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Talon HQ is so dreary; it’s nice to get out of Rome every now and again.
~ Mauga
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Rome is the capital city of Italy.

8 years before the present day, the Blackwatch Rome facility was attacked shortly after the attacks on Oslo. A bomb set by a Talon agent destroyed the facility and killed numerous members of its staff, and injured Gerard Lacroix as well, along with causing some damage to the surrounding area. This event would lead to the Venice Incident.[1]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

When designing Rome, the developers wanted a "romantic" feel to the map, capturing the feel of Old World architecture. Prior to working on the map, one of Team 4's environment artists had visited Rome, and returned to Blizzard with thousands of pictures. Some Roman Empire architecture was rebuilt in the map (the actual structures having long since been lost to history), but done in the "Overwatch style."[2]

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