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What is that?
That...is mine!
~ A German soldier and Reinhardt after first seeing an OR14

An OR14

The OR14 "Idina" line of security robot was a specifically designed omnic unit that existed pre-Omnic Crisis.[1] It would later become a frontline combatant specifically designed to fight against humanity during the Crisis.[2] In addition to its great strength and superior (by human standards) agility, it was equipped with a pair of arm-mounted cannons, and an energy sword.[3]


The OR14 was a line of omnic built in Nigeria's massive manufacturing omnium.[1] It later became a frontline combatant during the Omnic Crisis.[2] At the end of the war, the OR14 along with many other omnic models were taken out of production. Twenty years after the end of the conflict,[1] the citizens of Numbani developed a more advanced version of the OR14, the OR15, to protect themselves from threats against Numbani and more importantly, Doomfist.[4]

Null Sector used customized OR14's in King's Row Uprising, and labelled them as "OR14-NS." The Null Sector variant was apparently not equipped with the energy sword, but instead was equipped with a barrier-deploying device.[5]


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