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Snipers are specialist units of Talon. They appear at set intervals throughout Overwatch Retribution and Overwatch Storm Rising.


The Talon's analog of Widowmaker, albeit without her Venom Mine capability. The Sniper will spawn in open areas such as the docks and the gallery courtyard, using her grappling hook to switch between vantage points so she can attempt to headshot the players. If isolated in close range, she will pull out a low damage sidearm for self defense.


Amongst Talon's assassins, their snipers are particularly notable killers. They are equipped with top-end military optics and targeting systems, that have made them frighteningly effective in taking out high-priority targets around the world.[1]

Known Snipers[]


Snipers appear in set locations throughout the scenario. They can kill a player in one burst, but generally stand still and are fairly easy to kill. If a player approaches them, they will pull out their side arm and open fire. They will also occasionally reposition themselves with their grappling hooks.

Its generally advised to kill the snipers from a range, as their pistol is deadlier than their rifle. Genji can deflect their shots back to kill them quickly. It is only recommended to fight them in close quarters at the bridge sequence, where Reyes can teleport to the snipers to fight them as they teleport in, killing them before they can react.

As with other Talon enemies, Snipers are improved at higher difficulties, generally reacting and acting much more quickly than on lower difficulties. They also appear more often at higher difficulties, noteably coming in pairs at the bridge sequence.


  • As Widowmaker is also a Talon sniper, they possess a lot of similar equipment. They both possess grappling hooks, and the Sniper's rifle appears similar to the Widow's Kiss. It is unlikely to also possess an SMG mode, as the Sniper chooses to pull out a pistol sidearm instead for close quarters combat.
  • When the Sniper spawns in, she does so with an effect similar to Moira's Fade or Reaper's Wraith Form, possibly indicating a link between Moira and Talon at this time.