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Gabriel is out there. Talon is getting more powerful. They need to be stopped, and everything that we’ve suffered—everything that you’ve suffered—needs to be made good on. I’m going to take them apart, piece by piece.
~ Jack Morrison
Talon logo

Inner Council
Rome, Italy[1]
Terrorist group

Talon is a terrorist organization and one of the main antagonistic factions in Overwatch's narrative.

Background[ | ]

But they fight for justice and equality. What do you fight for?
Power. The power to shape the world into what it needs to be. To make it stronger. Better.
~ Efi Oladele and Bisi discussing Talon's goals

Talon forces

Talon is comprised of a variety of individuals, each with their own goals and ideas.[2] Through its leader Doomfist,[2] its current manifesto is that humanity is made stronger through conflict. Consequently, Talon seeks to sow turmoil across the globe to strengthen the human race.[3] Repeatedly, Talon has demonstrated disregard for the standard rules of engagement, attacking both military and civilian targets with impunity.[4][5] It has orbital surveillance capabilities.[6]

After joining Talon, Reaper noted that its members lacked the camaraderie he'd seen in Overwatch. In Talon, there is no pretense of harmony among its members. Ultimately, the group is a means to an end for its members, who pursue their own agendas.[7]

Talon operatives have a high rate of injury in the field.[8]

History[ | ]

Early History[ | ]

At first, the missions were what I expected. Simply mercenary interventions—mostly rescues. But I didn't ask enough questions. In time, it became clear: Talon was not working to end the conflicts. They were creating them. Profiting from them.
~ Baptiste on his early service with Talon
Talon Troopers-archive

Talon troopers

Talon was operating as early as the years following the end of the Omnic Crisis. At the time, Talon was facing internal power struggles, though was still committed to its goal of strengthening humanity through conflict.[3] The aftermath of the war left Talon in a position poised to profit from the chaos they had induced.[9] In this period, Talon's public face was that of a well paid mercenary group that took on security missions that were sanctioned by official organizations or corporations. This made it easier for them to get new recruits who were ignorant of Talon's true nature.[10] Mostly, Talon conducted rescue operations. In truth, they were profiting from the very conflicts they had created.[11]

Talon's area of operations in this period was focused in western Europe, and its activities at this time included arms trafficking, smuggling, illegal substances trade, and assassination.[12] Overwatch carried out operations against Talon, spearheaded by Gérard Lacroix.[13] Blackwatch was able to procure some information on Talon's inner members, and the status of its paramilitary forces.[12]

Retribution[ | ]

One of our enemies is growing bolder. Over the past year, they have targeted us in cities across the globe. They're resourceful, they're determined, and they are not bound by the same rules as us.
~ Gérard Lacroix on Talon

Talon troopers in Rialto

Eight years before the present day, Overwatch was well and truly committed to stamping out Talon. Talon, for its part, wasn't going quietly, and struck against Overwatch targets across the globe. Under the orders of Antonio, one such attack was launched on Overwatch's Oslo facilities. Not long afterwards, a Talon agent infiltrated the Blackwatch facility in Rome, where a meeting was being held by Overwatch members Gérard Lacroix, Gabriel Reyes, and Jesse McCree. The agent planted a bomb in the facility, and the resulting blast leveled the structure. Reyes, McCree, and Lacroix (albiet heavily injured) survived, but many of the base's staff didn't. In response, a Blackwatch team was sent to Antonio's manor in Venice.[5] What happened next was classified within Overwatch, but it apparently resulted in the death of Antonio.[12] Numerous Talon soldiers were dispatched, but the Blackwatch agents were able to fight their way out of the manor.[14]

Shifting Priorities[ | ]

You know how Doomfist has been shaking up the Talon hierarchy? They've started to make some mistakes because of it.
~ Sojourn

