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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Quote Audio
Concussive Blast Clearing the area. ▶️
Get back. ▶️
Move back. ▶️
Barrage Justice rains from above! (self and hostile) ▶️
Rocket Barrage incoming! (friendly) ▶️
Barrage Eliminations Justice is done. (self and hostile) ▶️

Non-language[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Melee (shouts) ▶️
Stunned (stunned sounds) ▶️
Death (dying sounds) ▶️
Death (big impact) (screams) ▶️
Falling off a Cliff (prolonged screaming) ▶️

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected I will protect the innocent. ▶️
During Set Up All systems checked out, ready for combat maneuvers. ▶️
System check initiated. Green across the board, I'm ready for action. ▶️
Remember your training, and we'll get through this just fine. ▶️
During Set Up

(New Years 2016)

My New Years Resolution? Take some time off.
During Set Up

(New Years 2017)

My New Years Resolution? Actually take that time off.
Respawn Back into the fray. ▶️
Back in action! ▶️
I will not fail again. ▶️
My team needs me! ▶️
Raptora systems online. ▶️
Back online. ▶️
Pick Up Health Pack Health restored. ▶️
Much better. ▶️
On Fire I am on fire! ▶️
I am on a roll. ▶️
Operating at maximum efficiency. ▶️
Systems at max. ▶️
Damage Boosted I will not waste this opportunity. ▶️
I am empowered. ▶️
Discord Orb Received Damn. ▶️
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Clear skies ahead. ▶️
That's how we do it. ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) After action report: unstoppable. ▶️
I served with distinction. ▶️
Enemy Resurrection Enemies reengaging. ▶️
Resurrected I'm not done yet. ▶️
I'm back. ▶️

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Pharah, reporting. ▶️
Pharah, en garde.
Sniper Sighted Sniper detected. ▶️
Enemy Sighted Contact! ▶️
Turret Sighted Turret detected. ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Locate the teleporter. ▶️
They have a teleporter. ▶️
Teleporter Sighted I’ve located their teleporter. ▶️
Ally Damaged Friendly, down. ▶️
Nano-boosted I am unstoppable! ▶️
Systems at max! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) It's nearly over, keep up our defense! ▶️
Their time is running out. Push them back! ▶️
They're almost out of time, hold on and we win. ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) Time is running out. Press the attack! ▶️
We don't have much time. Don't let up! ▶️
We’re out of time. Everyone, attack now! ▶️

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Point Being Captured (Defense) Defend the objective! ▶️
Defend the point, strike as one! ▶️
Work together! Push them back! ▶️
Capturing Point I’m taking the objective. Converge on me. ▶️
In range of the objective, form up on me. ▶️
Securing the objective. ▶️
Payload Stuck Get the payload moving! We can do this! ▶️
The payload is stopped. Let's get it moving! ▶️
We must work together. Move the payload! ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) I have secured the payload. Let's move! ▶️
Let’s keep the payload moving. ▶️
Moving the payload, fall in behind me! ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) Stop the payload! ▶️
They’re moving the payload, stop them. ▶️
We need to stop the payload. ▶️
Flag Taken (Attack) I have the flag! Heading back to base. ▶️
Flag's secure. Cover me! ▶️
Flag Taken (Defense) Enemy has taken our flag. Cut them off! ▶️
Converge on the enemy flag carrier! ▶️
Flag Captured (Attack) Enemy flag captured. ▶️
Pharah scores! Anyone else want a turn? ▶️
Flag Captured (Defense) Forget about it, just get the next one. ▶️
We'll get it back. ▶️
Flag Dropped (enemy) They dropped the flag! Get on it! ▶️
Flag is free! Someone recover it! ▶️
Dropping Flag Flag dropped. Someone, pick it up! ▶️
Jetisonning the flag. ▶️
Returning Flag Returning the flag to base. ▶️
Securing our flag. ▶️

