-existence with humanity was impossible, and aware of the omnics' dwindling numbers, became Null Sector's leader to create a better future for his people by force.[6] However, in its infancy, Null Sector was small in size, and wasn't treated as a threat by the world's authorities.[7]

King's Row Uprising[ | ]

In a month, they've undone all the progress we've made and destroyed thousands of years of our history.
~ Tracer in light of Null Sector's London attack
King's Row Times

The King's Row Times reports on Null Sector's activities

Seven years before the present day,[8] Ramattra and his allies arrived at an omnium created by Anubis during the Crisis. There, Ramattra activated the assembly lines and produced a horde of robots for Null Sector. Despite the disagreements and protests from his allies, Ramattra reassured them that unlike omnics, these robots were usable and expendable despite their outdated state and then proceeded with the plan to begin the Uprising in London.[5]

Null Sector

Null Sector rampages through London

After stirring unrest in London,[9] Null Sector launched the King's Row Uprising. After 27 days of the Uprising, the UK prime minister continued to forbid Overwatch from interfering. By this point, Null Sector had taken Mayor Nandah, Mondatta, and a hundred other prisoners captive in a guarded power plant. Thousands in King's Row needed medical aid. Blackwatch agent McCree, who had been sent to London by Gabriel Reyes without telling anyone, reported the situation to Strike Commander Jack Morrison. After much deliberation, Morrison authorized an illegal Overwatch mission to end the crisis.[8] Four Overwatch agents—Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Torbjörn—touched down in King's Row, and fought their way through the hordes of Null Sector omnics that came at them.[3]

Two days after the Uprising, Ramattra was infuriated that omnic citizens and Mondatta were condemning Null Sector as a terrorist group via news reports. With the death of Lanet and seeing how far their friend was willing to go, Nameless and Zera left Ramattra to lead Null Sector alone.[5]

Null Sector's Return[ | ]

Attack on Paris[ | ]

Attention. This is your captain speaking. We're on final approach to Paris. You may now power on your electronic devices. Weather is mostly cloudy, with a hundred percent chance of Null Sector invasion.
~ Tracer

Null Sector attacks Paris

Null Sector made a return to the world after seven years had passed by launching an attack on Paris; one that the French police were hard pressed to stop. An Overwatch team consisting of Tracer, Mei and Winston arrived to help with the evacuation, but were not only heavily outnumbered by Null Sector's Nullifiers, but with the arrival of a Titan, heavily outgunned as well. However, the tide was turned with the arrival of additional Overwatch members, who were able to fend off Null Sector and destroy the Titan.[10]

Attack on Busan[ | ]

I'm seeing drop pods all over Busan. This is exactly like Paris.
~ MEKA Captain Myung

Null Sector forces in Busan

Not long after Paris, Null Sector attacked Busan, deploying thousands of omnics via drop pods. The MEKA Squad was deployed to defend the city and take down the attacking command carrier. With the arrival of Overwatch members led by Cole Cassidy, Null Sector was repelled, with their ground forces destroyed and their carrier forced to retreat.[11]

World War[ | ]

Note: The timing of some of the following battles is speculative. They have been listed in the following order by best estimate.

My fellow omnics...do not be afraid. This is not war, this is liberation. Since our creation, humans have oppressed us. You have lived in fear. That ends now. We will shatter the chains that have held you in servitude. This marks a new era, one of equality, of unity. Conflict and strife will be relics of the past. Together, working as one, we will lift our people. Together, of one mind and purpose, we will make this world a paradise. The humans will fight us. Change frightens them. We frighten them. They believe we are not their equals. Together, we will prove them wrong. Do not betray your fellow omnics by defending injustice. Join us. Take your place at our side. Only together will our strength manifest. Only as one will we ascend. We welcome you into the Iris.
~ Ramattra's message, broadcasted in multiple cities

