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I've spent two years working on new technology for the show. It'll bring the music to life. You're going to do more than just listen to it. You're going to feel it. See it.
~ Lúcio, in an interview with Atlas News

Synaesthesia Auditiva is the debut album of Lúcio, which he spent two years working on. Prior to release, he teased two of the album's tracks, which went to the top of the charts. Previews of the teased songs surpassed interest in his breakout single from the previous year, Sonhos Ômnicos.[1]

A world tour was scheduled to promote the album, set to begin in Cologne, Germany. Atlas News conducted an interview with the composer prior to the tour. By the time of the interview, next Wednesday's opening show in Cologne had already sold out. Lúcio stated he intended to provide a holostream service for viewers at home.[1] The album was a global hit.[2]


  1. "Bem-vindos à Society 2.0 (Viemos para ficar)"
  3. "Hard Light, Hard Time"
  4. "Rejuvenescência"
  5. "Sonhos Ômnicos (Extended Mix)"
  6. "Maximum Tempo"
  7. "The Millennium Anxiety"
  8. "Quebrando a Barreira do Som (Drop the Beat)"
  9. "Robot After All"
  10. "We Move Together As One"
  11. "Synaesthesia Auditiva"[1]


  • The album is possibly an in-universe promotion for GamesCom 2015, a real-world video game event held in Cologne. Actual tracks of the album are available for listening on Blizzard's website and the official PlayOverwatch Soundcloud. "Rejuvenescência" and "We Move Together As One" were published on July 30, 2015 to promote the introduction of Lucio to Overwatch, [1] as they are the tracks used for lucio's healing and speed aurias respectively. While "Sonhos Ômnicos (Extended Mix)" was published to Twitter on February 16, 2017 to celebrate his introduction to Heroes of the Storm.[3]
  • "Nexus Remixes" of "Rejuvenescência" and "We Move Together As One" appeared in Heroes of the Storm as login screen music during Lucio's release window, and were also uploaded to the official Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel.[4][5]
  • English translations for the tracks with Portugese titles are as follows: 1. "Welcome to Society 2.0 (We're Here to Stay)," 4. "Rejuvenation," 5. "Omnic Dreams (Extended Mix)," 8."Breaking the Sound Barrier (Drop the Beat)," 11. "Auditory Synaesthesia."
  • "Synaesthesia" literally means "the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body." It is a real-world neurological disorder where people can conflate one sense with another. In a common form of synesthesia, a specific shape or letter might be perceived as having an associated color.
  • The track "Robot After All" is a reference to the Daft Punk song "Human After All."
  • The full album was released online during BlizzCon 2018 to celebrate the announcement of the officially licensed Kellogg's Lúcio-Ohs cereal.