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Second Omnic Crisis
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Human-omnic conflict
Russia, Siberia

The Second Omnic Crisis is a human-omnic conflict that is being waged in Russia.


Early Stages[]

The Second Omnic Crisis continues to devastate Russia. The conflict between omnics and humans has now claimed over fifty thousand lives. So far, the international community has been reluctant to intervene.
~ Olympia Shaw

Omnic forces advance

During the first Omnic Crisis, the Russian Defense Forces were able to defeat the omnics and shut down their omnium in Siberia. Thirty years later, the omnium reactivated and the region was thrust into conflict once again.[1] The country ordered Volskaya Industries to increase Svyatogor production to deal with the increased hostilities.[2] Likewise, the company developed a new type of mech in order to combat the omnics.[3] Propaganda was employed to remind the populace of the continued omnic threat,[4] and a coordinated offensive was made against the omnics. By the time of Winston's recall of Overwatch, the conflict had claimed over 15,000 lives, with the international community reluctant to intervene. Fighting had also occurred in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, and the United States.[5]

Zero Hour[]

With each patrol comes a fight harder than the last. We dig up the enemy, and they attack in force. The battle is punishing. We lose soldiers often. Good soldiers. There are those who say the enemy cannot be defeated. They're wrong. Any enemy can be defeated. But the cost is high. We've been fighting for so long, sometimes it's hard to remember what we're doing here.
~ Zarya, reflecting on the conflict in Siberia

RDF and omnic forces in battle

The RDF was given authority over all Russian territory east of Krasnoyarsk.[6] The Krasnoyarsk Front was established, where fighting between the RDF and omnic forces entered a routine—RDF patrols would be sent out, would "dig up" omnics, and engage them in combat. Casualties were regularly inflicted on the RDF, and morale among the Russian people sagged, with some saying that the machines couldn't be defeated. The people of Novanskoye were tasked with stripping the region of metal in a bid to "starve" the Siberian omnium. However, inch by inch, the omnics gained ground.

Novanskoye is destroyed

Events came to a head when the northeastern section of the front was breached by the omnics. Novanskoye was destroyed and declared lost, and RDF forces were ordered to fall back to Krasnoyarsk to consolidate their defenses and oversee the city's evacuation. Going AWOL, Sgt. Aleksandra Zaryanova was able to save Novanskoye's people, but not the town itself, and even then, the omnics were able to regroup.

Null Sector attacks Paris

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Krasnoyarsk breakthrough occurred simultaniously with an attack by Null Sector on Paris.[7] While the attack was repelled by a newly-reformed Overwatch,[8] the attack triggered global panic, and had pundits asking whether this was an isolated incident, or the start of a new war.[7] The latter was closer to the truth, as Null Sector struck at numerous targets all over the planet,[9] quickly overwhelming the world's militaries.[10]


  • In the context of Overwatch 2, Jeff Kaplan has made reference to a "second omnic uprising," in light of Null Sector's actions.[12] This could make it synonomous with the Second Omnic Crisis.
    • The ambiguity of the Second Omnic Crisis in relation to Overwatch 2 is muddied somewhat by New Blood Issue 4, as it refers to the attack on Paris in Zero Hour as a possible "new war," hinting at a divide between the Second Omnic Crisis and the conflict presented in Overwatch 2. However, the comic also leaves it open as to the possibility that the events of the issue and Null Sector's attack are related, given how they occur near-simultaniously.


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