The Shanghai Dragons is an Overwatch League team representing the city of Shanghai, China. The team is owned by NetEase.

The dragon was chosen to represent the team as it symbolizes the spirit of that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme. The color red is used on their logo to emphasize its Chinese connection.


NetEase announced that they had bought the Shanghai slot on July 12, 2017, as one of the 12 teams participating in the inaugural season. On September 28, the Shanghai Dragons branding was revealed, and on October 31 their roster was revealed, featuring a variety of players from Chinese teams.

For mid-season pickups, Shanghai Dragons signed on Ado, Fearless, Geguri, and Sky on February 13.


2019 Roster

OWLicon dragons ID Name # Role
Fl china diem Min-seong Bae 21 Damage
Fl china DDing Jin-hyeok Yang 31 Damage
Fl china YOUNGJIN Yong-jin Jin 33 Damage
Fl china Diya Weida Lu 87 Damage
Fl china Gamsu Young-jin Noh 1 Tank
Fl china GuardiaN Joon-hwan Cho 11 Tank
Fl southkorea Geguri Se-yeon Kim 96 Tank
Fl southkorea CoMa Kyung-woo Son 13 Support
Fl southkorea Luffy Sung-hyeon Yang 66 Support

Former players

OWLicon dragons ID Name # Role Reason
Fl southkorea Fearless Eui-seok Lee 8 Tank
Fl china Undead Chao Fang 7 DPS Released
Fl china MG Dongjian Wu 72 Tank Released
Fl southkorea Ado Ki-hyun Cheon 99 DPS Released
Fl china Altering Yage Cheng 13 Support Released
Fl southkorea Daemin Dae-min Kim 10 Flex Released
Fl china Fiveking Zhaoyu Chen 9 Support Released
Fl china Freefeel Peixuan Xu 21 Support Released
Fl china Roshan Wenhao Jing 26 Tank Released
Fl china Sky Junjian He 22 Support Released
Fl china Xushu Junjie Liu 66 Tank Released


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