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Pachimari is an in-universe fictional character. It is a creature that resembles an onion with a smiling face and green tentacles. Throughout Overwatch, pachimaris appear in multiple forms of media including plush toys, signs, film posters, and clothing.


  • The creation of Pachimari came out of the need for toys in Hanamura's "UFO catchers" (Pachimari-brand claw machines). It was designed by concept artist David Kang who was inspired by the Korean word for onion which sounds like "pa."[1]
    • Because they are not essential to gameplay, pachimari plushes will not load within the Hanamura UFO catchers unless your own in-game graphics settings are "Medium" or higher. Graphics are now on "Low" by default, which is the most probable reason why certain veteran PC Overwatch players say that the pachimaris have "disappeared" from Hanamura. There is a chance that one player in a match will be able to see and interact with them, but a teammate cannot, further complicating this mystery for PC players.
    • Strangely, the footballs hidden in some of the UFO machines do, in fact, generate on "Low".
    • On Nintendo Switch (and possibly other consoles), there is no way to increase graphics quality above "Low", so Switch players can never see pachimari plushes on Hanamura, but they will still see one in the spawn room of Control maps.
  • Regardless of graphics settings, a single pachimari can be found on a table in the "MV-261 Orca" vehicle, which serves as the spawn room on Control maps (such as Ilios).
  • Roadhog is frequently depicted stealing Pachimari plushes, implying that he has a liking for them. He has a UFO catcher filled with pachimaris in his barn on the outskirts of Junkertown. This makeshift wooden structure is also the "Attack" spawn room, making it the second map (after Hanamura) to feature the UFO catcher.
    • Roadhog has two sprays and an emote featuring the pachimari, confirming his interest in them.
    • The Pachimari event further proved this by adding the Pachimari skin for Roadhog, which is a full set of clothes and weapons themed to the character, as well as adding the Pachimari emote for Junkrat. In this emote, Junkrat digs through a tire-shaped backpack, which is insinuated to belong to Roadhog (proven by the presence of one of Roadhog’s Breathers inside). Junkrat pulls out a glowing pachimari and cheers a dramatic fanfare while squeaking the toy.
    • Throughout the Pachimari event, the only hero that would appear on the title screen of the game was Roadhog in his new skin and holding a pachimari plush. After a moment of staring at the toy, Roadhog would look around (presumably to ensure that nobody is watching), then squeak the plush. He would giggle to himself, as though he found the toy cute.
  • The sounds that pachimari plushes make when hit were created by Justin DeCloedt using a squeaky toy and a baby rattle.[2]
  • Real life Pachimari plushes are available from Blizzard's Gear Store.
  • Pachimari were temporarily featured in an Overwatch-themed event in Heroes of the Storm.[3]
    • Pachimari also became themed sprays in Heroes of the Storm.


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