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Roseline "Ros" Mondésir

Haiti Haitian
Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Roseline "Ros" Mondésir is a doctor.


Ros wears glasses and her hair in a bun. A permanant furrow was situated between her eyebrows.[1]

What You Left Behind[]

After the Omnic Crisis, Ros grew up in an orphanage outside Port-de-Paix alongside her childhood friend, Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Their childhood dream was to build a clinic for the people of their neighbourhood. The two would often visit Lefort's during summer. While Baptiste ended up enlisting in the Caribbean Coalition, Ros went on medical school.[1] Baptiste ended up joining Talon, and sent some of his earnings to help Ros set up a clinic.[2] He visited the clinic on an irregular basis while part of Talon.

Four years after Baptiste left Talon, Ros's clinic had supply issues. Sainclair Pharmaceuticals had increased prices on their medicine, to the extent that the clinic could barely afford them. Further complicating the issue was that patients were taking counterfit drugs in a bid to treat themselves, which made it harder for Ros to treat them, as she didn't know what was in the fakes. Baptiste, who'd returned after a four year absence, asked if there was anything could do to help, but unless he had a magic wand, Ros told him that the answer was no.

That same night, Baptiste left the city. He texted Ros that Vernand Sainclair was at a warehouse at the docks, and that he'd agreed to fund the clinic for free in exchange for a ticket of town. He told her to send someone to make the trade, and if he refused to cooperate, "remind him that we had a deal." He then sent a second text, telling her to be okay.[1]


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