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Reinhardt is voiced by Darin De Paul.


Ability Quote Audio
Barrier Field Don't worry my friends. I will be your shield. ▶️
Don't worry my friends. I am your shield! ▶️
Come out and face me! ▶️
Is that the best you can do? ▶️
Ah, get behind me! ▶️
I will hold the line. ▶️
Bring! It! On! I LIVE for this! ▶️
Barrier, activated! ▶️
Barrier Field (Low) Barrier is giving out! ▶️
I can't hold forever! ▶️
Barrier is failing! ▶️
Barrier won't hold forever! ▶️
Barrier Field (Destroyed) Barrier destroyed! ▶️
Charging (Successful) End of the line! ▶️
Hahahahahaha! Got you! ▶️
Charging (Unsuccessful) Goh! Gahh, I'll feel that in the morning... ▶️
Puh! Ugh, I'm not as young as I used to be. ▶️
Earthshatter Hammer DOWN! (self and hostile) ▶️
For the Crusaders! (friendly) ▶️
Earthshatter Elimination No lying down on the job! ▶️
And stay down! ▶️
Don't bother getting up. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Melee (Rocket Hammer) (shouts) ▶️
Charge (Impact) (grunts then groans) ▶️
Death (dying sounds) ▶️
Death (big impact) (screams) ▶️
Falling off a Cliff (prolonged screaming) ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected Justice will be done. ▶️
During Set Up Ah, my friends, what’s with all this standing around? There's glory to be won! ▶️
We shall prove ourselves in glorious combat! ▶️
(During Winter Wonderland) Who's feeling the holiday spirit? ▶️
Respawn Again! AGAIN! ▶️
Back into the fray. ▶️
This is not over. ▶️
There’s still fight in me yet. ▶️
I will not give up the fight. ▶️
Back and ready for more! ▶️
There is still more to my tale! ▶️
Haha! Still kicking! ▶️
Wait for me! ▶️
Pick Up Health Pack Hahh. ▶️
Ah. I feel like a new man. ▶️
MUCH better. ▶️
On Fire I'm on fire! ▶️
I'm on fire! Come here and get burned. ▶️
Damage Boosted You honor me! ▶️
Let's fight! ▶️
YES!! ▶️
Nano Boosted Are you ready? Here I come! ▶️
I feel powerful! ▶️
I am unstoppable! ▶️
Discord Orb Received/Hacked Unacceptable! ▶️
Damn! ▶️
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Wonderful! ▶️
Ah, impressive, if I do say so myself! ▶️
One hundred percent German power! ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) What a performance! ▶️
I am the champion! ▶️
Enemy Resurrection They're back for more. ▶️
They're back in the fight! ▶️
Resurrected I'm back! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Reinhardt at your service. ▶️
Sniper Sighted Sniper! ▶️
Sniper! Fight toe-to-toe, you coward! ▶️
Enemy Sighted I have found the enemy, come and face me. ▶️
Turret Sighted Enemy turret ahead! ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Our enemies have a teleporter. ▶️
Teleporter Sighted I found the enemies' teleporter. ▶️
Ally Damaged Behind you! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) Steel yourselves! Push them back! ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) Make every second count. Crush their defenses. ▶️
We are out of time, attack. ▶️
We don’t have much time, push forward! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Point Being Captured (Defense) They have come to claim what is ours! Don't let them! ▶️
The enemy is at our doorstep. Drive them back! ▶️
They are on taking point. Throw them back! ▶️
Capturing Point I am capturing the objective, try and stop me! ▶️
The objective is mine, join me if you will. ▶️
Taking the objective! Join me in glory! ▶️
Payload Stuck The payload has come to a halt, get it moving! ▶️
There’s no glory in a stalled payload! ▶️
Our duty is to move the payload. Get to it! ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) I’m escorting the payload, let’s keep it moving! ▶️
Moving the payload. Join me! ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) Hold them back! We will keep them from their destination. ▶️
Stop the payload! ▶️
They are moving the payload, we must stop them! ▶️
Flag Taken (Attack) Bringing the enemy flag back to base! ▶️
I have the flag! Clear the way! ▶️
Flag Taken (Defense) They have stolen our flag! ▶️
We must get our flag back! ▶️
Flag Captured (Attack) The flag is ours! ▶️
I have claimed the flag! ▶️
Flag Captured (Defense) That is not accepatable! ▶️
We must not allow that to happen again! ▶️
Flag Dropped (enemy) They've dropped our flag! Return it to base! ▶️
Our flag is free! Someone grab it! ▶️
Dropping Flag Someone take up the flag! ▶️
Dropping the flag! ▶️
Returning Flag I have secured our flag! ▶️
Returning the flag! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow Do I have your attention yet? ▶️
I'm just getting started! ▶️
Too strong! ▶️
Ah. This old dog still knows a few tricks. ▶️
Splendid. ▶️
Haha. Got you! ▶️
Feel my power! ▶️
When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail. ▶️
Solo Elimination Out of my way! ▶️
Kill Streak I'm not even close to done! Ahahaha. ▶️
Turret Elimination Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Hanzo or Genji Eliminated I slay dragons. ▶️
Reaper Eliminated Traitor! ▶️
Zarya Eliminated Not strong enough. ▶️
Witness Elimination (Teammate eliminates enemy) Leave some glory to me. ▶️
(Teammate eliminates enemy) Well done, my friend! ▶️
(Friendly Pharah eliminates enemy) Ana would be proud! ▶️
(Friendly Torbjörn eliminates enemy) Well done, my diminutive Swedish friend! ▶️
(Friendly Brigitte eliminates enemy) Well struck, Brigitte! ▶️
Witness Teammate Eliminated Agent down!
Everyone, hold the line!
I will hold the line! ▶️
Our comrade has fallen. Rally to me!
(Friendly Torbjörn eliminated) Torbjörn! I will avenge you! ▶️
Revenge I owed you one. ▶️
Challenge... accepted. ▶️
Team Kill The enemy team is eliminated, we have the advantage! ▶️


Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Greetings. ▶️
Hello. ▶️
Hello! ▶️
Thank Thank you. ▶️
Thank you, my friend! ▶️
Much obliged! ▶️
Acknowledge Acknowledged! ▶️
Understood. ▶️
Right away! ▶️
Need Healing Need healing. ▶️
I need healing! ▶️
I need armor! Uhh... More armor. ▶️
Group Up Join me! ▶️
Group up with me! ▶️
Group up! ▶️
Group up here! ▶️
(When facing ally)

I stand with you.

We will stand together!

I'm with you.

Ultimate Status My ultimate is charging. ▶️
My ultimate is almost ready! ▶️
My ultimate is ready! ▶️
Earthshatter, ready! ▶️

Voice Lines[]

Availability Quote Audio
Default I salute you. ▶️
25Credits Are you afraid to fight me? ▶️
Bring me another! ▶️
Catch phrase! ▶️
Crusader online! ▶️
*laughs* I am the ultimate crushing machine! ▶️
Precision German engineering. ▶️
Honor... and GLORY! ▶️
Respect your elders. ▶️
Let me show you how it's done. ▶️
Ah, this old dog still knows a few tricks! ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits 100% German power! ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Oooh! Glittering prizes! ▶️
Halloween Terror Exclusive 25Credits Smashing! ▶️
Halloween Terror Exclusive 75Credits What do we have here? ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits You're on my naughty list. ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Forgive and forget, like snow from yesteryear. ▶️
Lunar New Year (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Are you chicken? ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Fortune favors the bold. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Easy does it. ▶️
Unstoppable! ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Prost! ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Beer! ▶️
Honor! Justice! Reinhardt, Reinhardt, REINHARDT! ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Come here... ▶️


Hero Quote Audio
  • Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you are looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
  • Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.
  • Ana: This is just like old times, Reinhardt.
  • Reinhardt: We old-timers must stick together, teach these kids a thing or two! Hehahaha!
  • Reinhardt: Ana? How can this be? I thought you were dead...
  • Ana: I'm sorry Reinhardt. After everything that happened, I needed time.


