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Hey, I had a question about how Mercy's age was decided on 37. Was it ever released by the developers or is that an estimated guess?

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Hey there! I'm going to be replacing Z3ther as the manager for Overwatch Wiki. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything!

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Hi Krupam. I was editing the new page for Orisa when it was locked down to prevent the vandalism that was occurring on it. However, some of my attempted edits were blocked by this change. I am the author responsible for writing the story section to the page, so don't worry! I'm not looking to troll. Hopefully my edits are proof enough that I have no bad intentions. :)

I was wondering if there is any way for me to become "registered," which is what the notice said I had to be to edit the page, or if an exception could be made for me to edit the page freely. Thank-you for your understanding.

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Ah, alright then. I suppose its another one of Gamepedia's bugs. Thanks for letting me know.

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Some anonymous user has created half a dozen plus new "articles" that is nonsense and vandalism (ex: "Is reaper from minecraft". Maybe you can undo or delete the pages? I would if I could. Thanks!

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Great formatting on the Player Icon page! Thanks :D

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Really? The references that I wrote about D'va skins is every time deleted? See that comments about other people complaining your editions. This is a WIKI, I was thought that anybody as a fan of Overwatch could contribute with this "shared" wiki, but not. What are you doing here besides delete everything what I write?

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Hi, I'm Dan, and I'm the manager for Gamepedia's eSports Wikis, I'm wanting to see if you'd be interested in helping get Overwatch up and running for the competitive side of the game, along with if you know anyone else who would be interested in doing it as well.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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Hey! I noticed you went through and removed the links to the icy veins strategy guides. These are specifically allowed as part of an agreement we have with them. I'm going to go back and replace them, but please don't remove them!

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Thanks for the feedback! I think the biggest issue is the smaller screen size, which pushes the main page into 2 columns, which unfortunately affects the page currently, however here's what it looks like on a 1080+ screen. I adjusted the role icons, and yeah, much better... As far as the other things, I'll have to figure them out, maybe if you have some additions you think would work, please feel free to add them.

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Heyo Krupam, would you mind doing me a favor and checking out my userpage for a potential new front page, and let me know what you think? If we think it's up to specs I'd like to implement it before Overwatch goes live. If you see anything you want to change, feel free! Thanks!

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I respect your opinion in some weird way(i'm still about symmetra), i am too having some crazy nonsense ideas sometimes, but i don't put them in a WIKI, because it is Very Subjective and Doubtful stuff. After reading dat autism spectrum stuff i can call half of Earth population potential autists. But maybe you are Professor of medicine and specializing in autism so good that you can put a diagnose on fictional character right after reading few pages comic book? Yeah i know you didn't write "Symmetra is autist!" But from objective point of view you wrote smth like "She is potential autist cos someone said to her in the past "which spectrum are you fall to". And why common expression " Where do you fall in X spectrum " assosiated with autism to you? It means where you belong to? What do you want to achieve? X can be replaced by thousand things like Political spectrum, Psychologic spectrum, Fandom spectrum, Cleaning spectrum, Electromagnethic spectrum, BUT no! it must be Autistic spectrum!

Avatar for Cyberbirdy

Hey man. It is me who deleted your comment about Symmetra's autism. I think this is total nonsense ( no offence). Where did you get thought she doesn't like crowd? The only episode in comic with crowd is when she was moving through agressive protesting people, and said "Please No", and EVEN if people(including myself) doesn't like crowd, they are autists? Where did you get that she has troubles socializing? You get that idea because most of comic she was actually Alone in the building and was thinking instead of talking loud? She talks pretty good both in the game and in the comic and has no verbal defects or random movements. And inability to empathize.. even after whole life in some prefectionists academy she still starts doubting methods of her corporation because of little girl, isn't this a brightest example of empathy? And about obsessity.. did you read her biography? "Isolated and lonely in her new life, Satya immersed herself in her education and training. She quickly grasped the applications of the technology and was one of the top students in her class." My thought is that you just stick with that "spectrum" and pulled all those creepy nonsense you wrote by the ears.

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Hejka Krupam, considering you're currently the top contributor for Overwatch, I've gone ahead and added you as a wiki guardian, so you should have rights to modify the front page as well as things here and there you might need. You seem to have a pretty good grasp of what you're doing, but if you need anything, please feel free to give me a shout, and you might be able to get some tips from the new to moderating over on the help wiki page, Cześć! PS. Don't forget the Categories on pages you make! :D

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So apparently now I'm a "pro" for doing practically nothing. Kek.

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Hey! I happened to see this comment, but we granted a free 3-month subscription to all editors with more than 5k wikipoints as a thank you for all your hard work!

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Sorry for what happened. You do an amazing job on this page. If you want to join us a as a wiki guardian, you jus need to say it.

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