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Runasapi is a Push map in Overwatch 2. Released in Season 11, it is the game's 45th map overall.[1]

Background[ | ]



Runasapi is a hidden city located high in the Sacred Valley of the Peruvian Andes. It is filled with marketplaces and fresh produce. The city itself is located on a mountain cliff—accessible through a system of cable cars—while farmlands find themselves below by the river basin, surrounded by andenes (agricultural terraces).[2]

Runasapi is apparently operated by the Paqarina Research Group.[3] It is powered by solar energy, ensuring that all the needs of its people are fulfilled. It was protected by the Inti Warriors before their destruction.[4]

Game Map[ | ]

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Known Locations[ | ]

Known Residents[ | ]


Illari in Runasapi

Trivia[ | ]

  • Runasapi translates as "the root of the human race."
  • Runasapi was first hinted as a map at BlizzCon 2023.[5] It was later confirmed for inclusion in March, 2024.[1]
  • Many buildings find their namesakes in Incan mythology:
    • The watermill was named after the goddess of water, Mama Qucha.
    • Mother Earth and crucial figure in Peruvian culture, Pachamama, is honored through the Center for Agricultural Advancement.
    • Intitec Institute and the Inti Warriors are named after Inti, the sun god.
    • The Wiraqucha Investigation Society alludes to the Andean creator deity.
  • The map seems to find its main inspiration in Peru's city of Qusqu, as well as Machu Picchu Pueblo and Ullantaytampu. Trapezoidal windows, slightly-inclined earthquake proof walls, and narrow aqueducts that run down roads are all common attributes of Incan cities.
    • Walls made of multiple-angled stones are used as the base of many buildings in Runasapi. This feature is an iconic visual of Qusqu architecture, the construction of buildings atop Incan stonework.
    • Toritos de Pucará (Pukara bulls) decorate the ceilings of many Runasapi households. It is Peruvian tradition to place a pair of these symbols of Andean identity on the rooftop for a safe and joyful life.

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