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A template for creating elements containing all possible information about abilities that can be added to any page, by construction, especially to the Hero Pages. This template currently uses quite a bit of inline css.

Arguments and Guidelines

Fields are to be used when needed. Only fill in those that are relevant for the ability in question. Remember to write units in fields where the unit may not be obvious. Because of the multitude of abilities in the game, you may have to get a little creative using the existing fields and always remember to keep clarity and readability a top priority. New stat fields can be added to this template if needed, but it may in many cases be better to use existing fields.

Field Description
ability_details Detailed ability information that is not contained in the official description or statistics.
ability_image The ability-image representing the ability or weapon. Ex: Ability-torbjorn1.png.
ability_name The name of the ability or weapon. If a weapon as alternative firing modes, add (Primary Fire) or (Alternative Fire) to the weapon name.
ability_type Weapon, Ability, Ultimate Ability, Passive Ability, etc.
ability_video A concise video demonstrating the ability. The value should be the youtube video url code. That is, something like: KBkfGVjdt3c.
ammo How much ammo can be spent before reloading.
ammo_drain How much ammo is drained per shot. Only use if fire rate is not given "per second" and more than 1 ammo is used per shot. Unit: ammo per shot.
cooldown Time from ability going on cooldown to when it can be used again. Unit: seconds.
damage The damage of the weapon or ability. Units: per shot, per second, per pellet.
damage_falloff_range If weapon or ability has damage falloff this is a distance range representing the distances at which the damage is still the same as point blank and when it will not drop down further. Unit: meters
spread Inaccuracy of the weapon, or angle of area-of-effect abilities. If not specified, weapon/ability has perfect accuracy, or for area-of-effect abilities, 360 degrees angle. Units: degrees.
heal Health restored by the ability. Units: per cast, per second.
damage_reduction How much damage reduction an ability grants.
speed General purpose speed field. Recommended usage: For abilities that boosts hero speed, themselves move (a moving turret of some kind), or if their projectile speed is of major importance to the ability.
cast_time Time after ability use/trigger before starting to take effect, or total animation duration of ability, in seconds.
duration For how long the ability is active or the weapon is equipped. Unit: seconds.
fire_rate How many shots per second the weapon or ability fires. Not applicable if damage is given per second. Unit: shots per second.
headshot Whether or not the weapon or ability will headshot if aimed at a characters weak spot. If yes or no is applicable, use ✓ or ✕.
health The hit points of an ability.
official_description The ability description that can be read on playoverwatch.com .
hero_info_description The ability description that can be read in game on the Hero Info screen.
pellets How many pellets are fired per shot. Applicable if of shotgun-type. Units: per shot
range The maximum range of an ability or weapon. Applicable especially if the projectile disappears after a certain distance.
reload_time Time needed to reload. Unit: seconds.
shot_type The "projectile" type. Melee, Hit-Scan, Beam, Projectile, etc.
key The key type to press to activate the ability. See Template:Key.

Empty Template

| ability_name = Shell spin
| ability_image = 
| official_description = Terrapin spins around knocking out enemies that come into contact
| ability_type = 
| health =
| shot_type = 
| damage = 60
| damage_falloff_range = 
| spread =
| pspeed = 
| heal =
| damage_reduction =
| mspeed =
| range = 75m
| radius =
| pellets =
| fire_rate = 
| ammo = 
| ammo_drain =
| reload_time = 
| cast_time =
| cooldown = 6s
| duration = 3s
| headshot = <!-- ✓/✕ -->
| ability_video = 
| ability_details = 


| ability_name = Shell shooters
| ability_image = 
| official description = Auto machine cannons
| ability_type = Weapon (Primary Fire)
| shot_type = Projectile <!--  Hit-Scan,  -->
| pellets = 
| damage = 10 damage per shot
| fire_rate = 5 rounds per second
| ammo = 90 rounds
| ammo_drain =
| reload_time = 1 seconds
| cooldown = 
| duration =
| headshot = ✓ <!-- ✓/✕ -->
| ability_details = .
| ability_video = 

Result of Example

Shell shooters
Key mouse 1.png
Weapon (Primary Fire)
Aim Type
Auto machine cannons
10 damage per shot
Rate of fire:
5 rounds per second
90 rounds
Reload time:
1 seconds
This is what shows up in game on the hero description screen.
Details: detail

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