  • Ashe: That's a lot of armor. Though I guess you are a pretty big target.
  • Reinhardt: Haha! I guess I am!
  • Reinhardt: Stay behind me! I will keep you safe.
  • Ashe: Thanks, but I already have a bodyguard.
  • Reinhardt: Where did a medic like you learn to handle a weapon like that?
  • Baptiste: The number of battlefields I've seen, I was bound to pick something up.
  • Reinhardt: (On Eichenwalde) I killed many of your kind here, Bastion.
  • Brigitte: I've stitched you up so many times it's a wonder you can still fight.
  • Reinhardt: Just some bumps and bruises, nothing to worry yourself about.
  • Brigitte: Reinhardt, what should I focus on today?
  • Reinhardt: Focus on offense. Drive your enemy back with the blows from your flail!

▶️ ▶️

  • Brigitte: Reinhardt, what should I focus on today?
  • Reinhardt: Your shield. Keep yourself from harm, then bash it against our enemies!

▶️ ▶️

  • Brigitte: Reinhardt, what should I focus on today?
  • Reinhardt: Protect your teammates! Make sure they do not falter.

▶️ ▶️

  • Brigitte: Reinhardt, what should I focus on today?
  • Reinhardt: No lesson today. Show me what you have learnt!

▶️ ▶️

  • Brigitte: Sure you don't want to sit this one out, Reinhardt?
  • Reinhardt: You ask that every time, and every time I say no. Today is no different.

▶️ ▶️

  • Reinhardt: Stay close to me!
  • Brigitte: Of course. How else can I bail you out when you get into trouble?

▶️ ▶️

  • Doomfist: You don't take a hint, do you, Reinhardt?
  • Reinhardt: And you don't know how to stay down when you're beaten.
  • Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me. It's... *clears throat* (whispering) ...for a friend.
  • D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va. / Ohhhh, after this match is over. Right now, it's time to get serious.

▶️ ▶️

  • D.Va: The destruction caused by the omnics here... It reminds me of home./ Seeing what happened after the war here gives me hope for the rebuilding of my country.
  • Reinhardt: Things can be destroyed, but as long as the people are strong, they can always be rebuilt.
  • Reinhardt: Ah, you kids today with your techno music. You should enjoy the classics, like Hasselhoff!
  • Lúcio: Oh man, I can't even take you seriously right now.


  • Lúcio: Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes.
  • Reinhardt: What's wrong with the classics? I love Hasselhoff! Have you heard Night Rocker?


  • Mercy: Reinhardt, don't you think it's time to hang it up? You aren't getting any younger.
  • Reinhardt: Never! I will fight to my last breath.


  • Mercy: Reinhardt, I don't approve of you dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.
  • Reinhardt: Brigitte has made her choice. I would have her at my side.



(Winter Wonderland)

  • Mercy: Reinhardt, what are your plans for the holidays?
  • Reinhardt: I'll probably visit Torbjörn's family in Gothenburg, like the last few years.


  • Pharah: Reinhardt. You know, I had a poster of you on my wall when I was younger.
  • Reinhardt: I remember the poster! My hair was amazing.



(Winter Wonderland)

  • Pharah: Reinhardt, are we still on for ice-fishing? You're not still sore about last year, are you?
  • Reinhardt: Last year? Heh, I'll show you! I'll catch twice as many as you this year!

(New Years)

  • Pharah: My New Years resolution? Actually take that time off.
  • Reinhardt: That'll be the day...


  • Reinhardt: Sombra, something is wrong with my phone. It is so slow!
  • Sombra: I'm not tech support, big guy.
  • Reinhardt: I know, I know. I'm just not very good with computers.
  • Sombra: (sighs) Have you tried turning it off and on?

▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️

  • Symmetra: Armor? How positively medieval.
  • Reinhardt: I will take that as a compliment, my lady!
  • Reinhardt: You always did take good care of my armor!
  • Torbjörn: Just try to keep it in one piece for once.


  • Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down.
  • Reinhardt: Ja. And I sometimes wonder if your height is why you're always in such a bad mood.


  • Reinhardt: Ah, could you say that again? Sometimes it's hard to hear you all the way down there!