After the Venice Incident, Talon gained a new recruit in the form of Akande Ogundimu, whose Social Darwinist philosophy aligned with Talon's. Talon saw great potential in Ogundimu, with his intelligence and ability to inspire as a commander. Ogundimu killed his mentor, Akinjide Adeyemi, and took on the moniker of Doomfist.[3] Talon welcomed the new Doomfist, appreciating his tactical prowess. He would lead Talon's military arm, and direct actions that required more subterfuge. Over time, the rest of Talon fell in line.[15]

As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world.[3] Under his leadership, Talon underwent a transformation to become not just a ubiquitous shadow presence, but a private military organization as well. While a difficult balancing act, Doomfist made sure that Talon could always influence, obfuscate, or terminate anyone who got too close to the truth.[15]

As Ogundimu rose through the ranks, Talon's leaders began to get sloppy as the organization's hierarchy was disrupted.[16]

Storm Rising[ | ]

There's been a serious increase in Talon activity lately. Something's brewing, and if we don't know what it is, we can't do anything to stop it.
Why now all of the sudden?
It's Doomfist. He's pushing the world to war, and he's transforming the entire organization to deliver it.
~ Sojourn and Tracer
Tracer vs

Overwatch attacks the Talon convoy

Overwatch turned its attention to Talon's financial handler, Maximilien, knowing that he'd be likelier to negotiate. They launched an operation in Havana to retrieve him. Despite the efforts of the Talon soldiers in his convoy, Maximilien was captured.[16] He told Overwatch that Doomfist would be in Singapore in three weeks, leading to Doomfist's arrest, and in exchange requested that Overwatch not tell Doomfist of his betrayal.[17] After Doomfist's incarceration, Vialli began to steer Talon into a more profit-orientated direction.[18] However, after being apprehended, Doomfist conversed with Blackwatch agent Gabriel Reyes, planting the seeds of doubt that would eventually result in Reyes joining Talon. Even incarcerated, Doomfist was able to maintain influence in Talon,[7] though Vialli apparently remained in control.[18]

Assassinating Lacroix[ | ]

Talon made several attempts to assassinate Overwatch member Gerard Lacroix, but failed. They settled on a different approach by kidnapping Lacroix's wife, and subjecting her to neural conditioning. Overwatch agents eventually recovered her, but she ended up killing her husband in his sleep two weeks later.[13] At some point afterwards, Overwatch launched an operation to rescue a number of scientists who had been kidnapped by Talon, held hostage in an urban area. The scientists were successfully extracted, with both sides losing agents in the firefight.[19]

Power Vacuum[ | ]

When Overwatch disbanded, Talon was able to increase its strength, due to the resulting power vacuum.[20]

Retrieving de Kuiper[ | ]

Within moments, you will be landing at a military black site. Inside you will find a person whose knowledge will allow Talon to move into the next phase of our operation. It is imperative that this man is safely taken from the facility alive. Your teammate on this mission is an important asset, but do not lose sight of her. While I remain confined, you will strike as my hidden hand.
~ Doomfist's briefing to Reaper

One year after Overwatch disbanded, at Doomfist's command, Talon launched an operation to retrieve Dr. Siebren de Kuiper from a black site within the United States. The operation was headed by Reaper, working alongside Sombra. The operation was carried in sync with a second Talon squad led by Widowmaker, the plan being that Reaper and Sombra clear a path, while Widowmaker handled extraction.

Reaper and Sombra fought their way into the base's quantum chamber, where they encountered de Kuiper, who was subsequently retrieved by Widowmaker and her squad.[7] du Kuiper was dubbed "Sigma" and ended up working for Talon, unaware that he was being used.[21]

Monte Cristi[ | ]


Talon loots Monte Cristi

Four years before the Overwatch recall, Talon conducted an operation in Monte Cristi. Under the command of Captain Cuerva, they moved to move in on Daniel Fernández of the Playa Cartel, who had been encroaching on Talon's territory. While they were able to successfully locate Fernández's hideout, Fernández himself wasn't there. Cuerva ordered the team to tear the town apart until they located the target. To that end, the Talon soldiers went from house to house, screaming for people to come out, and only finding terrified civilians. Events escalated even further with the arrival of a Talon aircraft that opened fire on the town, reducing it to burning rubble and inflicting numerous civilian casualties. While medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin protested, Cuerva said that they "had to set an example" to the people if they refused to hand over Fernández. As the carnage continued, the Talon soldiers started to loot the town.[1]

