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Ranged abilities are abilities capable of taking effect at range, either through launching a projectile or through generating an effect at a specified location. Ranged abilities are in contrast to melee abilities. Most abilities are ranged abilities.

Hitscan and Projectiles[]

Most ranged weapons and abilities are referred to as either being hitscan or projectiles.

A hitscan weapon/ability has no travel time, and will hit a target within the shooter's crosshairs as soon as the weapon/ability fires. Examples include Cassidy's Peacekeeper and Widowmaker's Widow's Kiss.

A projectile weapon/ability has a travel time, and will hit a target only if the projectile collides with the target. Examples include Pharah's Rocket Launcher and Reinhardt's Fire Strike.

Damage Falloff[]

Certain ranged weapons and abilities have a property known as damage falloff. Damage falloff means that the weapon/ability does less damage, the farther the shooter is away from the target when it hits them. If Ashe hits an enemy who is standing right next to her with Ability-ashe1.png The Viper, it will deal full damage. If, however, Ashe hits a distant enemy with Ability-ashe1.png The Viper, it will deal much less damage (because of how far away the target is from Ashe).

Weapons affected by damage falloff:

Weapons not affected by damage falloff:

Headshots and Bodyshots[]

Some ranged weapons have the ability to perform headshots. A headshot is when the weapon impacts the target's head. This doubles the damage dealt by the weapon. If the shot impacts the target anywhere else, it is a bodyshot, which only does the base damage of the weapon.

Different heroes have different sized heads, making headshots easier to perform on certain heroes compared to others.