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Anyone in the vicinity of the Overwatch Museum, please respond.
~ NYFD radio chatter
Overwatch Museum
Overwatch Museum.jpg

New York, United States

The Overwatch Museum is located in New York.[1]


The museum is dedicated to Overwatch. It contains information on the group itself, a history of the Omnic Crisis, and various statues depicting Overwatch members, omnic automatons, and other pieces of technology.[2]

The museum also stored Doomfist's gauntlet, which was the target of an attempted heist by Widowmaker and Reaper. However, they were intercepted by former Overwatch agents Winston and Tracer, leading to a gun battle that forced the Talon agents to retreat.[2] Security footage of the incident soon found its way into the hands of the international community, eliciting a variety of responses.[3]


The museum is referenced in the Midtown map in Overwatch 2. If the player lingers in the NYFD station, they can hear a dispatch pertaining to the museum. This is possibly an Easter egg referring to the events in the museum that occur in the cinematic intro for the first game.


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