The Train Job[ | ]

Talon Operatives2

Talon soldiers raids the hypertrain

At some point after Overwatch's disbandment, Talon operatives raided a hypertrain on its way to Houston. Jesse McCree, who was on the train at the time, noted that their method of insertion appeared to be taken from the tactics used by Blackwatch. Regardless, McCree eliminated every Talon operative that made its way onto the train, but dumped their target off the train so that Talon would get what they came for and stop putting civilian lives in danger.[4]

Alive[ | ]


A Talon aircraft

At King's Row, Widowmaker was assigned to assassinate Shambali leader Tekhartha Mondatta. Despite running into resistance from security forces and Tracer, Widowmaker successfully eliminated her target. She was subsequently picked up in a Talon aircraft.[22] Talon's involvement remained unknown within the press,[23] and his assassination set off a wave of human-omnic violence across the world.[24]

Recall[ | ]

Days after Mondatta's assassination,[25] Talon operatives accompanied by Reaper entered Watchpoint: Gibraltar to retrieve a list of all Overwatch operatives. They encountered resistance from Winston, but were able to incapacitate him long enough for Reaper to gain access to the Overwatch agents database. However, Winston was able to overpower the operatives and defeat Reaper before proceeding to interrupt the hack. As a result of the (apparently) failed operation, Winston initiated the Overwatch recall, bringing all former agents back onto active duty.[26] In truth, Reaper was able to download some of the database, and eliminated a number of Overwatch agents as a result.[18]

Monte Cristi[ | ]

Since the recall, Talon has put an alarming number of agents in the field. Hunting former Overwatch operatives. There's word that the old Watchpoint Gibraltar facility was attacked and agents' information was stolen...Whatever Talon is up to, they don't want Overwatch coming back.
~ Ana Amari

Despite Talon's apparent failure at Gibraltar, Winston's recall action partly worked in their favor. The recall was sent to former Overwatch agents, and because Talon employed a number of ex-Overwatch members, they had access to the data.[1] Furthermore, there were rumors that Reaper had actually succeeded in retrieving some of the agents' data. Whatever the truth of the matter, Talon deployed a number of its own agents into the field, determined to prevent Overwatch from reforming.[27]

One former Overwatch member who received the recall order was Vernand Sainclair. Two days after the recall, Mauga, Trung Le Nguyen, and Baptiste infiltrated his mansion, to collect on the money he owed Talon. Since his information on the recall order was redundant, they had no reason to keep him alive. However, Baptiste was able to save him and escape his handlers.[1]

Ilios[ | ]


Cameron repels Talon from Ilios

Talon tried to steal artifacts unearthed in Ilios. Athena brought in Overwatch agents to protect the relics.[28] Talon plundered the site with reckless abandon, until archeologist Sloan Cameron forced them to retreat.[29]

The Temple of Anubis[ | ]

There’s been an attack on the Anubis facility. We need to go. Now.
Helix will get the situation under control. You’ll only get caught in the crossfire.
It's Talon.
~ Jack Morrison and Angela Ziegler discussing the Talon attack

Lead by Reaper, Talon forces attacked the Temple of Anubis in Egypt. Their troops engaged in a firefight with Helix Security International forces, causing collateral damage and civilian casualties. However, in addition to battling the HSI forces, Talon also had to contend with former Overwatch members Jack Morrison and Ana Amari.[30]

Volskaya Industries[ | ]

Vialli dispatched Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra to Volskaya Industries in an attempt to assassinate its CEO, Katya Volskaya, as he was tired of how intractable she was.[18] Sombra was able to deactivate the site's security, giving Reaper and Widowmaker access to the base. Widowmaker lined up her shot, but an alarm sounded, alerting security, and sending Katya to her panic room. Widowmaker and Reaper failed to take her out, and Sombra engaged in pursuit. She reached Katya, but made her own deal, revealing that she had been the one to set off the alarm. Leaving the safe room, she reported that Katya had escaped. The operatives returned to their ship.[31]

Doomfist's Return[ | ]

We have a war to start.
~ Doomfist's declaration to the council.

