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Hey, Torbjörn, check out my new suit. Mark VI, state of the art.
Jump jets, concussion rockets. Umm...Well, yes it's looking pretty good.
~ Torbjörn Lindholm and Fareeha Amari

Pharah in the Raptora Mk. VI

The Raptora is a type of combat armor utilized by Helix Security International soldiers. Teams who operate using these suits are referred to as "Raptora units,"[1] and at least at times, fly in formation in groups of three.[2]

The suit is equipped with jump jets, a wrist-mounted rocket, and a battery of mini-rockets[3] which are fired from the suit's shoulders. The helmet is equipped with a HUD. This is in addition to the weapon the Raptora user carries in their arms, said weapons including rocket launchers and rifles.[4]


The term "Raptora" is possibly derived from "raptor," which is used to refer to a bird of prey.


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