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Opara in a crew groupshot[1]

Ecopoint: Antarctica

Opara was a cryonicist working for Overwatch. He was the captain of the team stationed at Ecopoint: Antarctica[3]

Story[edit | edit source]

Opara was one of the scientists stationed at Ecopoint: Antarctica, alongside Arrhenius, Adams, MacReady, Mei, and Torres.[4] Wolf's Jaw was his favorite place there.[2]

Disaster struck the station when it was hit by a polar storm,[5] damaging the station's solar array.[6] Cut off from the outside world, the scientists were left stranded in the damaged facility. As their supplies dwindled,[5] Opara gave the order[3] to enter cryostasis in a last-ditch effort to survive until a rescue attempt could be made.[5] However, the pods malfunctioned, leaving Mei as the sole survivor of the incident.[4] Mei definitively confirmed that they were dead when she looked through the glass of Opara's pod and saw his corpse.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Opara is an Nigerian name that means "first-born son."
  • In the promotional images of Ecopoint: Antarctica, the flag used for Opara's nationality is the Ghanaian flag. The playable map shows a Numbani flag instead.
  • According to the script as shown during BlizzCon 2017, Opara was the person at the beginning of Rise and Shine who gave Mei her mug and reminded her that they were an hour behind schedule.[7] However, the final animation features a man of a much lighter skin tone, implying that the character was changed out at some point.

Images[edit | edit source]

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