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Tekhartha Mondatta (deceased)
Religious order

The Shambali are a clandestine order of omnics that were led by Tekhartha Mondatta.[1]


Despite not being able to eat, the Shambali know how to use food in order to spread peace and empathy to those they pass.[2] They believe that omnics possess souls in the same manner as humans.[3]


The Shambali were formed after the Omnic Crisis, after experiencing what they referred to as a spiritual awakening. They abandoned their pre-programmed lives to establish a communal monastery deep in the Himalayas. After many years of meditation on the nature of existence, they came to the belief that they were more than artificial intelligences and that, like humans, they possessed the essence of a soul. Recognizing the spiritual equality they held with humans, the monks, led by the enigmatic Omnic known as Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis a generation earlier and bring humans and robots back into societal harmony. Their message was embraced by millions around the world, and they became global celebrities.[4]

Mondatta was assassinated by Widowmaker while giving a speech in King's Row.[5]

Known Members[]


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