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Skins are cosmetics that modify the appearance of a hero by changing their outfit, color scheme, and/or weapon.

See these pages for full lists of skins:

Rarity tiers[ | ]

Each hero has several skins from each cosmetic rarity tier. Each rarity tier is as follows:

  • Common - The base cosmetic and original appearance of a hero. Common skins are unlocked by default, and each hero has two (except for Echo and heroes added after the release of Overwatch 2).
  • Rare - Rare skins are simple re-colorings of the default skin. Each hero has four Rare skins that change the primary color of the hero's default skin. Rare skins are only obtainable in the hero gallery, and will never appear in the shop.
  • Epic - Epic skins are either advanced re-colorings of the base appearance of a hero, or colorings with slight three dimensional additions. As a whole, these skins do not drastically alter the silhouette of a hero. Epic skins are obtainable by progressing through the Battle Pass, completing challenges, or by purchasing them in the shop or hero gallery.
  • Legendary - Legendary Skins are skins which drastically alter the hero's silhouette, changing their weapon model, colors, and outfit. Legendary skins are obtained via challenges, progressing through the Battle Pass, purchasing them in the shop or hero gallery.
  • Mythic - Mythic skins were added in Overwatch 2. They can be bought in the Mythic Shop using Mythic Prism Mythic Prisms, which can be earned through the Battle Pass. Mythic skins have varying levels of customization: the base level of customization costs Mythic Prism 50, with further levels costing an additional Mythic Prism 10.

Legendary and Mythic skins may alter a hero's Voice Lines.

Methods of obtaining[ | ]

If counting all skins, including OWL skins, there are 4000+ skins in the game.

There are several methods of obtaining skins in Overwatch 2:

Obsolete methods[ | ]

There were also several methods of obtaining skins in Overwatch that are no longer usable:

Overwatch contained 363 skins that could be obtained through Loot Boxes (Loot Boxes in this case refers to all types, including seasonal).

  • Base Loot Boxes had a chance to award players with any skin that was not locked to a seasonal event.
  • Seasonal Loot Boxes provided players with skins only for the current event.
  • Anniversary Loot Boxes had a chance to drop any skin from any past event.

The 211 skins not obtainable through Loot Boxes, the Battle Pass, or purchasable with in-game currency could be obtained by attending BlizzCon, participating in limited-time events, and preordering or purchasing a premium edition of the game.

  • Preordering Overwatch or Overwatch 2 provided the player with Noire (Widowmaker).
  • Purchasing Overwatch: Origins Edition awarded 5 Legendary skins:
    • Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
    • Overgrown (Bastion)
    • Strike Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
    • Security Chief (Pharah)
    • Slipstream (Tracer)
  • Attending BlizzCon or purchasing a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket provided the player with:
    • BlizzCon 2016: BlizzCon 2016 (Bastion)
    • BlizzCon 2017: BlizzCon 2017 (Winston)
    • BlizzCon 2018: Demon Hunter (Sombra)
    • BlizzCon 2019: Illidan (Genji) and Tyrande (Symmetra)
    • BlizzCon 2020: Raynhardt (Reinhardt)
    • BlizzCon 2023: Drowned Warrior (Sigma)
  • Donating to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as part of Blizzard's Mercy for a Cause campaign provided the player with Pink (Mercy) in 2018 and Rose Gold (Mercy) in 2024
  • Purchasing Overwatch prior to December 5, 2022 granted the player the Overwatch 2 Founder's Pack which included:
    • General (Doomfist)
    • Jester (Sombra)
  • Purchasing Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack awarded 7 exclusive Legendary skins:
    • Space Raider (Cassidy)'’
    • Space Raider (Soldier 76)'’
    • The 5 Legendary skins from Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Purchasing and Overwatch 2 season starter packs or ultimate battle pass bundles provided the player with Overwatch Coins and:
    • Season 1 Starter Pack: Kìnìún (Doomfist)
    • Season 2 Starter Pack: Disco (Lucio)
    • Season 3 Starter Pack: Honeybee (Mercy)
    • Season 3 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle: Beekeeper (Sigma)
    • Season 4 Starter Pack: Infinite Ace (D. Va)
    • Season 4 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle: Infinite Guard: 76 (Soldier 76) and Infinite Ace (D. Va)
    • Season 5 Starter Pack: Devil (Pharah)
    • Season 5 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle: Dryad (Widowmaker) and Devil (Pharah)
    • Season 6 Invasion Ultimate Bundle: C-455 Sharpshooter (Cassidy), K-2000 Blademaster (Kiriko), and Vigilante (Sojourn)
      • The latter of the 3 skins was only unlocked upon successful completion of all 3 PVE missions
    • Season 7 Starter Pack: Pumpkin (Bastion)
    • Season 7 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle: Lilith (Moira), Inarius (Pharah), and Pumpkin-Spice (Bastion)
    • Season 8 Starter Pack: Magma (Moira)
      • From Season 8 onwards, all starter pack and ultimate battle pass skins were also available for purchase with coins.

Limited-Time Events[ | ]

Some skins have been made available only through limited-time events in both Overwatch and Overwatch 2. The list is as follows:

  • Ana: Bastet, Spiritwarder
  • Ashe: Mardi Gras, Deadlock, Faye Valentine
  • Baptiste: Combat Medic
  • Bastion: Brick
  • Brigitte: Medic, Sparkplug, ANTIFRAGILE BB
  • Cassidy: Sandstorm, Spike Spiegel
  • Doomfist: Saitama
  • D.Va: Nano, ANTIFRAGILE Dazzle
  • Genji: Genos
  • Hanzo: Kyōgisha
  • Kiriko: Terrible Tornado, ANTIFRAGILE Kira-Kira
  • Lifeweaver: Cassia
  • Mauga: Jet Black
  • Mercy: Dr. Ziegler, Pink
  • Reaper: Dusk
  • Roadhog: Pachimari
  • Sigma: Maestro
  • Soldier: 76: Mumen Rider
  • Sombra: ANTIFRAGILE Slay Star, Ed
  • Symmetra: Marammat, Gardener
  • Tracer: Comic Book, ANTIFRAGILE Traysi
  • Widowmaker: Kerrigan
  • Wrecking Ball: Asteroid, Ein

Skin-Specific Quotes[ | ]

Main article: Skin-Specific Quotes

Legendary and Mythic skins may unlock unique voice lines that replace existing lines and/or add new lines.

Trivia[ | ]

  • 192 OWL skins are no longer available for purchase after Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Valiant, and San Francisco Shock changed their team colors.
  • Alien (Zarya) was an OWL skin available in Overwatch as a tribute to Jay “Sinatraa” Won (former OWL MVP), but is no longer available for purchase due to sexual harassment allegations against Won. The skin was removed for purchase from the game after the controversy, and players were given the option to refund their OWL tokens if they didn't wish to keep the skin. This has made it one of the least common Overwatch skins that was acquirable in-game as it has never been available again to repurchase.
  • With the release of Overwatch 2, every hero from Overwatch was given a new Common skin, called "Overwatch 2", except Echo who still only has her classic "Overwatch 1" skin.
  • Junkrat is the only hero to have Skin Descriptions for his Rare skins.
  • The Venture skin Monarch was the first Rare skin to be given to a hero that isn't one of the original 4 recoloured rare skins every hero is given. This also means Venture has the most Rare skins out of any Hero, having 5.