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I removed the protection for now. It's supposed to allow Autoconfirmed Users to edit the page, but apparently that distinction has been removed, and it locked out all regular users altogether.

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Welcome to the Overwatch Wiki! Finally somebody with a profile page that is not barren. I'm Gills! I'm known on Miiverse and "Colors!" but not much elsewhere. I wonder what you will do with your User Page... Since I've used mine as a mock profile xD I hope your contributions will be valued here, and I can already understand you will be a fantastic lore writer here; if there calls for any more major writing. Maybe you can make back-lore about the maps?

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Thanks very much for your kind words! I hope I will live up to your expectations. :) Also, I'm curious as to what you mean by writing "back-lore" of the maps in Overwatch. Do you mean something along the lines of connections, such as how the Numbani map has the "Adawe International Airport," which is a connection to Gabrielle Adawe, UN Under-Secretary General and one of the founders of Overwatch?

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