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Suravasa is a Flashpoint map in Overwatch 2. It was released in Overwatch 2: Invasion (Season 6), launching on August 10, 2023, making it the 43rd map added to the game.[1]

Background[ | ]


Roshani (left) and Suravasa (right)

Suravasa is a village in India, located across the river from Roshani.

There is a Shambali temple located in the village which houses a statue of Aurora, and was the first stop on her pilgrimage.

During a construction project in Roshani by the Vishkar Corporation, the ground breaking caused a tremor that destroyed the statue of Aurora. Symmetra was sent in to do whatever she could to make it up to the people of the village. After spending a week in the temple as a pilgrim, she repaired the statue with golden hard-light using the techniques of kintsugi.[2]

Gameplay[ | ]

Players battle to capture five Flashpoints:

  • Market (A)
  • Garden (B)
  • Palace (C)
  • Temple (D)
  • Ruins (E)

Game Map[ | ]

Known Inhabitants[ | ]

Pilgrims[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Suravasa comes from a Hindi word for temple, Surāvāsa (Sanskrit: सुरावास)

Development[ | ]


An early sketch of Suravasa's layout

  • Suravasa was originally developed as an Assault map under the name "India". With the game mode being removed from standard play, the development team saw that as a perfect opportunity to repurpose it for the Flashpoint game mode, as they really wanted to represent the location in the world of Overwatch.[1]
  • Suravasa originally had a river running through it. It was removed during development.[3]

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