The OR series were robot models developed by Numbani.



OR14 Idina

An OR14

The OR14 "Idina" was a type of security omnic designed and built in the Nigerian omnium. After they were used in the Omnic Crisis, they were taken out of production and eventually replaced by the OR15. Unlike later models, the OR14's guns utilized regular bullets. Instead of a protective barrier, some models possessed an energy blade, while others wielded a second gun.

Based on the reaction of Baldericht, it's likely that the Battle of Eichenwalde was the first battle in the omnic in which the omnic forces utilized OR14 units, or possibly OR units altogether. Based on this, it's possible that they were specifically designed to compensate for the Bastion units weakness to Crusaders.


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Orisa nullsector


During the King's Row Uprising, Null Sector redesigned and upgraded several OR14s into superior versions called the OR14-NS.


Orisa Origin Story 3

OR15 Defense Bots

The OR15 Defense Bots were used as a defense force for Numbani. Twenty years after the Omnic Crisis ended, Numbani revived and recommissioned the OR14 program to create the OR15. As a successor of the OR14 model, OR15 protected the city of Numbani until several of them were destroyed in an attack from Doomfist. It lead to the decommission of the OR15 program, and the rest of the OR15 was sold.

OR15's are equipped with a Fusion Driver in place of one of their hands as their primary weapon, and also carry a Supercharger on their back.


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OR15 "Orisa"

One OR15 was salvaged and rebuilt by Efi Oladele as Orisa. Orisa was heavily modified from the original OR15 design - given numerous upgrades and armaments, along with an implemented personality core.

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