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No humans.
~ A Null Sector slogan
Null Sector

Unnamed Omnic
London (formerly?)
Omnic extremist/terrorist group

Null Sector is an omnic extremist/terrorist group that utilized violent methods to achieve omnic rights. They operated out of the United Kingdom, in the heart of London.[1] Their implied goal was to create an omnic nation.[2]


The King's Row Times reports on Null Sector's activities

Null Sector was formed as a consequence of the United Kingdom's harsh treatment toward its omnic population. Much of modern Britain was built on the backs of omnic laborers, who did dangerous and menial work, but were denied basic rights and citizenship. Omnics were forced to undergo mandatory registration, and were treated as if under military occupation; marched throughout the streets by armed soldiers, and forced to be scanned at omnic transit checkpoints. As a result, Null Sector enjoyed some support among Britain's omnic population.

Null Sector fought from the underground, and was willing to do "whatever it took" to achieve omnic equality. Null Sector gradually took over more control of London. Some accused them of being a terrorist organization.[3]

King's Row Uprising[]

In a month, they've undone all the progress we've made and destroyed thousands of years of our history.
~ Tracer in light of Null Sector's London attack

Null Sector launches its attack

Seven years before the present day,[1] after stirring unrest in London,[3] Null Sector launched the King's Row Uprising. The uprising saw London in flames. On the 27th day of the Uprising, the prime minister of the UK expressively forbade Overwatch from interfering. By this point, Null Sector had taken Mayor Nandah, Mondatta, and a hundred other prisoners captive in a guarded power plant. Thousands in King's Row needed medical aid. Blackwatch agent McCree reported the hostage situation to Strike Commander Jack Morrison. After much deliberation, Morrison authorized an illegal Overwatch mission to end the crisis.[1]

By the 28th day of the Uprising, Null Sector's actions had taken hundreds of lives, led to thousands of injuries, and had, in the mind of Morrison, taken the UK, if not the world, to the brink of open war. Four Overwatch agents—Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Torbjörn—touched down in King's Row, and fought their way through the hordes of Null Sector omnics that came at them.[2]

Attack on Paris[]

Attention. This is your captain speaking. We're on final approach to Paris. You may now power on your electronic devices. Weather is mostly cloudy, with a hundred percent chance of Null Sector invasion.
~ Tracer

Null Sector attacks Paris

Null Sector made a return to the world stage by launching an attack on Paris; one that the French police were hard pressed to stop. An Overwatch team consisting of Tracer, Mei and Winston arrived to help with the evacuation, but were not only heavily outnumbered by Null Sector's Nullifiers, but with the arrival of a Titan, heavily outgunned as well. However, the tide was turned with the arrival of additional Overwatch members, who were able to fend off Null Sector and destroy the Titan.[4]

Attack on Busan[]

I'm seeing drop pods all over Busan. This is exactly like Paris.
~ MEKA Captain Myung

Nell Sector forces in Busan

Not long after Paris, Null Sector attacked Busan, deploying thousands of omnics via drop pods. The MEKA Squad was deployed to defend the city and take down the attacking command carrier. With the arrival of Overwatch members led by Cole Cassidy, Null Sector was repelled, with their ground forces destroyed and their carrier forced to retreat.[5]

World War[]

Paris was just the beginning. This is a global invasion.
~ Brigitte

Null Sector launches its invasion

Despite their defeat in Paris, Null Sector was able to launch a global invasion, striking at numerous targets across the planet.[6] The world's militaries were quickly overwhelmed.[7]

Note: The following events aren't necessarily in chronological order.

Battle of Rio[]

We're being overrun. Null Sector is everywhere. I'll hold 'em as long as I can.
~ Lúcio

Null Sector attacks Rio

Null Sector launched an attack on Rio de Janeiro. A command ship hovered above the city, dispatching Null Sector forces to the ground via pod. Lúcio did what he could to stem the tide, and was aided by a newly arrived Overwatch team. They fought their way through Rio's streets in order to get to the command ship.[6] The command ship was destroyed.[8]

Other Battles[]

Null Sector were present at Route 66. They were engaged by Winston and Mercy, as well as Ashe.[6]

Null Sector lay siege to Toronto.[9]

Known Members[]



Null Sector during the King's Row Uprising

Null Sector employed a variety of different kinds of omnics in their assault on King's Row. Among those seen were:


Null Sector's current designs

7 years after the siege on King's Row, Null Sector had waged war across the entire world. The variety of omnics they used there were more advanced and diverse than those from their previous attack. Among those seen are:

In addition, Null Sector had access to command ships and drop pods.[5]



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