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Did you know that this used to be a historic hotel? Before that, it belonged to a famous family of politicians, but they all died in horrible ways.

It’s definitely haunted.

~ Mauga

Note: The title of this article is based on conjecture.

Sainclair's mansion is a structure in Port-de-Paix owned by Vernand Sainclair.

The mansion is three stories tall. It is "a stately building with pointed rooftops, elegant balconies, and ornate trim," and is painted Victorian white. It was once owned by a "famous family of politicians," but "all died in horrible ways." Afterwards, it served as a historic hotel. Eventually, it passed into the hands of Vernand Sainclair. He maintained his own security force at the mansion, part Talon, part private military contractors (though the former were apparently gotten rid of).

The mansion became the site of a firefight as Baptiste, Mauga, and Trung Le Nguyen arrived to confront Sainclair to collect what he owed to Talon.[1]