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow I always get my prey. ▶️
Kill confirmed. ▶️
Right on target. ▶️
Tango, down. ▶️
Target, down. ▶️
Target eliminated. ▶️
That's how it's done! ▶️
You made a tactical error. ▶️
You're not going anywhere. ▶️
(vs Reinhardt) Ooh! Sorry, Reinhardt! ▶️
(vs McCree) Got you this time, Jesse. ▶️
(vs Widowmaker) Don't mess with my family. ▶️
(vs Brigitte) I'm taking this round, Brigitte. ▶️
Multikill Operating at maximum efficiency. ▶️
Hostiles eliminated. ▶️
Targets neutralized. ▶️
Clearing the board. ▶️
Turret Elimination Enemy turret down. ▶️
Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Down. ▶️
Stay down. ▶️
Cretin. ▶️
Witness Elimination (Friendly Ana eliminates enemy) Mum, you're amazing! ▶️
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminates enemy) Reinhardt, you still got it! ▶️
I'm impressed. ▶️
Revenge I always get my prey. ▶️
Now, we're even.
Team Kill Enemy team neutralized. ▶️

Communication[edit | edit source]

Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hello. ▶️▶️
Greetings. ▶️
Goodbye Goodbye. ▶️
Pharah, out. ▶️
Thank Thank you. ▶️▶️
Thanks. ▶️
You have my thanks. ▶️
You Are Welcome You're welcome.
Don't mention it.
Yes Yes. ▶️
Affirmative. ▶️
No No. ▶️
Negative. ▶️
Acknowledge I copy. ▶️
Understood. ▶️
Acknowledged. ▶️
Need Healing I require healing. ▶️
I need healing. ▶️
Group Up Form up. ▶️
Group up. ▶️
Group up with me. ▶️
Group up here. ▶️
Ultimate Status My ultimate is charging. ▶️
My ultimate is almost ready. ▶️
Barrage ready. ▶️
My ultimate is ready. ▶️
My ultimate is ready, let's work together. ▶️

Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio
Default Put your security in my hands. ▶️
25Credits Aerial superiority achieved. ▶️
Fly like an Egyptian. ▶️
Flying the friendly skies. ▶️
I've got you on my radar. ▶️
Leave this to a professional. ▶️
Not a chance. ▶️
Play nice, play Pharah. ▶️
Rocket jump? That sounds dangerous. ▶️
Shot down. ▶️
Sorry, but I need to jet. ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits We are in this together. ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Clear skies, full hearts, can't lose. ▶️
Summer Games (2019) Exclusive 75Credits I'm on autopilot. ▶️
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits You're going to come with me, dead or alive. ▶️
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 25Credits (sarcastically) I'm so scared. ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Want to know the forecast? ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits At ease. ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2018) Exclusive 25Credits Cool it! ▶️
Lunar New Year (2017) Exclusive 25Credits I keep the peace. ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 25Credits Ready for some fireworks? ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Don't take it personally. ▶️
I am the Rocket Queen. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 25Credits I live for a good fight. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Fly casual. ▶️
Try me. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 25Credits Stay on target. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2020) Exclusive 75Credits Your eye in the sky.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
  • Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
  • Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
  • Pharah: I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.
  • Ana: Wanting a better life for you is all I ever dreamed of.


  • Pharah: Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch; but it's still what I want.
  • Ana: I didn't want that life for you, but I know that it's your decision, and I will support it.


  • Pharah: Mum, don't you think it's time you told Sam you're alive?
  • Ana: You let me worry about what your father needs to know.
  • Brigitte: I'm really looking forward to fighting with you Pharah.
  • Pharah: We Overwatch brats have to stick together.
  • Pharah: Brigitte, I'd love it if you could take a look at my armor sometime.
  • Brigitte: It will take some time for me to get familiar with the design but if you don't mind I'd love to.
  • Pharah: Hey Brigitte, want to go hit the weights?
  • Brigitte: Only if we can get something to eat afterwards.
  • Pharah: Did you ever want to join Overwatch growing up?
  • Brigitte: Not after how they treated Reinhardt. He deserved better.
  • Pharah: A lot of good people in Helix died when you escaped. People I knew.
  • Doomfist: Don't make it personal. It had nothing to do with you
  • Pharah: McCree, where did you learn to shoot like that? Was it Jack, Gabriel?
  • McCree: Always was a good shot, but I got a few pointers from the best. That'd be your mother.
  • McCree: Just remember Pharah, we ain't playing with toy guns anymore.
  • Pharah: Good, I'm much better with the real thing.
  • Mercy: Keep the skies clear for me.
  • Pharah: Let's keep the skies clear together!