Null Sector launches its invasion

Despite their defeats at Paris and Busan, Null Sector was able to launch a global invasion, striking at numerous targets across the planet.[12] The world's militaries were quickly overwhelmed,[13] and the world descended into chaos. Millions were affected by the war.[14] The group began abducting omnics for an unknown purpose.[15]

Battle of the Atlantic Arcology[ | ]

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Battle of Numbani[ | ]

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Battle of Las Vegas[ | ]

Not long after the attack on Paris, Null Sector invaded Las Vegas. The attack was swift and sudden, with the Las Vegas Strip taking heavy damage. Upon landing, Null Sector's warbots fanned out across the Strip, entering its casinos and hotels to "liberate" omnics through neural suppressors, while humans were either ignored or executed. Communication channels were flooded, preventing contact with the outside world. 22 hours after the initial attack, some human resistance lingered, but the city was effectively taken. Speakers were set up to broadcast Ramattra's declaration of "liberation."[16]

Battle of Rio[ | ]

We're being overrun. Null Sector is everywhere. I'll hold 'em as long as I can.
~ Lúcio

Null Sector invades Rio

Null Sector launched an attack on Rio de Janeiro. A command ship hovered above the city, dispatching Null Sector forces to the ground via pod. Lúcio did what he could to stem the tide, and was aided by a newly arrived Overwatch team. They fought their way through Rio's streets in order to get to the command ship.[12] The command ship was destroyed.[17]

Battle of Toronto[ | ]

Null Sector-toronto

Null Sector occupies Toronto

Null Sector's next target was Toronto. Its forces began attacking the humans there, and abducting omnics that hadn't already gone rogue. In Null Sector's mind, their actions were a case of "liberating" omnics, and their attack on Toronto was meant to demonstrate that humans had treated omnics as servants for far too long.[18] Null Sector took control of most of the city and began rounding up omnics for "liberation."[19]

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Battle of Gothenburg[ | ]

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King's Row[ | ]

Note: The timing of the King's Row attack compared to Rio, Toronto, and Gothenburg is unclear, but it is assumed to take place at around the same time given the simultanious release of Story Missions and the co-op event in which it features.

Underworld 2

Null Sector attacks King's Row

Null Sector returned to King's Row seven years after the Uprising, this time with the intent of wiping out the omnics of the Underworld. Overwatch was sent in to stop them, utilizing a modified TS-1.[15]

Battle of Lijiang[ | ]

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Battle of Tokyo[ | ]

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Battle of Zurich[ | ]

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Known Members[ | ]

Ramattra Reflections omnics

Ramattra and his inner circle

Former Members[ | ]

Types[ | ]

I do not fight for myself. I never have. Together, we are unstoppable.
~ Ramattra

Historical[ | ]


Null Sector during the King's Row Uprising

Null Sector employed a variety of different kinds of outdated modelled omnics in their assault on King's Row. They were previously built and stored in an omnium located in the Giza Plateau created by Anubis.

Among those seen were:

Modern[ | ]


Null Sector's current designs

In the current day, Null Sector's units are more lethally advanced than their predecessors. They continue to attack their foes until they are completely dismantled.[15] Note that many, if not all of these robots are not considered omnics, as they were manufactured after the Omnic Crisis, and have no will nor mind of their own.[21]

Confirmed units include the:

In addition, Null Sector has fleets of command ships that deploys drop pods for their units.[11]

Unidentified[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

Development[ | ]

Null Sector-egypt

Null Sector's original Egyptian look

Team 4 began concepting Null Sector units in 2017[22] (note that this date appears to refer to Second Omnic Crisis-era omnics, as Null Sector made its debut in Overwatch Uprising that very year).[23] In this early phase, Null Sector had an Egyptian motif, with a predominantly olive and gold color scheme. Their units had VFX based on sand powers, which the developers thought of as nanites.[22]

The final Null Sector design is more skeletal, with purple their primary color. The early Egypt/nanite ideas influenced the development of Ramattra.[22]

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