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(There is nothing to suggest that is an Omnium, it doesn't match the pictures given with Detroit (also likely subject to Retcon along with First Strike) or Junkertown.)
(It looks exactly like the omnium - it's got the same base structure and cylinder structure)
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| terrain = Rural
| terrain = Rural
'''San Joaquin''' is a county in California, [[United States]].
'''San Joaquin''' is a county in California, [[United States]]. An [[omnium]] was located here.<ref name = "OverwatchArchives"/>

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San Joaquin
San Joaquin.jpg

California, United States

San Joaquin is a county in California, United States. An omnium was located here.[1]


  • The map's artwork features a letterbox that says "Kent 1932." This may be a reference to Superman (a.k.a. Clark Kent), who in addition to growing up on a farm (in his case, Kansas), was conceived as a character in 1933.


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