  • Mercy: Pharah, your mother always hoped you'd follow in her footsteps.
  • Pharah: She did? Funny, she never mentioned that to me.
  • Pharah: See you in the air.
Soldier: 76
  • Soldier: 76: Your mother would've been proud of you.
  • Pharah: You didn't know my mother very well, then.


  • Pharah: I've got my eye on you, Soldier: 76.
  • Soldier: 76: When have I heard that before?
  • Sombra: Pharah, ever wonder why you were never accepted into Overwatch? Almost like someone didn't want you to join.
  • Pharah: Have you ever considered getting a new hobby?
  • Pharah: Reinhardt. You know, I had a poster of you on my wall when I was younger.
  • Reinhardt: I remember the poster! My hair was amazing.



(Winter Wonderland)

  • Pharah: Reinhardt, are we still on for ice-fishing? You're not still sore about last year, are you?
  • Reinhardt: Last year? Heh, I'll show you! I'll catch twice as many as you this year!

(New Years)

  • Pharah: My New Years resolution? Actually take that time off.
  • Reinhardt: That'll be the day...
  • Pharah: Hey, Torbjörn, check out my new suit. Mark VI, state of the art.
  • Torbjörn: *clears throat* Jump jets, concussion rockets. Umm... Well, yes it's looking pretty good.
  • Torbjorn: You know Fareeha, I could take a look at fixing up your suit if you'd like.
  • Pharah: And mess it up with a bunch of scrap metal bolted on the side? No thanks. I like it the way it is.
  • Torbjorn: Fareeha, any plans for the Winter?"
  • Pharah: I'm flying home to see my dad.


  • Pharah: I'm going to head to Canada to see my dad.
  • Pharah: You're so lucky, Tracer. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of joining Overwatch.
  • Tracer: Maybe you'll still get your chance. Who knows what the future holds?


  • Pharah: Tracer, have you thought about joining Helix? We could always use a good pilot.
  • Tracer: Aw, flattered! Really! But I've got some other things occupying my time now.
  • Winston: Pharah. Your mother was a hero to me. To all of us.
  • Pharah: You probably knew her better than me.
  • Pharah: An omnic in my squad took his own life, rather than be controlled by an AI.
  • Zenyatta: A noble, but tragic sacrifice. I hope that you will honour it.

Map-Specific[edit | edit source]

Map Quote Audio
Eichenwalde After hearing all of Reinhardt's stories, I always wanted to come here. ▶️
Temple of Anubis We're in my home now. ▶️
I lost many good soldiers here. ▶️
Watchpoint: Gibraltar I always dreamed of being stationed here. ▶️

Skin-Specific[edit | edit source]

Skin Quote Audio
Thunderbird or Raindancer (Respawn) Thunderbird systems online. ▶️
Mechaqueen or Raptorion (Respawn) Raptorion systems online.

Datamined[edit | edit source]

Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

Please move quotes that do exist in game to their appropriate sections above.

Trigger Quote Audio
Datamined Death from above.
You got served. ▶️
Bedouin skin To Torbjörn: Hey Torbjörn, what do you think of my new suit? ▶️

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Summer Games voice line "Clear skies, full hearts, can't lose." is a reference to Friday Night Lights where the coach of the team tends to say "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."
  • The voice line "Fly like an Egyptian." is a reference to the song "Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bangles.
  • The voice line "I am the Rocket Queen." might be a reference to the song by rock band Guns N' Roses.
  • The voice line "Rocket Jump? That sounds dangerous." is a reference to an old method of combining angling a rocket towards the ground and jumping at the same time to reach high places, popularized by the Quake Engine.
  • The Anniversary voice line "Fly casual." is a reference to the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, in which the character Han Solo says to Chewbacca, after a brief exchange on how to approach the Second Death Star via an Imperial shuttle, "I don't know. Fly casual."