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Orisa is voiced by Cherrelle Skeete.


Ability Quote Audio
I will not move.
I'm not moving. ▶️
Fortifying defenses. ▶️
Standing ground. ▶️
Holding position. ▶️
Establishing defense point. ▶️
Routing navigation systems to defense. ▶️
Engaging fortifications. ▶️
Defense mode activated. ▶️
Not budging. ▶️
Digging in. ▶️
Halt! Don't move. ▶️
Stop right there. ▶️
Not so fast. ▶️
Halt! ▶️
You're not getting away. ▶️
Stop. ▶️
Protective Barrier You are advised to move behind my barrier. ▶️
Barrier activated. ▶️
For your own safety, get behind the barrier. ▶️
For your safety, please move behind the barrier. ▶️
I recommend moving behind my barrier. ▶️
This will be your shield! ▶️
Please move behind the barrier. ▶️
Protective Barrier Critical Barrier status critical. ▶️
Caution. Barrier has taken heavy damage. ▶️
My barrier won't hold forever. ▶️
My barrier is failing. Recommend moving to safety. ▶️
Warning: barrier failing. ▶️
Barrier integrity compromised. ▶️
Protective Barrier Destroyed Barrier destroyed. Please move to safety. ▶️
Barrier destroyed. ▶️
Supercharger Cease your resistance! (self and hostile) ▶️
Team up for special attack. (friendly) ▶️
Supercharger Eliminations I told you to stop resisting.


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected Your safety is my primary concern. ▶️
Only in unity will we find strength. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
During Set Up For optimal chance of survival, stay in range of my barriers. ▶️
Executing pre-combat routines. Optimizing strategy. ▶️
I will simulate our upcoming mission to identify all possible outcomes. ▶️
Respawn I must rejoin my team. ▶️
I still have a job to do. ▶️
Rebooting. ▶️
Archiving combat data. ▶️
I'm still new at this. ▶️
System restart initialized. ▶️
Analyzing previous combat performance. ▶️
I am not ready to be deactivated. ▶️
Installing updates. ▶️
Updates installed. ▶️
Respawn (no allies)
Health Pack System health stabilizing. ▶️
Systems restored. ▶️
Systems repaired. ▶️
Healed System integrity restored. ▶️
Your aid is appreciated. ▶️
Thank you. ▶️
On Fire I'm on fire. Please, do not contact emergency services. ▶️
I'm on fire. ▶️
Exceeding expected combat values. Recording performance for future analysis. ▶️
Damage Boosted Weapon systems optimized! ▶️
Damage output increased! ▶️
Lethality level increased. ▶️
Nano Boosted I feel unstoppable! ▶️
System output overloaded! ▶️
Discord Orb Received System malfunction.
Error detected.
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Thank you. But I still have much to learn. ▶️
I was only following my programming. ▶️
Running post-match diagnostics. ▶️
Performance analysis: Epic! ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) Performance analysis: Legendary! ▶️
I'm still getting the hang of this. ▶️
Saving record of exceptional combat performance. ▶️
Enemy Resurrection Enemies reviving. Prepare to re-engage. ▶️
Resurrected Was that the Iris? ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Orisa online. ▶️
Sniper Sighted Alert! Sniper located. ▶️
Sniper detected. Threat level: lethal. ▶️
Enemy Sighted Enemy visually confirmed.
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected. Straight ahead. ▶️
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected to our rear. ▶️
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected on the left. ▶️
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected on the right. ▶️
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected above us. ▶️
Enemy Sighted


