24 rounds per clip
1-second reload
Primary fire: Successive Throwing Stars
Burst fire linear projectiles type
28 damage per shuriken
  3 shuriken per shot
  Max 84 bodyshot damage
1 burst per second
3 rounds per burst
60 m/s projectile speed
✔ Can headshot
Secondary fire: Fan of Blades
Shotgun linear projectile type
28 damage per shuriken
  3 shuriken per shot
  Max 84 bodyshot damage
1.33 shot per second
3 rounds per shot
60 m/s projectile speed
✔ Can headshot

Genji looses three deadly throwing stars in quick succession. Alternatively, he can throw three shuriken in a wider spread.
Primary Fire Key: (PC LMB, PS R2, XB RT)
Secondary Fire Key: (PC RMB, PS L2, XB LT)


Genji's primary fire flings shuriken in quick bursts of three with no spread. His secondary fire will fling three shuriken at the same time with a horizontal spread. One shuriken flies straight down the crosshair; the other two fly at 30-degree angles on either side of the middle shuriken. Genji can only ever fire three shuriken at once with either method; therefore, from his stock of 24 shuriken, Genji can fire eight volleys in any combination before needing to reload. Genji can fire while jumping (and double-jumping), but he is unable to use it while wall climbing.


  • Genji's shurikens are capable of puncturing most light armor. They are stored and deployed from his cybernetic arm.[1]

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black September 11, 2018 Patch: Fixed a bug that would cause some weapons that fired multiple shots at once to inconsistently deal critical damage.
  • Overwatchemblem black March 17, 2016 (beta) Patch: Damage reduced by 20%


  1. Overwatch Visual Source Book, p.30
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