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As the UN investigation proceeded, Overwatch's Swiss headquarters was destroyed in an apparent accident. Among the casualties were Morrison and Reyes. The UN has steadfastly maintained that there was no foul play behind this event. However, an anonymous source has given me access to classified UN debriefings and other data that paint a different picture of Overwatch's final days.
~ Olympia Shaw
Overwatch Headquarters

The ruins of Overwatch's HQ

Overwatch Headquarters[1] was the headquarters of Overwatch. It was situated in Zurich, Switzerland.[2]

The headquarters was constructed after the Omnic Crisis, with the approval of the United Nations.[2] One year before Overwatch was disbanded, the site was destroyed in an apparent accident. Among the casualties were Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Reyes had led an internal rebellion against Overwatch, and the two men had come to blows in the base. At some point, their fighting triggered an explosion that destroyed the facility, killing both of them (supposedly), and numerous others.[3] Morrison, however, survived.[4]

Layout[ | ]

The headquarters had the following locations:

Courtyard[ | ]


The courtyard and the Morrison statue

The facility had a courtyard adjacent to it.[5] A large statue of Strike Commander Jack Morrison was present here.[1]

Morrison's Office[ | ]

The office of Strike Commander Morrison. Multiple terminals were mounted on one of its walls, from which Morrison could receive news reports.[1] Scattered around the walls were photos of Morrison with various heads of state, pictures of the strike team, and memorabilia from his military career. There was also a shelf of books, consisting of multi-volume sets of historical texts, including an ancient leather-bound edition of Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War, and biographies of prominent generals, all neatly arranged against the side of the wall. A sideboard also featured, on which he could play holographic chess.[5] To the back of his desk was a window,[1] which overlooked the facility's courtyard.[5]

Training and Evaluation Room[ | ]


The training room

A large room, Overwatch agents would engage in sparring here. An observation room overlooked the training room.[1]

Other[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The first glimpse of a non-destroyed headquarters came in the twelfth Overwatch comic, Uprising.

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