▶️ ▶️

  • Torbjörn: Reinhardt. Least number of eliminations buys the post-mission drinks?
  • Reinhardt: *laughs* Let's show these kids how it's done.


  • Reinhardt: Agreed. Let the best men win!


  • Torbjörn: How's Brigitte doing? Keeping everything in working order?
  • Reinhardt: A knight could not ask for more from his squire!
  • Torbjörn: You need to stop telling those ridiculous stories Reinhardt. No one believes they're real.
  • Reinhardt: Ridiculous stories?! My tales of adventure and glory are all true!
  • Torbjörn: Even the one about the mad doctor and the witch?
  • Reinhardt: Especially that one!

(Winter Wonderland)

  • Reinhardt: You know, Torbjörn, you would make an excellent Santa Claus! Ho, ho, ho!
  • Torbjörn: Maybe this year you can be the elf. I think Ingrid's been working on something.
  • Torbjorn: Reinhardt! You'd better not be filling my daughter's head with stories.
  • Reinhardt: Ah, she hardly listens to them anyways.
  • Reinhardt: How do you think your fancy jumpsuit would fare against my hammer?
  • Widowmaker: All the armor in the world can't save you from a well-placed bullet.
  • Reinhardt: Ah! Winston! It's up to us to keep our comrades safe!
  • Winston: I'll be right behind you, sir.


  • Zarya: Reinhardt. You said you would arm wrestle me. Nervous?
  • Reinhardt: Nervous? Me? Never!


  • Reinhardt: Keep training, and maybe someday you can learn to handle a real weapon!
  • Zarya: I think I've got this, old man.


  • Zarya: That hammer doesn't look so heavy.


Map Quote Audio
Eichenwalde (On attack) I will reclaim my master's armor! ▶️
This is the home town of my master, Balderich. He was born here! And he died here... ▶️
Too much blood was spilled in my country during the war. ▶️
We fought a terrible battle here. Many Crusaders lost their lives. ▶️
Route 66 I'm getting cooked alive in here! Ughhhh!
Watchpoint: Gibraltar I remember being posted here. It was good for my tan. ▶️
Busan (Karaoke) Do do doo, hammer down! Ha ha do do do doo, hee hee hee hee hee hoo, yes, yes, hahahaha! ▶️
Ba ba ba ba ba ba, hoo yes, hammer down! Ha ba ba da ba ba! Oh, I love this! Hahahahaha! ▶️
Ooh, doo doo doo, watch me now! Ha, ha ha, look at me! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, doo doo! Ha ha! ▶️
Sexy, sexy Reinhardt! Oh yes, here we go! Move your legs and move your arms. That is how we do the dance! (laughs) ▶️
Busan So this is D.Va's home! I expect she'll have posters everywhere. ▶️


Skin Quote Audio
Balderich For Balderich! ▶️
Wujing (Respawn) I am purified! ▶️
Gridironhardt (Earthshatter) Touchdown! ▶️
(Barrier Field) Blocking! ▶️
(Charge) Blitzing! ▶️


Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

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Status Quote Audio
Datamined Fall back! ▶️
Hasselhoff is my hero! I love Knight Rider! ▶️


  • Reinhardt's enthusiastic mentions of "Hasselhoff" refers to real life actor and pop star, David Hasselhoff. It is most likely a reference to a running joke from Saturday Night Live and, later, TvTropes, that Germany loves David Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff's music was very well-received in Germany, and comparatively unpopular in the USA (his home country). Hasselhoff is best known in America for his roles in television series 'Baywatch' and 'Knight Rider'.
  • In football, "blitzing" refers to defensive positions (e.g. linebackers) attempting to pressuring the quarterback.
  • An unused line that goes "Just like Dirk Nowitzki!" makes reference to a famous basketball player from Germany, who spent his entire career with the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA and is considered to be one of the greatest European-born basketball players of all time.
  • The voiceline "Respect your elders" is a reference to the noted eSports diss track of the same name, produced by Melee player Chillin in the build-up to a famous grudge match between him and Leffen.
  • The voiceline "Smashing!" could be a reference to the popular meme from 2017-2018 that came from Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys.