Orisa Origin Story is an animated short released on March 2, 2017, the day Orisa was announced.

Catch up with robotics prodigy Efi Oladele and meet her newest creation: Orisa!

Video Transcript


[Open with Orisa's icon.]

[Fade to black.]

Efi Oladele: The world is a scary place.

[The screen then lights up, and pans down from the skyline of Numbani to the ground, zooming in closely on an array of OR15 bots.]

Efi Oladele: Even here, in Numbani. We needed something to protect us. Enter the OR15 defense bots. They took the old Indina models from the Crisis and gave them a complete makeover. They kept us safe...for a while.

[Cut to Adawe International Airport, where it shows the result of a battle between 3 OR15 bots and Doomfist. All of the OR15 bots were defeated and destroyed by Doomfist, with 1 bot smashed against a wall, while the other 2 bots on the ground were reduced to bits and pieces with Efi Oladele looking on.]

Efi Oladele: I was at the airport when Doomfist attacked. Poor bots...didn't stand a chance. Everyone else gave up on you. But I saw what you could be.

[Cut to Efi Oladele working on a OR15 bot in her lab, soldering the head of the bot.]

Efi Oladele: So, I rebuilt you. Upgraded your programming, and gave you a heart.

[Cut to the OR15 bot that Efi Oladele worked on activating under its new programming, along with a personality core, with Efi looking on in delight.]

OR15 bot: New personality module installed. System rebooting. OR15 online.

Efi Oladele: (laughs) No, that's no good. Every great hero needs a real name. What about...Orisa?

[Cut to Orisa aiding an elderly woman crossing the street while stopping a car that failed to stop at the crosswalk line with Efi Oladele following behind Orisa as she waves at a bus]

Efi Oladele: I made you to be strong and brave. You still have a lot to learn, (laughs), and you'll probably mess up sometimes, but I know you'll become the hero we need.

[Cut to Orisa triumphantly posing, raising its fist in the air, with a determined look.]

Orisa: My name is Orisa. I will keep you safe. That is my primary function.

[Ends with the Overwatch logo.]


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