Enemy detected below us. ▶️
Outnumbered Against Enemy Team
Ally Damaged Behind you. ▶️
Turret Sighted Enemy turret located. ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Primary task: find the enemy teleporter. ▶️
Teleporter Sighted Enemy teleporter located. ▶️
Teleporter Destroyed Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Shield Generator Sighted Enemy shield generator located. ▶️
Shield Generator Destroyed Enemy shield generator destroyed. ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) Current combat simulations indicate high probability of victory. ▶️
Our enemy's chances at success are lowering. Victory is imminent. ▶️
Analysis of recent performance trends indicates victory is likely. ▶️
If we continue upon this trajectory, victory is assured. ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) We have no choice but to attack. Time is running out! ▶️
Mission window closing. We must achieve victory quickly. ▶️
A repeat of our past performance will lead to our defeat. ▶️
We must improve or we will be defeated. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense)
Point Being Captured (Defense) The enemy is taking the objective. Repel them in an orderly fashion. ▶️
Unauthoried personnel detected at the objective. ▶️
Intruders have breached the objective. ▶️
Our objective is under attack. Disperse the enemy immediately. ▶️
Capturing Point Taking possession of the objective. ▶️
Taking control of the objective. Any resistance will be dispersed. ▶️
Securing the objective. Backup requested. ▶️
Initiating objective capture routine. ▶️
Point Lost
Payload Stuck The payload's stopped. Has it malfunctioned? ▶️
The payload is stopped in a no-stopping zone! Please move it immediately! ▶️
We must get the payload moving again. ▶️
Payload has stalled. ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) Commandeering the payload. ▶️
I am moving with the payload. ▶️
Moving the payload to the destination. ▶️
I am escorting the payload. Assistance requested. ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) The payload is moving. Reroute all personnel to stop it. ▶️
The payload must be halted. ▶️
We must capture and impound the payload. ▶️
Enemy is moving the payload. ▶️
Flag Taken (Attack) I have the flag. Heading to base. ▶️
I have taken the flag. Initiating capture routines. ▶️
Flag Taken (Defense) We must get our flag back. ▶️
Recover our flag. ▶️
We must secure our flag immediately. ▶️
The enemy has taken possession of our flag. ▶️
Flag Captured (Attack) Flag capture protocol completed. ▶️
Enemy flag captured. New instructions? ▶️
Flag Captured (Defense) We need to increase our flag security protocols. ▶️
We must not let that happened again. ▶️
Flag Dropped Enemy has lost possession of our flag. ▶️
Priority objective: recover the flag. ▶️
Dropping Flag Dropping the flag. ▶️
Relinquishing the flag. ▶️
Returning Flag I have sent our flag back to base. ▶️
Our flag is safe. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow I told you to stop resisting. ▶️
Vital signs negative. ▶️
Threat neutralized. ▶️
Goodbye. ▶️
You were warned. ▶️
I am programmed to avoid violence, however, I have made an exception. ▶️
(vs Doomfist) For Numbani. ▶️
Solo Elimination You are advised to cease your resistance. ▶️
Stay there. The authorities will collect you soon. ▶️
Saving record for future analysis. ▶️
Are you in distress? ▶️
Multikill System operating at maximum potential. ▶️
Empathy module: not responding. ▶️
Exceeding standard performance metrics. ▶️
Turret Elimination Enemy turret neutralized. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed.
Melee Final Blow Fist bump! ▶️
Stand back! ▶️
Excuse me! ▶️
Witness Elimination (Friendly Reinhardt eliminates an enemy) Reinhardt, you are amazing! ▶️
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminated) Reinhardt, I will avenge you! ▶️
(Friendly Zarya eliminates an enemy) Zarya, I wish to learn from you. ▶️
Revenge Now I can delete you from my memory. ▶️
Team Kill


Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hello. ▶️
Greetings. ▶️
Thank Thanks. ▶️
Thank you. ▶️
Acknowledge Affirmative. ▶️
Understood. ▶️
Need Healing Requesting healing. ▶️
Healing would be appreciated. ▶️
I need healing. ▶️
I believe we need a healer. ▶️
Need Healing

(Facing Zarya)

Requesting shields. ▶️
I'm in need of shields. ▶️
Need Healing

(Facing Torbjörn)

Armor would be appreciated. ▶️
Requesting armor. ▶️
Group Up Rally at my position. ▶️
Group up with me. ▶️
Group up. ▶️
Come to my position.
I am with you. (towards teammate)
Ultimate Status My ultimate is charging. (0-90%) ▶️
Supercharger powering up. (0-90%) ▶️
My ultimate is almost ready. (91-99%) ▶️
Supercharger is almost ready to be deployed. (91-99%) ▶️
My ultimate is ready. (100%) ▶️
Supercharger is ready to be deployed! (100%) ▶️
My ultimate is ready, come to my position. (towards teammate) ▶️
My Supercharger is ready to be deployed. Prepare for combat enhancement. (towards teammate) ▶️

Voice Lines[]

Availability Quote Audio
Default I'm simply following my programming. ▶️
25 Credits Current outlook? Uncertain. / Current outlook? Concerning. / Current outlook... optimal. / Current outlook... negative. / Current outlook, slight chance of rain. ▶️
Do you need a hug? ▶️
Efi will not be happy about this. ▶️
Error 404: Sarcasm module not found. ▶️
I'm sorry, but I can't do that. ▶️
Medical assistance has been requested. ▶️
Would you like my analysis of the situation? ▶️
No parking. ▶️
Shine your eyes. ▶️
That does not compute. ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 75Credits The moon that wanes today was the full moon yesterday.
Who is ready to party? ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Error: Division by 0
Some functionality may still be in beta. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits I have a bad feeling about this. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Are you satisfied with your protection? ▶️
Thank you for your compliance. ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Golden ▶️
More grease to your elbow.
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Be careful when crossing the street. ▶️
Your pulse has increased. Are you frightened?
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Annual performance analysis: nice! / Annual performance analysis: naughty. / Annual performance analysis: improvement needed. / Annual performance analysis: extra coal.
Can't I guide your way tonight?


Hero Quote Audio
  • Bastion: [bastion beeps] → ("Wow, An Orisa!")
  • Orisa: Thank you E54. It seems that you are growing from your original programming as well.

▶️ ▶️

  • Orisa: It is remarkable to find a Bastion in such good operating condition. Who is responsible for your upkeep?
  • Bastion: [bastion beeps] → ("Build 'em up, break 'em down")

▶️ ▶️

  • Orisa: Scanning.. Bastion model E54 detected. All models subject to termination.
  • Bastion: [sad beeps]

▶️ ▶️

  • Orisa: Cole Cassidy; outlaw. Reward: 60 million dollars. The reward could make up for Efi's grant money.
  • Cassidy: Hey, come on now!


