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Better. Stronger. Faster. Smarter. What's next for humanity?
~ Tomorrow, reporting on omnics

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Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums.[1]


I did not realize omnics could die. You are machines; I had assumed you could replace parts.
In theory, yes. But replacement parts have yet to be found for a soul, be it human...or omnic.
~ Satya Vaswani and Zenyatta

A report on omnics, showing the humanoid model

Omnics are (or were) produced by omniums.[2]

The first sentient omnic was Aurora. The Shambali believe that it is through her 'ascendence' that all omnics are similarly sentient.[3]

Omnics, even the baseline humanoid model, have been described as being better, stronger, faster, and smarter than humans.[4] However, they are susceptible to the effects of an EMP[5] and can be hacked.[6] Advanced AI programs known as god programs, such as Anubis, can forcibly take control of otherwise independent omnics and bend them to their will.[7] Some omnics, if not all, possess a unique form of energy, dubbed "omnic energy," which has both destructive and restorative properties; Zenyatta's orbs were designed to channel this energy.[8]


Mondatta taught us that we are all one. When an omnic dies, the whole of us are that much smaller. When one of us ceases to be, a part of us ceases to be. We hold onto what we have lost. We keep it close to remind us. Of the part of us we have lost. To remind us of what was once, of who we are.
~ Iggy during an omnic funeral

An omnic funeral

According to the Shambali, omnics possess souls.[9] Whatever the truth of the claim, it is indeed the case that while an omnic can be given replacement parts or repaired, if an omnic is 'killed,' they will not come back.[3] Post-Omnic Crisis, the baseline humanoid omnic can't be built or replaced, so the number of omnics in this category is apparently fated to be reduced over time. Ergo, every loss of this type of omnic is keenly felt. At least in some cases, omnics will conduct funerals for their fallen, and in the ceremony, graft part of the metal of the fallen onto the body of an omnic close to the deceased.[10]

Omnics have a written language called Omnicode.[11] Omnic music also exists, though some omnics possess no interest in (human) music.[12] Others however, are wary of embracing human culture, fearing that they'll lose what makes them omnic.[13] Some omnics have trouble understanding humans at all.[3]


The Omnic Crisis[]

The omnics rebel

The omniums and their robot populations were originally created by Omnica Corporation to bolster manufacturing and create economic equality worldwide, but were later shut down after investigations uncovered evidence of corporate fraud.[1][14] In the United States, omnics could be wagered and sold between humans.[15]

Thirty years before the defunct omniums went rogue and churned out legions of militarized robots which attacked human cities in an event called the Omnic Crisis.[16] The majority of their forces consisted of Bastion combat units.[17] Ultimately the omnics were defeated.[1]

Recent History[]

Omnic treatment in the United Kingdom

In the years after the Crisis, human-omnic relations continued to deteriorate. Doctor Mina Liao noted that people were as scared of omnics as ever, in a time when they seemed more human than ever. Violence against omnics increased in frequency, and more governments cut down on omnic rights and freedoms. In this time period, the Shambali were formed, and manufacturing omnics walked off the job in London, claiming they "heard the music" and seeking to find meaning in life.[18] By the time period after the Crisis, the US had outlawed wagering and selling omnics, though the practice continued in criminal circles.[15]

Even a generation after the conflict, tensions between humans and omnics remain,[9] though other types of robots remain common.[16] Human-omnic relations are a hot topic in the world, with questions existing as to whether omnics actually possess rights, and what would happen if they received the right to vote;[19] omnic voting rights vary by country.[20] Suffice to say, places where omnics enjoy equality with humans are the exception rather than the rule. Aside from Numbani, omnics are generally regulated to blue collar work at best.[21] In some, if not all countries and/or establishments, omnics are forbidden from taking part in games of chance (e.g. gambling), due to their ability to easily gauge probabilities.[22]

An anti-human omnic gang

Currently, tensions between humans and omnics have never been higher, particularly after the assassination of the omnic spiritual leader Tekhartha Mondatta,[1] whose death set off a wave of human-omnic violence across the globe.[6]

The current state of affairs is mixed—in Russia, omnics continue to wage war against humans.[23] In the United Kingdom, omnics are denied basic human rights,[8] and riots have flared up in King's Row.[24] In Junkertown, Australia, omnics are thrown into the Scrapyard, to be destroyed for the amusement of the crowds.[25] In contrast, omnics live peacefully with humans in Numbani,[26] where they enjoy equal rights and have access to the same kinds of roles available for humans.[21]

Omnic Individuals[]

You don't understand, Tracer. You can't. When one of you is gone, another comes into the world. We are all we have.
~ Iggy

An omnic


Entertainers and Artists[]

Formula Lux Racers[]


Omnic Classes[]


Gwishin drones

Null Sector[]

Omnic Crisis[]

An Omnic Crisis-era omnic

Shimada Clan[]

Misc. Types[]





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