Vialli's loyalists are eliminated

After the failed Russian operation,[18] Talon agent Reaper assaulted a maximum security prison to rescue Doomfist, a member of the Talon inner council and former mastermind of a plot to sow chaos across the globe that was cut short years before by Winston, Tracer, and Genji.[3] The relative ease of the operation led some to believe that Talon had moles within Helix Security International. It would be three months before news of the incident became public.[32] Doomfist's return wasn't greeted well by Vialli, who sent his men to assassinate him in Monaco. The attempt failed, and Doomfist, Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker headed for Venice. The three agents eliminated Vialli's men, while Doomfist met with Vialli himself. Vialli's profit-orientated goals differed from Doomfist's Darwinian ideology, and Doomfist killed Vialli. Alongside Reaper, he met with what remained of Talon's inner council, declaring his intent to start a war.[18]

Numbani[ | ]

Doomfist carried out a reign of terror against Numbani, seeking to sow chaos between the humans and omnics living there—to "bring out its best" through "a little chaos." Their first attack was at Numbani Airport, carried out by Doomfist singlehandedly, where he destroyed numerous OR15 robots before retreating. The airport's security cameras were compromised moments before the attack, likely by Sombra. The attack caused the city's planned Unity Day celebration to be postponed.

Sombra caused further tensions in Numbani by hacking into the city's omnic population, causing them to malfunction, and further divide the populace. Later, Doomfist carried out Talon's second attack, destroying a statue of Gabrielle Adawe at Peace Park. He gave a speech, denouncing Numbani's ideals of unity, that its acceptance of omnics into everyday life had made its people weak. The people of the city, and he was their shepherd, intent on keeping the wolves at bay. Whatever the truth of his beliefs, it was clear that his intent was to spread fear and discord throughout Numbani, then Africa, then the world.

The third attack was against the Numbani Heritage Museum. Doomfist led the attack himself, backed up by Talon agents. The attack was foiled by Orisa. With the sound of approaching sirens, Doomfist and his lieutenants made a retreat.

The fourth and final attack was on Numbani's Unity Day celebration. However, they were repelled by Lúcio Correia dos Santos and Orisa. With this defeat, things started to calm down in Numbani. The omnics who had been affected by Talon's hacking were cured.[24]

Cairo[ | ]

This is a dangerous time. We are Cairo's line of defense. And that line is challenged every day. Just days ago, there was a running Talon attack in a marketplace--bigger than anything we'd seen before. They were chasing some unlucky target. My Helix squad tracked the Talon agents to their warehouses. But even this success will do little to dent their operation. I wonder who they were after...
~ Pharah

The Cairo hit squad

Talon remained present in Egypt after their Temple of Anubis attack. A Talon cell operated inside the city with impunity. Over a period of months, HSI carried out a series of operations against Talon, all of which ended in failure. In truth, the cell was tracking Baptiste.[33] However, they also ended up attempting to assassinate Ana Amari and Cole Cassidy in a marketplace. The pair were able to fight their way out of the ambush.[27]


Talon's second ambush

HSI was able to track the Talon cell, and days after the marketplace skirmish, they tracked the Talon agents to their warehouses, burning them to the ground. However, Pharah reflected that this would do little to dent Talon's operation. Later, the Talon forces attacked Pharah, Ana, and Cassidy, as part of a planned ambush. Pharah called in HSI reinforcements, but they were intercepted en route. In the ensuing firefight, Pharah unleashed a missile barrage, wiping out the Talon cell.[33]

Bucharest[ | ]

