A Pachimari on the MV-261 Orca

Pachimari (パチマリ, /patɕimaɺi/) is a Japanese plush of a half-onion, half-octopus creature. They can be found around on the table in the MV-261 Orca and in claw machines on Hanamura.

Pachimaris also make a cameo in the A Moment In Crime Special Report: "The Junkers" animated short in which Roadhog is shown stealing multiple pachimaris from a Japanese arcade, as well as another cameo in Junkertown: The Plan. A pachimari with a crown can also be found as part of the payload on the map Junkertown. A Pachimari wearing a snorkel can also be seen on the gun of Junkrat's beachrat skin


  • In Hearthstone's Mean Streets of Gadgetzan board, when the player interacts with the crane at the bottom left corner, it may randomly pull out a Pachimari plush instead of the normal tire or bomb.[1]
  • In Heroes of the Storm's patch for September 26, 2017, a special limited-time event called Pachimari Mania was added. Before each match, players can open Pachimari Loot Boxes scattered around the starting zone, and find Golden Pachimari to complete the four quest parts and unlock in-game rewards (a portrait, a spray, a banner, and an emoji pack).


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