  • Doomfist: I hope the girl gave you more than a new coat of paint.
  • Orisa: You may be surprised! I have received a number of upgrades since that battle.

▶️ ▶️

  • Orisa: Doomfist, you will be brought to justice.
  • Doomfist: [laugh], I like you.

▶️ ▶️

  • Genji: Orisa, you grow stronger each time I see you.
  • Orisa: My artificial intelligence makes it possible to learn from my experiences and from everything I observe.


  • Junkrat: Bots. Dime a dozen.
  • Orisa: Actually, Efi spent most of her Adawe Foundation grant on me. It was not inexpensive.


  • Lúcio: Orisa, you are amazing! Could you ask Efi if she could help me out with my helmet sometime?
  • Orisa: I am sure she would love to. She is a big fan of your music. As am I.


  • Lúcio: You should come to Rio Orisa. I could use your help with those Vishkar goons.
  • Orisa: I do not know about this Vishkar, but I am programmed to assist where I can.


  • Mei: Orisa, you are adorable!
  • Orisa: I will pass your feedback onto Efi, I believe that she will be pleased!


  • Orisa: Reinhardt, I have allocated my learning processes towards analyzing your combat performance.
  • Reinhardt: What an odd compliment.


  • Orisa: Reinhardt, why is your shield so important to you?
  • Reinhardt: It is a reminder - of my duty.


  • Sombra: I wonder what's locked up in that brain of yours...
  • Orisa: My systems are protected by state of the art- <unintelligible>


  • Orisa: Torbjörn Lindholm, you are responsible, in part, for my creation.
  • Torbjörn: Why does that feel like an accusation?


  • Orisa: I consider Reinhardt to be the model upon which I have based my own behaviors.
  • Torbjörn: What a terrifying thought!


  • Orisa: Tracer, is it wrong for us to operate outside the law?
  • Tracer: That's a difficult question, Orisa. I think there are times when you just have to do what's right.


  • Winston: Tell Efi if she’s ever in Gibraltar she should look me up.
  • Orisa: Efi would be honored to be able to meet such an accomplished scientist and a member of Overwatch.


  • Orisa: Zarya, I have learned to utilize my graviton charge by watching you.
  • Zarya: Your compliment is unwanted.


  • Zenyatta: Do you have any dreams, my friend?
  • Orisa: I do not dream as humans do. But it is my desire to become the hero Efi believes that I am.


  • Orisa: Tekhartha Zenyatta, I wish to learn about the Iris.
  • Zenyatta: I would be happy to teach you. It is rare that I meet one with such an unformed mind.



Map Quote Audio
Numbani (Attack) Before Efi rebuilt me, I was defeated here by Doomfist. I must learn from the memory. ▶️
I will protect this city, whatever the cost. ▶️
Horizon Lunar Colony (Looking through the telescope) I wish Efi could be here. Perhaps someday. ▶️
(Looking through the telescope) Recording - Efi will want to see this.


Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

Please move quotes that do exist in game to their appropriate sections above.

Trigger Quote Audio
Datamined Catchphrase. Searching... Got you. ▶️
One electric sheep, two electric sheep, three electric sheep. ▶️
I must ask Efi to get me one of those. ▶️
System restarting. ▶️
Systems rebooted. ▶️
Virus detected. ▶️
Systems compromised. ▶️
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain? ▶️
“Scanning files… combat diagnostics… important cat photos. Wait, Efi!” ▶️


  • The voice line "Error 404: Sarcasm module not found." is a reference to the common website error message "Error 404" or "Not found" found on websites across the World Wide Web when a page or search result cannot be found. The sarcasm module may be a reference to the 2011 game Portal 2 in which the main antagonist GlaDOS performs a "sarcasm self-test".
  • The voice line "I'm sorry, but I can't do that." is a reference to HAL 9000 in the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • it may also be a reference to the response from A.I. programs such as Siri when a request cannot be completed do to the lack of the ability to provide a result, usually from an odd or unrealistic request.
  • "Error: Division By Zero" is based on the mathematical concept itself. The concept became a memetic internet slang term to describe an adverse action which would result in an often exaggerated cataclysmic effect.
    • In Computing, Division by Zero may result in a program error.
  • The voice lines "Do you need a hug?", "On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your pain?" , "Fist bump" and "Are you satisfied with your protection" may be references to Baymax from the animated film Big Hero 6.
  • "Shine your eyes" is a Nigerian expression meaning to be aware of what's around you.
  • "That does not compute" may be a reference to Mother (or the Mother CPU) on board the Nostromo in the 1979 Alien movie.
  • "Empathy module: Not responding" may be a reference to WX-78 from Don't Starve, a 2013 survival game by Klei Entertainment.
  • The voice line "One electric sheep, two electric sheep, three electric sheep.", presumably meant to play after being hit by Ana's Sleep Dart, is a possible reference to the title of Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".
  • The voice line "I have a bad feeling about this." is a reference to Star Wars. The line has become a running gag in the series.
  • The voice line "Now I can delete you from my memory." is a reference to the ending of Portal 2, where GlaDOS deletes Caroline from her own memory.