Soldier: 76 Origin Story/Transcript

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Soldier: 76: My name is Jack Morrison. People used to call me a hero. I lead Overwatch for twenty years. We ended the Omnic Crisis and paved the way to a better future. Those were the good old days. They didn't last. Bad guys popped up all over the world. Lots of folks said we failed to keep the world safe. Protests broke out. They said that we were the problem and people called for my head. They almost got their wish. It was a conspiracy. Overwatch got hit from inside and out. Our enemies blew up our headquarters... and me with it. They thought I died. Part of me did. But the war goes on. Now I move in secret, striking from the shadows, hunting all those that brought Overwatch down. Call me a vigilante if you want. Truth is... I'm just a soldier.