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Respawning is the system by which players come back to life without intervention of other players in Overwatch. It takes 10 seconds to respawn after you have been killed. Overtime increases the respawn timer by 3.0 seconds[1].

When attackers outnumber defenders on an objective, the defenders' respawn time is gradually increased for as long as this advantage is kept for at least 10 seconds, scaling up to 5.0 seconds of delay once this timer goes up to about 33 seconds. The attacker advantage timer will go in reverse if it's not kept.[1] This delay also stacks with the overtime delay of 3 seconds, with a maximum possible respawn time of 18 seconds.

  • However, a player may respawn by another player's intervention by Mercy's Resurrection ability, which revives a player where they previously died, before they respawn naturally at the respawn point.

On any Deathmatch mode, the respawn timer can be skipped at the 3 second mark by pressing Jump. Additionally, since there is no single spawn area, players will respawn at seemingly random spots on the map. They actually depend on the other players' position, and are specific spots on the map, not random.

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