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Second Omnic Crisis
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Human-omnic conflict

The Second Omnic Crisis is a human-omnic conflict that is being waged in Russia.


During the first Omnic Crisis, the Russian Defense Forces were able to defeat the omnics and shut down their omnium in Siberia. Thirty years later, the omnium reactivated and the region was thrust into conflict once again.[1] The country ordered Volskaya Industries to increase Svyatogor production to deal with the increased hostilities.[2] Likewise, the company developed a new type of mech in order to combat the omnics.[3] Propaganda was employed to remind the populace of the continued omnic threat,[4] and a coordinated offensive was made against the omnics. The conflict has since claimed over 15,000 lives, with the international community reluctant to intervene.

Fighting has also occurred in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, and the United States.[5]


  • In the context of Overwatch 2, Jeff Kaplan has made reference to a "second omnic uprising," in light of Null Sector's actions.[7] This could make it synonomous with the Second Omnic Crisis.


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