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Omnica Corporation
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Robotics production group

Omnica Corporation was a multinational corporate entity that revolutionized the manufacturing of robotics through the use of their patented omnium factories, precipitating the Omnic Crisis.[1]


The Omnica Corporation pioneered the use of automation and self-improving software algorithms in robotics manufacturing, constructing and patenting massive factories known as omniums. Promising to bring about an economic golden age, the facilities were installed in locations all over the world.

In time, however, the omniums began to malfunction, and analysts determined that their growth and output would never be able to meet corporate projections. Investigations followed, uncovering evidence of corporate fraud and leading to the forcible dissolution of Omnica Corporation and the dismantling of the omniums.

The defunct omniums later reactivated themselves and launched a military campaign against humanity in a worldwide conflict that would come to be known as the Omnic Crisis.[1]

Known Members


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