Nice story. And here comes your crew.
They might want me more than you.
~ Cassidy and Baptiste in light of Talon's arrival

The Bucharest hit squad

Talon continued to pursue Baptiste. A hit squad entered a train station in Bucharest, hunting him. However, working together with Cole Cassidy, the pair were able to escape the train station, killing or incapacitating the Talon troopers.[11]

Mongolia[ | ]

At some point after Bucharest, Cassidy and Zarya "appropriated" a MV-261 Orca from a Talon base in Mongolia.[34]

Command Ship Retrieval[ | ]

After Null Sector's failed attack on Gothenburg, the command ship that had led the attack crashed into the sea before making it back to base. Doomfist assigned Reaper, Sombra, and Mauga to retrieve the ship's power relay data, in order to aid the development of a device Talon was working on. Less than 100% of the data was retrieved, but instead, the power relay itself was obtained. The command carrier was completely destroyed, leaving no witnesses.[6]

Skirmish at Petra[ | ]


Talon forces at Petra

Talon engaged in a firefight with Overwatch at Petra. Overwatch successfully repelled Talon with the aid of Venture.[35]

Known Members[ | ]

Listen, amigo. Everyone has a reason for being in Talon. Some have no place else to go—like you. Others want access to their resources. Some people are here because they believe in the leader. Doomfist has influence right now because he has the vision, the will, and the resources. Talon could have a new leader tomorrow. Or maybe not. I might follow an order if it suits me, but right now, it doesn’t. Comprendes?
~ Sombra to Reaper

Leadership[ | ]

Ain't easy, is it? Being in charge of killers and madmen?
No. But I welcome the challenge.
~ Junker Queen and Doomfist
Talon Council

The inner council (some members absent)

Talon is overseen by an inner council of at least fifteen members,[18] of which five are currently known and active:

Agents[ | ]

Troopers[ | ]

No one leaves Talon.
~ Captain D. Cuerva

Talon troopers

Associates[ | ]

Other[ | ]

Paramilitary Forces[ | ]

Talon has employed a variety of paramilitary forces. However, it does not adhere to a basic military structure.[7] During the period of Overwatch's activities, Talon's forces included heavily armored soldiers with specialist roles.[12] In the modern day, Talon has utilized more lightly armored soldiers, with a lack of heavy armor or armament,[36] though retain access to the more heavily armored soldiers as well.[30]

Overwatch Era[ | ]


Talon Units

  • Trooper - Make up the bulk of Talon's forces. Their total numbers remain unknown and appear to be growing. Outfitted with full body armor, helmets, and a suppressed assault rifle.[37]
  • Enforcer - Elite operators within the Talon organization appear to possess genetic and cybernetic augmentation that make them extremely dangerous in combat, particularly in close quarters. Outfitted with heavy body armor, helmets, and a shotgun.[37]
  • Assassin - Like the enforcers, Talon's assassin's possess enhanced speed, stealth, and balance and have proven extremely elusive, as their movements are near impossible to track. Outfitted with full body armor, helmet, and bladed tonfa.[37]
  • Sniper - Frighteningly effective at taking out high-priority targets around the world. Outfitted with full body armor, helmet, a sniper rifle, and a pistol for close combat.[37]
  • Heavy Assault - Outfitted with a powered exoskeleton and dual miniguns.[37]

Modern Day[ | ]

Talon Operatives

reapers operatives in Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Trivia[ | ]


A Talon banner, as seen on Rialto

  • Michael Chu has noted that from a story perspective, Talon can be considered to be the inverse of Overwatch. Like Overwatch, it is comprised of "soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities," albeit ones with opposing goals to Overwatch.[2]
  • In Heroes of the Storm, an organization named Viper exists, bearing similar motifs to Talon.
  • Talon's backstory is possibly contradicted between sources. In a Baptiste Q&A, Talon was stated to be a mercenary group from the outset,[10] while Doomfist's backstory in Overwatch 2 states that he transformed Talon into a PMO.[15]

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