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Nulltroopers are the basic omnic infantry unit of Null Sector,[1] equipped with an arm canon. They make up a large part of encountered enemy forces in Overwatch Uprising.


Nulltroopers are commonly encountered in Uprising, and are very easy to kill given their low mobility, weak offense, and average health. They appear as tall, bipedal combat robots with a design aesthetic similar to Bastion, possessing a single vertical eye slit glowing red. They carry Null Sector's distinct purple livery, and possess large arm cannons for right forearms, similar to Bastion and Orisa.


Nulltroopers make up most of Null Sector's forces. Nulltroopers are overall weak and not very competent enemies; their battle strategy largely consists of them rushing toward Overwatch agents in large numbers and then firing their blasters once they establish visual contact, with relatively little movement. As with other Null Sector enemies, Nulltroopers are vulnerable to omnic-specific weaknesses such as hacking and EMPs.

Nulltrooper blasters fire a single shot which deals 25 damage if it successfully connects with an Overwatch agent; however, Nulltroopers display an ability to fire a charged shot, dealing 75 damage.

As with other Null Sector enemies, Nulltroopers are improved at higher difficulties, generally reacting and acting much more quickly than on lower difficulties. A viable battle stratigy is to simply rush them back. With their slow movement this should be easy.


  • Given their unintelligent battle strategies, it seems that Nulltroopers are less their own AIs, and rather simply drones under the command of Null Sector. This is reinforced by Zenyatta's comments on their IQ, though this may simply be hyperbole.
  • Nulltroopers emit noises similar to Bastion's, and do not otherwise speak.
  • At BlizzCon 2019, the modern variant were known as Nullifiers. At BlizzConline, they appeared to be renamed to Troopers.


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