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Push is a game mode that was introduced in Overwatch 2.

Game[ | ]

In Push, two teams fight for control of a robot, which can move a barricade for each team. When controlled by one team, the robot will move in the direction of the enemy spawn along a set track. If the robot reaches the location of the controlling team's barricade, it will slowly push it along the track. The objective is to push the robot and barricade as far as possible within the 8 minute time limit (10 minutes in Competitive Play). When the match timer runs out, the team that pushed their barricade the farthest distance wins. If a team manages to push the barricade all the way to the end the match will end instantly in their victory.

Overtime will trigger if the team with less distance pushed controls or is contesting the robot when time expires. If the losing team loses control of the robot, the match immediately ends. If that team manages to push the robot past the other team's best distance, they immediately win.

Robot[ | ]

The robot is captured by having one or more friendly heroes near it while no enemy team heroes are nearby. Once captured by one team, the robot will begin moving along the set track towards the enemy team's spawn. If heroes from both teams are nearby, the robot will not move.

The robot moves slowly while pushing a barricade, and rapidly (about as quickly as most heroes can run) while not pushing a barricade. Unlike the payload in Escort and Hybrid maps, the speed of the robot's movement is not affected by the number of nearby friendly heroes.

This game mode features checkpoints, where the robot will stop for 9 seconds for the first time it is reached. Reaching a checkpoint also unlock forward spawn points for the teams that capture them.[1] While forward spawn is active your team will spawn in the spawn room closer to the map's center, however the respawn time is also increased by 2 seconds.[2] The forward spawns for your team are only available while the robot is on the enemy side of the map, deactivating if the robot is pushed past the starting point at the middle.

Maps[ | ]

References[ | ]

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