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Sanjay Korpal


Vishkar Corporation
Talon (council member)

Sanjay Korpal is a Vishkar Corporation official that is secretly in league with the terrorist organization Talon.[1]


A Better World[]

Sanjay communicated with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro as both Vishkar and Calado vied for a contract to re-develop the city. Sanjay claimed that Vishkar was the superior choice "by every concievable metric," but the mayor sided with Calado, as its owner had a history with the city, and the Vishkar proposal extended into the favela. Satya Vaswani, another Vishkar employee who was physically present in Rio, protested, but Sanjay had her stand down for the time being.

As night fell, Sanjay ordered Vaswani to infiltrate the Calado building and find some dirt on its owner. He acted as her mission supervisor. She infiltrated the building, but had to escape as she encountered some guards, Sanjay questioning why she incapacitated, rather than killed them. Back outside, Vaswani reported that she hadn't found any dirt on Calado. Sanjay accepted her report. An instant later, the Calado building was rocked by an explosion, destroying it, and a large portion of the nearby favela. Vaswani was aghast, but Sanjay was unperturbed—with Calado out of the picture, nothing would stop Vishkar from doing some good for Rio.

Months later, Sanjay and Vaswani stood together as the mayor opened Rio's new city center. Sanjay claimed that it was a shame about Calado, but with its assets destroyed, this was still a satisfactory outcome. He assured Vaswani that the favela's people would be given housing, and that their lives would be made better. Or, at least, to the extent of serving the greater order and befitting their station. When asked whether he was involved in the destruction of the Calado building, Sanjay evaded the question, re-iterating that such events were the price of rebirth.[2]

Negotiations with LumériCo[]

Sanjay engaged in email correspondence with with LumériCo CEO Guillermo Portero. He made efforts to allay Portero of the events in Rio development, and reassured him that negotiations would be kept private until Portero was confident in making them public.[3]

Affiliation with Talon[]

Sanjay at the Talon council meeting

Sanjay was present at the first meeting of Talon's reformed inner council in Venice, following Akande Ogundimu's elimination of the existing leadership and change in direction for the organization.[4]

Stone By Stone[]

We'll send you over now. Find out what they want. A retreat center, a nice lump sum for repairs—we’ll even rebuild the temple ourselves. Whatever it costs, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the loss of development rights.
~ Sanjay's orders to Vaswani

During a Vishkar construction project in Roshani, India, ground-breaking caused a tremor that damaged a temple in the neighboring village of Suravasa, along with destroying the temple's statue of Aurora. In a meeting, Sanjay asked if the tremor could have been natural, but Vishkar's head geologist, Harita Patel, assured him that there was no geological activity. Indeed, the region's geologic stability was the reason they had carried out construction there at all, and she reminded him that she'd already warned him that their development was going too fast. PR rep Tamir Chandra stated that if they didn't fix their mistake, they could kiss any further development in the area goodbye.

On that note, Sanjay turned to Vaswani, 'asking' her to fix the issue, pointing out that her village background and status as Vishkar's premier hard-light architech would make her an ideal volunteer. He told her that they had to give Suravasa something to show them how sorry they were for the damages. Whatever the village wanted - a retreat, a lump sum for repairs - Vishkar would pay for it. Whatever it costed them, it would be a drop in the bucket compared to the loss of development rights.

A week after Vaswani arrived, Sanjay and other Vishkar representatives arrived in Suravasa for what Vaswani called "the unveiling." Meeting with her, he wryly commented "no retreat center then," and told her that if anything went wrong, Chandra was present for damage control. Vaswani told him that they wouldn't need him, but Sanjay reminded her that with things like this, someone, somewhere, would always have a problem with something.

Regardless, the event without a hitch—Vaswani had used hard-light to repair the temple, and in a dance, used that same hard-light to fix the statue of Aurora. Sarpench Ranesh Grewal was impressed, and Sanjay was approached by an omnic pilgrim, Zenyatta. Zenyatta told him "every dawn brings a new chance to choose our paths. I hope Vishkar Corporation sees that now." After Zenyatta left, Sanjay turned to Vaswani, telling her that she'd performed admirably. She told him that she'd miss the people here, and that her actions in the village should serve as an example for how Vishkar should operate going forward; understanding how to interact, to understand, to be understood. That there was much Vishkar could do for places like this, but they had to learn how to do it. Looking at the repaired statue of Aurora, Sanjay commented that she may be right.[5]